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Mind Power MP3 Free Download

Increases Productivity & Feels Magical ..



Feel refreshed, more altogether, better energized and more alive with these amazing, new Mind Power MP3 free download samples. We’ve partnered with the World’s Best brain wave entrainment engineers – talented healers whose mp3s will train your subconscious mind into healthier, more productive ways! Open up to your guiding intuition. Rediscover how to get what you want in life, through reprogramming (brain training) of your subconscious mind. “It’s astonishing just how well it works .. ” says Geoff Dodd of Focus On Success info.

Mind Power mp3 free download samples

Seize the day! Download these free MP3 samples right now and feel the difference! You’ll wonder why on Earth you didn’t try this brain wave entrainment years ago. Remember when you were studying and cramming it in for college exams. The tension, the anxiety? Perfect moments for this solution from Mind Power MP3. Poifect. That little bout of depression over a love relationship going West? Perfect refreshment in 10-15 minutes. Click this image now:

Alpha mind power mp3 free download digital music samples with brainwave entrainment. Use stereo headphones for best effect.


Binaural Zen Meditation Music


Here above, beautiful binaural brain wave entrainment is mixed with ambient natural sounds. The vibrations soothe you and stimulate the deep subconscious mind, using alpha, theta, and delta waves. These frequencies are slow waves of 9-10 Hz (cycles per second) alpha and down to 2-4 Hz delta wave frequencies. Enjoy the meditation experience. Focus better and concentrate your brain and mental energies. Allow time to pass. “Be passive .. be more passive,” said The Buddha.


Mind Body Spirit Connection



If you test these Mind Power MP3 free download mp3 samples, you’ll immediately understand, intuitively, within, the human mind body spirit connection. Derive ancient spiritual knowledge, secrets of shamans, healers, and clairvoyants. How? By attaining personal mental clarity. Improved memory. Random access to lost memories. Cellular knowledge. While enhancing your personal bliss, peace, and creativity. It’s like magic.


Hypnosis using deep relaxation can easily be used to implant ideas and suggestions into your subconscious mind. For example, for weight loss purposes, better sleep – or to stop smoking or substance abuse. Here is another application, for business people to increase motivation. To make more money, it helps with programming your subconscious mind:


Quantum Mind Power MP3 Free Download samples


Program your unconscious mind to bring more wealth into your life as you sleep. Neurological programming is quite easy to change.. We do it whenever we self-modify a habit. We make changes in our lifestyle. Why not take command? Decide which exact outcome and result you want. Do it consciously now. Instead of unconsciously, as before. Use these free samples of Mind Power MP3 Free Download mp3’s as my gift to you. Because we inhabit the same Universe … responding to the same vibrations

Download Free Mindpower MP3 samples …


“I personally use binaural brainwave entrainment audios, as much as possible! This digital music calms me. Harmonizes everything! Helps me create. Delivers me into permanent bliss, with its heavenly vibrations!”

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info – MP3 Gifts –

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  1. Geoff says:

    I greatly enjoy sharing mind power mp3 free download samples with you. Why? Because this subconscious brain training has brought enormous relief and pleasure to my life. Solace. Emotional comfort. Bursts of creativity in writing and art, in travel and in improvised jazz music. And that’s the rhythm and cadence of The Universe – vibration.

    ~ Geoff Dodd, New Zealand.

  2. Geoff says:

    Constantly having inspiring thoughts, after doing brain wave entrainment – listening to my MP3 music from this very source………….mindpowermp3.com ~~

    “Creating pure action, from a clear, uninhibited *imagination* is the quantum-aware “difference” … ”

    Geoff Dodd, Wednesday, 4 March, 2015

  3. Geoff says:

    Alpha mind power music free download MP3s are much, much more effective and integrating than people have EVER imagined!! Because something is totally outside of one’s personal experience, peeeps cannot imagine it. That’s a fact… Alpha mind power meditation music free downloadable samples will race you past normal, natural meditation experiences. I, Geoff Dodd, have been doing all sorts of meditation since 1971 when I was an undergraduate in psychology. I later did 3rd level psycho-physiology which included scientific studies of transcendental meditation. The newer technology of brain wave entrainment, or accelerated meditation, takes you far, far beyond all that traditional stuff. Recently, I’ve calculated that it puts you 100 years ahead in your cognitive learning abilities. Actually, compared to Christianity, brain wave entrainment direct puts you 1,000 years ahead of other, non-integral, non quantum aware brains! I know, that sounds astonishing, but it’s experientially TRUE.

    ~~~ Geoff Dodd ~~~

  4. Geoff Dodd says:

    This idea, of re-training the subconscious mind, is a real beauty. It’s so like prayers and meditation in that you need to do it and repeat it daily.

    Using the free MP3 downloads available here is the doggone easiest way ever invented to get your sensitive brain exposed to these highly desirable sound frequencies…..

    There is a real science (discovered in the 1970s) behind this binaural brain wave entrainment. Dr Gerald Ooster discovered it. How it works.

    Simply download a few mp3s here above and prove it to yourself. You can test out these samples of mp3 files for free. Then, if you like a certain style or genre of mp3 music, you can easily purchase a few albums of whatever lights you up and turns your whole brain on.

    Thanks for listening to me. Use stereo headphones for the best results.

    Geoff Dodd
    Focus On Success info

  5. kyo says:

    Very good site, thank you so much for your time in writing the posts.

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