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What Is Mindset

Definition Of What Is Mindset

Sense the power of your thinking! It commands your prefrontal cortex, bringing unimaginable outcomes of joy, bliss, and elation. Pride and satisfaction. You ask me, what is mindset? What’s the best definition?

Mindset is the ‘set’ of your dominant thoughts, with an attitude.

Two book titles explain what mindset is, in a nutshell: As A Man Thinketh; and The Power Of Positive Thinking! A famous American industrialist, Henry Ford, who started the mass production of automobiles, had it right when he said, “If you think you can, you’re right! If you think you can’t, you’re right!” 

You must immediately apply the power of positive thinking, to learn it. You must do it, to know it. This whole blog Website is founded upon the central idea of  “focus on a success mindset.” Why? Because there really is no other option! You want success, as you see and define it!


Free Book About Mindset

You’ll really love this. It’s a totally free book about mindset. Download your e-Book here. It is, in fact, an example of the application of a positive business mindset. A success mindset. Written by a multi-millionaire in South East Asia. Disregard any small English mistakes. That’s not the point here! This young man is magnificently successful. I’ve worked with him for the last decade.

Quickly apply the writer’s ideas. You’ll need to feel the success mindset! Experience it. Touch it. Taste it, smell it and become immersed in what success is…  Take a lot of action and watch the positive outcomes unfold for you!


What Is A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is your set of ideas and your passionate, driving desire for expansion. Grow or die. Keep seeking opportunities for selling more products, for example. Diversification. Spreading out across The Internet with promotions. Touching more people online. Becoming involved in more social platforms with a consistent brand and message. Reaching your products into more channels of distribution. That is so close to the next question …


What Is A Business Mindset?

A business or entrepreneurial mindset is the set of motivating ideas when you constantly seek opportunities for making a profit. It is clearly all about making money from marketing activities. What is required with this mindset is a constant hunger for opportunities. Innovation is a key word. Silicon Valley and great companies like Apple and Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft are strong outcomes of profitability. They are powered along by the entrepreneurial, business mindset. I cannot leave this paragraph without mentioning Elon Musk and the expanding Tesla Corporation. The lithium battery-driven opportunity and related sets of dominant ideas!


Why Mindset Is So Important

Mindset matters and is of the utmost importance. Imagine a company where 40-50% of the employees were bogged down in limited, negative thinking. They only wanted to exploit and detract from the company’s wealth-growing potential. This 40-50% of workers would soon drag down the remaining workers. In Nature, this would lead to death. Could a beehive be run with such a bad work ethic? No way. The energy level must be kept high. The activity level must be driven by the important question: precisely what is mindset and why does it matter?


Napoleon Hill wrote about the business success mindset in 1937. This book will answer your question of what is mindset? Our PDF e-Book will teach you about how to make passive income on The Internet.

The definitive book about the business mindset was written in 1937 in The USA.




Why Change Your Mindset?

Change your ‘set of thoughts’ and your attitude, the dominant ones you allow into your conscious mind. Why? You are a creature and a god. You want to bring about a certain effect. You want outcomes. Positive results. Don’t you? You have unlimited power in your programmed subconscious mind. Yet you are the best programmer of yourself. Why change your mindset? It becomes patently obvious. You want to win. To succeed. You desire to have a lot of material and emotional wealth. Social quality time with your family and loved ones …


What can be done to change a person’s mindset?

A lot can be done to change someone’s mindset. Reading good books. Listening to motivational tapes, CD’s and watching positive, educational videos in psychology. I do also highly recommend that you listen to some brainwave entrainment mp3 audios. They fill your mind with extremely positive vibrations.

The Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset

Answering the question, what is mindset, in the context of business and entrepreneurial endeavors.


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