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What Is The Meaning Of Success
- to YOU? 

Do you know that you are continually acting according to the images you form? So what is your image of success? What is your DEFINITION of Success? Think about it .. How good do you want to feel -- and what, precisely, do you WANT?

Next question, who is responsible to make that happen? Come into the moment of right NOW ~ you are fully present ~ you are the creator who is going to make it HAPPEN. Just as you visualize it. I think you can. I believe you can .. Starting right NOW.

What are your first steps .. 1, 2, 3 going to be?
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Geoff Dodd is a New Zealand born writer with 2 daughters and 6 grand children. He has published 11 books on Amazon in the personal growth niche. Find a free sample here and many more if you join up >>

Geoff Dodd, author
Geoff Dodd, The Future Painter
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how financially succeeding follows a formula:
Preparation meets opportunity.
Keep wide awake and vigilant, as a
conscious creator.
I think you CAN with a certainty.
Just acquire skills now
persistently, daily..
until you're ---
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Focus On Success info expresses the heart and thoughts of Geoff Dodd. You're encouraged to develop your mindset. How?
We recommend you try brain wave entrainment meditation mp3 to relax, and self-hypnosis auto-suggestion methods for the
development of intention, goal direction and enhanced levels of positivity in your neurological programming. You can do it.
Every morning, you'll awaken renewed, refreshed... and highly energized. Create instantly, effortlessly .. consciously now.
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