Focus on a Success Mindset

Positive expectation fulfills itself!

It is the holy grail… focus on a success mindset to reap multiplying rewards, of outrageous success. It’s what this whole blog site is about. And, it’s actually happening, as I write, and as you perceive. Because what you focus on, expands! Now imagine infinite possibilities in your life as you gaze here:

Relax deeply and imagine infinite possibilities in your life as you begin to FOCUS on a Success Mindset. It becomes a new habit in your subconscious mind.

I want you to relax deeply … breathing, imagine infinite possibilities in your life …



You see, I’ve been exposing my neo-cortex, my learning, perception and memorizing faculties to SO much, on social media and on The Internet – as my main sources, but that’s on top of a degree in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics. Things just multiply and re-integrate over, over and over again in the neural connections of the rapid learning mind-brain. You seem to rise higher … into exponentially increasing positivity and transcendence.

Applications of focus on a success mindset

The Law Of Attraction

The LOA is so real, so immutable. It’s like gravity. What you focus on, is what you get. And what you think about, is what you become. It’s exactly like Napoleon Hill says it is. If we decide exactly, precisely what we want. If we imprint those words, ideas, and images into the subconscious mind, we’ll achieve them. By auto-suggestion. It works. Why? Because you never give up. You keep on trying! You simply believe – conceive and achieve. Unstoppable. You’re focused on the corridor that you are walking down, to a specified end goal. With a clear set of plans…

Now What Exactly Do I Do?

I help learner, student online marketing affiliates … get faster to profit, work more efficiently, while saving time … and to do it more easily and at a lower cost,
EVEN IF you know nothing about The Internet yet and you’ve FAILED at every business you’ve ever tried before!

Geoff Dodd, Focus On

Tip: Use Proven, Successful Themes

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Success mindset quotes

These inspiring ideas are now widely available across all the popular social media platforms: Google Plus, Instagram, and Facebook are perhaps my favorites now. Search them out. All of this mental exposure presents to you the key to genius leadership, as Forbes Magazine so succinctly points out. By focusing on the success of others. People like the genius leaders Richard Branson and I’d add, Steve Jobs. Says Andy Hooper, Vice President of Gap International. I am indebted to your brilliance. There is a strong connection between spontaneous genius, mindset and work performance. So let’s focus on our employees’ spontaneity and on their creative imagination as essential ingredients of our success.

Success Magazine has pointed out, by way of an infographic, 8 traits that are more important to success in life and business, than raw intelligence. This is a truly fascinating read. Tops for self-development. Why? Because raw IQ isn’t one of the success factors.

So Success is a Mindset

You will achieve what you expect to happen. There’s a hidden step: Get clear. Rid yourself of habits of fear and anxiety. They achieve nothing for you. Just over-protection. Get clear. Use our free samples of mind power mp3 music. I can attest that they work fine! Just try. Think: focus on a success mindset. Then smile. You will be on your journey to amazing Internet Affiliate Success!


Focus On A Success Mindset – Buddha



Goals And Mindset …

Self-improvement is your mission. So you can serve people better. Get clear. Focus on clear goals and achieve a lot more. How? Focus on a success mindset. Learning is a vital part of your success, growth, and development because that’s how you improve your current skills as well as develop new skills. The moment you stop feeding your mind through reading and learning is when you stop growing. Always be working, learning and working on yourself every day.


How To Create A Vision Board

Finally, to help you to continue to focus on a success mindset and to keep visualizing your clear goals, you’ll need a Vision Board. What’s a vision board? And WHY create one? Elizabeth Rider tells you why, and explains the scientific reason why they work, at Huff Post. Psychology Today: MRI brain studies reveal that “the brain patterns activated when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights are also similarly activated when the lifter just imagines (visualizes) lifting weights.”

So visualizing and imagining something you desire start a train of events. The brain starts to work in the desired direction. Elizabeth says this is the secret: “Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel. Not just on the material things.” Emotions are the great drivers of the unconscious mind. See: subconscious mind. Visualizing and imagining what you want. Focusing on the most joyous and blissful, positive feelings imaginable!


How to focus on a success mindset with prayer and meditation








Geoff Dodd, Editor of Focus On a Success Mindset


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