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Women + Men 24 — 60 in committed relationship

The exact texts you need to seduce the man or woman in your life!

Men and women aged 24 to 60 years plus and in a committed relationship can now text the romance back! Just plug into these Women + Men 24 — 60 ‘tailored’ SMS text message sets!


Women + Men 24 — 60 in committed relationship can reignite the passion with these SMS text messages


Our hot new Text The Romance Back 2.0 program also teaches you core relationship and communication principals so you can finally stop fighting and start loving the hell out of each other again. Wow!



Women + Men 24 — 60

Rekindle the passion. Use simple messages to reignite the passion in just three days!

It started with a text message. It hasn’t been this hot since we first started dating…so get the feeling back, quickly and easily – even if you’re 67.

“I tried the first magic text after lunch… he texted and called me the same day”

[On the 3 Magic Texts Report]

I tried this on Wednesday after lunch, he texted and called me that night.

On Thursday (yesterday) he called and asked if he should book a room today for us to spend the night together. Sounded really cheesy saying things that I normally would not say to a man BUT…. Thanks Michael! I will definitely be buying the full program 🙂

“He Broke Down Crying”

Hi. Today my husband was so tired and frustrated with his work
that he literally shouted at me on the phone.

I sent him a message saying ‘If I were there right now. . . imagine
my soft hands on your shoulders, your muscles melting under my
touch, my long nails dragging across your skin. You feel yourself
melting into your chair like your muscles are loose spaghetti.
Like you couldn’t be tense no matter how hard you tried.

All that tension flows out of you like water out of a spigot. Your
skin tingles. You feel my breathe on your neck, my lips lightly kiss
your skin and all your worries fly away.

I love you, baby. Calm down.

As soon as his work ended, he read my message and immediately called
me and started saying how he cannot thank God enough for having a wife
like me in his life. I’m so happy. I thought I should thank YOU for
that. So, thanks so much. You have brought back the intimate connection
between us that seemed to have been lost.

Thank you loads. Your advice really does work. 😉


It started with a text message. Like a massage. Women + Men 24 — 60 in a committed relationship can fire up their passion with Love Letters again. Try the Text The Romance Back 2.0 Program


Plain and simple, this stuff WORKS . . . with relationships

Is it “magic?”

Of course not.

And you know what? If you just grab the program and send just ONE SMS text
it’s NOT going to change your life . . .

But if you work the program the way Mike lays it out (the way THOUSANDS
of women just like you have. . . married women. . . divorced women. . .
single women. . .)

You’ll MELT him. . .

You’ll chip away at his cold exterior. . .

You’ll get him to OPEN up.

You’ll get him to chase you and romance you the way you’ve always
dreamed of. Passionately!

If you act RIGHT NOW Mike will let you have his complete

Text The Romance Back 2.0 program PLUS his “Facebook Romance Secrets” new program
PLUS a bunch of other exciting bonuses at a WHOPPINGLY discounted price. . .

Geoff Dodd, Editor of Relationships Help Services representing “Text The Romance Back 2.0 Program.”

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