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How To Get What You Want With Positive Vibration

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Geoff 2 Comments

Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams

How To Fulfill What You DESIRE

with Positive Vibration!


Many of us are stumbling, floundering around like lost souls. The Digital Age has stricken some with information overload and never-ending distraction. Will you find your center again, returning home in the flow of One-ness? Will your river once again run like the babbling brook of childhood, to your Ocean of joy, shrill excitement and perhaps even to permanent bliss?

In this brief Kindle e-Book, Geoff Dodd, acclaimed Western Australian author of “The Lotus Code,” and “The Thought Transplant,” shares his latest personal discoveries with you. Once again, the read is brief, concise and to the point. Geoff never resorts to fluff, filler and nonsense. His psychological background has created and empowered an amazing personal drive to eek out the universal laws and principles that are working silently within us all.

Then something happened. In October, 2011 after randomly commenting on facebook pictures, Geoff met his soulmate. He travelled to one of the new territories of China. These events have refreshed everything. The game has changed. Perhaps, forever.


This e-Book is informational only. It is not intended as a therapeutic system. Yet one day in a different situation and cultural context, it might be perceived as such. If you decide not to see it as an anti-depressant, then please consult your registered medical practitioner.

  1. How are you feeling?”

  2. What do you want?”

These two, neat, clear questions are the guts of your personal psychology. When I was asked to write a 400-word article, entitled “Techniques And Skills Of Counseling – An Introduction,” for EzineArticles.com, I based it rather simply around these two questions. The article has since been viewed over 7,500 times.

You know how you’re feeling and really, it’s none of my business. You know your feelings change from moment to moment and from one situation to the next. You know that certain actions result in more pride and higher levels of self esteem. Actions like learning new skills and helping other people to climb up in life and improve themselves. You know that actively loving someone and being loved produces some of the best feelings.

Do you know that when someone chooses actions of ‘higher energy’ then they can lift themselves right out of depression? Depression is a low level of ‘gross activity!’

Mother Theresa said, “It’s impossible to be depressed when you’re walking fast!”

So the point is, you’re really 100% in control of your feelings, though you may not have realized that they stem from, and flow automatically from your ACTIONS.

So when you finally set your direction and know exactly what you want, take MASSIVE ACTION as the master, Jim Rohn used to say …

We’re steadily working towards solving everyone’s daily problem of:

How To Get What You WANT

with Positive Vibration!

So turn now to the mirror in your soul and ask, “What Do I WANT?”

For some it’s easy. They’ve done the window shopping and have a list.

But I’m asking you, “What do you want?”

I know, it’s a rather general question, so you have to break the question down into:

  1. Intimate, closer relationships

  2. Circle of friends

  3. Housing and living arrangements

  4. Possessions: entertainment, cars, boats

  5. Travel experiences

  6. Education

  7. Employment

  8. Delicious extras

Once you’ve got a detailed list written out, make sure it’s elaborated with colors, sizes, brand names, specific places, pictures and preferences, details galore. This is to help you visualize exactly what you want. You need to ‘see’ these things with your mind’s eye in their colors and their enticing glory. You also need to ‘feel’ their vibrational presence and experience them in dreams, exactly as if you already have them and are living with them. The more vivid the better. Place pictures of them on a vision board that you can see often. Fill a scrapbook with colorful images of them. Make six lists of your ‘wants’ and place them in strategic places all around your home.

 Repetition Of Visualized Goals

Are you getting the picture – everywhere? Almost all of the time? Repeat these lists and view these images over and over into your subconscious mind. Simply by repetition and by the magic of believing that you’ll be living with these people, places, possessions and experiences …

The changes CAN happen very quickly and rather dramatically, because the deep unconscious works day and night, without cease!

In five years you’ll look back and see that everything on your list has been achieved! If you’re doing this today with enough repetition and downright obsession. But don’t try to push the river. It’s better to sleep on it and suggest to yourself that ‘something will come up.’ An early morning dream or personal revelation, an unveiling of your reality, is more than likely what you will certainly experience. Your intuition will get a whole lot clearer.

How to get what you want with Positive Vibration. Use of positive affirmations and autosuggestion, intuition and psychology power.. Get what you want …

Now I want you to relax. Breath easily .. and let go… Listen to my words. Here is the new stuff:

You were created to know you ARE the creator of your LIFE

“There is a way to create anything you can imagine. Focus on what you WANT.”

You just have to know what you want. In detail. Impress it into your mind, repeatedly. The ‘how-to’ will later be revealed to you. But the unconscious mind is in the body and needs a ‘bodily’ reason why it should act … this is the big secret. This is the emotional-vibrational part that took me years to learn. What bodily-reason, what strong emotional reward can you supply for your body to act upon?

What feeling can you remember that’ll shift Heaven and Earth? You want to repeat that memory, that positive, rewarding feeling! Then make it contingent. “Oh yes, I enjoyed playing in a shared shower with my girlfriend.” OK. Go back into that exciting memory and relive it. Feel and experience it. That’s the bodily-reason you need to make this all work.

Say to yourself, “I can have that again. I can go through that wonderful experience, over and over, IF I double my income to $100,000 per year by starting that new Internet business and realizing my dreams! I can do it.”

Well, you want to impress her, don’t you? You want to be seen as a huge success? You don’t get rewarded like that for nothing! You earn it – you deserve it!

Social life has an absolutely clockwork law of reciprocity. You want the money? You do the work. You want the T-bone steak? You pay the butcher. No money? No honey! You want to make babies? Go find a job and support the woman! You want to have political power? Serve the community, etc., etc.

So when repeatedly ramming your goals and wants into your subconscious mind, remember this: Words alone, at the ‘thought level’ won’t cut it. You need these thoughts to be connected with strong, positive vibrations on the emotional level. You need thoughts and memories associated with bodily reasons that’ll shift Heaven and Earth!

You need a wholeness of mind and body. A one-ness of conscious mind with subconscious mind and a one-ness of left brain with right brain. You need alignment of thoughts and actions.

So yes, there is a way to create anything you can imagine. Focus on what you want. Repeat experiencing images and feelings of what you want, as if you already have them. Feel the empowering joy, bliss and excitement of experiencing them in your waking dreams!

Now you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re training your imagination to focus on and to work on the positive things. You’ll be totally aware now. You’ll see if it slips to amplify a fear. You will notice that mistake, then by repeating your ‘to do’ list once again, you’ll be gently guiding your imagination back to focus on and amplify the positive things that you desire and want to come into your new life.

Yes is the answer now. You’re reinventing yourself every day now. You are helping to uplift others. Your relationships are all dramatically improving. You have seized your rights of spiritual renewal. You live a more balanced lifestyle. Everything is in proportion. You are more careful, using balanced moderation. You still have your healthy enjoyment of child-like excitement and a little risk taking …


Awaken. Open your eyes. You’re feeling refreshed, better than before and ready to tackle your ‘to do’ list once again. Read your list of goals, desires, dreams and wants.

You were asleep and hypnotized while you were listening to my voice. I hope you don’t mind. You might even have picked up a few useful suggestions.

Love always and forever,

Geoff Dodd


See Amazon’s Kindle Book-store and search for ‘Geoff Dodd



The Future Painter e-Book Gift

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Read My New e-Book



Affirming the power of positive affirmations from e-Books, Geoff takes a long drive through the cold, dark night in New Zealand and has to sleep alongside beautiful Lake Taupo…  What happens then?




I knew it was right, that what you focus on, is what you get. I believed in The Law Of Attraction and I’d been noticing the fact that everyone, for decades, had been repeating the time-honoured theme of ‘Think & Grow Rich,’ the original, 1937 classic by Napoleon Hill. The idea that you must hold a clear picture in your mind of precisely what you want, even imagining and feeling that you’ve already achieved it, was the way to create and manifest your desires.


I had learned many sets of affirmations. I repeated these to myself, hundreds and possibly thousands of times. Some were designed to elevate our self esteem:


I’m high value, highly skilled, special professional in higher harmony!”

I love you – I’m very grateful. Thank you – I believe in you!”

You’re more than good enough..”

You can do anything you set your mind to..”


Some affirmations were love-focused and quickened healing:


Relax. Open your heart and let love’s radiance illuminate the dark recesses of your heart and mind.”

Be madly, insanely, crazily in love!” ~Rumi

Your heart is the size of an Ocean. Go Find yourself in its infinite depths!” ~Rumi


I had studied Buddhist meditation and accelerated forms of this, including brain wave entrainment; also self-hypnosis. I had listened to audios and fully understood the basic processes and principles of hypnotherapy. I had taken part in religious practices of both the East and West, though was often inclined to translate these into psychological terms; everything seemingly pointed to The Unconscious Mind.


The time-honoured theme of Napoleon Hill in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ needed no shrink, no psychologist or paid professional to really make it work: Here is my painter’s summary in a nutshell:


Paint a precise, very clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want! Then keep looking at it … keep visualizing this consistently.”


And a business viewpoint that focuses on your training and self-improvement:


Your best investment, by far – is YOU. Connect here and now into further training. You are an under-valued stock with highly probable ‘upside potential.’


Then the story happened, and kept unfolding. In October, 2011 I had met my true soulmate, online. A wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, simpatico Filipino woman whose actions expressed and resulted in the grace and harmony by which she was named. Suggestions work. Now the story is a road trip. A foolish race against the dimming light of evening and the creeping, frosty cold of a New Zealand winter on the desolate western shores of Lake Taupo.





The Story


I had turned on to Highway 32 in the gathering dusk. The willing Peugeot swept me forward, up hills and around tight N.Z. corners, unaware of my growing tiredness. I had spent too much time in South Auckland, talking to shop owners, searching for a picture frame. I glanced at the speedo: 130kph. Are you crazy? You’re drifting into the holographic emptiness and you’re speeding? I smiled. There was a sense of deja vue. Driving tired was something I had experienced as a night-shift taxi driver, back in Western Australia.


There’s a quiet side road. Perfect. Turn off there. Take a few hours rest. Slip into the sleeping bag in the back seat. Ideas were arriving, on cue. Yes, missed it .. Carry on, find a similar spot … Oh, I must sleep now. I don’t want to drive off the road. Ooops, nearly hit that .. post.


A sign indicated a picnic spot in 400 metres. This is my last sane choice. I slowed, pulled off, stopped. Backed up to a less visible area. The Peugeot’s digital display told me that the outside temperature was just 3 degrees C. Down to 2 degrees in some spots. All was totally quiet and across the lake glimmered the lights of Turangi township and perhaps Motuoapa. It was 8pm now. A few hours sleep in the back seat and I could maybe drive on towards Highway 41 at Kuratau, turn right .. then left into Highway 4, down to Mount Ruapehu and National Park.


Occasionally, a car or truck whoooshed or hammered past like an unknown ghost in the night. Can they see me? Do they have good intentions? All was still. I knew I had a few bars of mobile connectivity. I used the Line app and explained my situation to my soulmate in Hong Kong. Grace was reassuring. This connected World has a safety net.


I went outside to relieve myself. Felt the bitter 3 degrees cold and listened. Nothing. Perfect, absolute stillness like a solace, a protective shield. Alone with Nature. I had clear thoughts. Remembering my bag of royal gala apples, I munched one, in the back seat, under the Kathmandu sleeping back. Locked the car, using the remote button on the key. Stretched out flat, no pillow, but my legs were too long for the little Peugeot 307’s back seat. I love the challenge of hardship. It’s strengthening. Now, what were my two intentions, my goals to ask of God? I would ask again. The Universal Mind would listen in the stillness. Why would it take so long for answers?


How can I get to live with my soulmate?”


GO there!” He thundered.


Well that was answered easily and quickly. Okay, here’s the more tricky part:


How do I make 2.4 million dollars each year?”


The cars had stopped long ago. Quietness … a long pause


Lights again glimmered at me from across the sacred Lake Taupo, as One dancing energy …


The Unconscious connected and spoke. It was crystal clear in the absolute stillness.


Loyalty pays. Collect three high quality books that are classics of the early Twentieth Century. Books of My Universal Harmony… Creation. Give them away to as many people as possible. Ask them to share these 3 mind-changing and LIFE-changing e-Books with ten of their friends, more or less…”


These exact words appeared to me, easily remembered and inscribed deeply in my heart and mind:






THE LETTER TEMPLATE (Exactly as revealed ..



Hi George


Re: 3 Life-Changing e-Books


Please share these 3 Life-Changing e-Books

with at least 10 friends (more or less)

and they’ll LOVE YOU FOREVER:


1. “Think And Grow Rich e-Book”



2. “The Science Of Getting Rich e-Book”



3. “Your Invisible Power e-Book”




Each one is a time-honoured classic

and comes as a PDF download.


Thank you


Geoff Dodd, New Zealand


The Future Painter e-Book Gift

Continues …

Remembering my answer, I fell into a deep sleep for six hours. At 2am I awoke suddenly. ‘This is ridiculous. I’m so uncomfortable because I can’t stretch my legs out. I’m very cold in my running shoes. The sleeping bag isn’t covering them. I’m rested now. I can continue ..’


In the frosty air, the Peugeot sprang to life with no difficulty. Air flowed to the windscreen on ‘Auto.’ A setting of 24 degrees for the interior was soon obtained. Air flow irritated my eyes. The drive back was easy, only encountering 3 or 4 semi-trailers near National Park and Horopito. 8Km to Raetihi and I was safe. Tired, triumphant, keen to get started towards my second goal of 2.4 million dollars.


All the elements had been there as if they were waiting for an organizer. It had taken the cold, crisp air, the utter silence and isolation, a small test of survival, one apple and a moment of earnest meditation. I had dialed a connection to The Unconscious Creator, who had answered. The response was instantaneous. I felt a high level of Certainty about the method. Why? It followed all the Laws Of Nature that I was aware of … Virus-like growth, spreading naturally by human word-of-mouth. The giving of knowledge to uplift and help as many people as possible. Those with an open ear and a coachable mind. An expanding heart connected to the Love of The Universe. Music dancing softly in your soul …

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand




Some AfterThoughts …

Relevant to The Future Painter e-Book Gift

P.S. Every problem you might experience, contains the seed of a hidden opportunity. The opportunity always dwarfs the problem, because it’s only a problem in your thinking. The thinking is arbitrary and could always be otherwise! It’s just a model of reality. Magical opportunities abound in every nook, cranny, exponentially multiplying … if you get flexible enough to think that way.


To attain my second goal of 2.4 million dollars, every year, I need to believe these three things:

  1. it’s possible,
  2. I deserve it,
  3. I can reverse engineer it, by calculating the number of sales, referrals, actions, etc., required to achieve it.





Your heart is the size of an Ocean ..
Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”
~Rumi, born 1207 AD.



You can visit me at www.psychologypower.com


Your new friend,




Remember I was looking for a picture frame? Would the story have happened the same way,

if I had quickly found a frame that fitted and I had arrived home during daylight hours?

The unique opportunity arose from the ‘problem.’


© G & G

© G & G Creative Enterprises



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