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LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander

Posted on: November 5th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

SmartRebrander.com Replaces LoyaltePays.com


This awesome supplier of web CONTENT is featured a lot in my Ezine: Focus On Success. The owner is Ms Heide Holtz, a smart business woman and super affiliate in her own right, based in Queenstown, Central Otago province, in New Zealand. Heide has renamed Loyaltepays.com as Smartrebrander.com so you can imagine finding GREAT CONTENT there; videos, e-Books, images, etc., famous and classic material – then rebranding it before SHARING it out, carrying your affiliate links!

Here’s a great example of high quality video content from Sir Richard Branson. This is a helpful, entrepreneur’s lesson:

What VIDEO ADVICE issues from Sir Richard Branson today?  <<


More Content: Brendon Burchard, speaking on Love

Before SmartRebrander, bloggers needed to write a new article every day, for about a year, before they could expect to see any real income.

The biggest obstacle most bloggers face is attracting enough readers. In order to get readers you need content. And producing good content takes time… or a big chunk of money if you plan to hire a copywriter.

SmartRebrander gives you an entire Library of rebrandable content: eBooks, Images and Videos. You can simply rebrand with (insert) your affiliate IDs and add to your Blog.

  • People are more likely to purchase a product or service through a useful video, eBook or image rather than an advert.
  • People visiting your blog will send other people to your blog to get their own copy of an ebook or image or to watch a video. This equals even more readers which ultimately means more commission.
  • They will email friends and family about your blog, they’ll share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and once the material goes viral you’ll be earning commissions from people you would not have reached otherwise.

SmartRebrander successfully combines:

  1. Blogging – with content that attracts audiences and sells for you.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – one of the most popular methods to earn money from your blog.
  3. Sustainable Business Model – that pays you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate products, not just one.

It is a pretty fair system:

  • Product owners pay you a percentage of each sale that is generated from a reader of your blog.
  • You get paid a commission every time someone makes a purchase via a link in a video, image or eBook posted on your blog. If your blog readers spend a lot, you get paid a lot.

That is all there is to it!

LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander


There are about 2,000 pieces of Quality Web CONTENT in there.. and many, many ways  of monetizing your SHARING activity

Take action (daily) and the results will follow


Geoff Dodd, Editor and webmaster in New Zealand, offers you a 5-Day email Mini Course, totally free:




Designing A Mind For Awareness

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Creating An Aware, Fully Enlightened Mind


Architects Of The Mind



Awaken joyfully, to a new day packed with opportunities for effortless creation!”






Table Of Contents:



  1. All is One
  2. Neurological programming
  3. Central Command
  4. The Social Teachers
  5. Make Up Your Own Mind













ALL is One



Is it in Stairway to Heaven? I hear the distant sounds of Led Zeppelin still … Robert Plant singing, “That All is One and One is All..”


We read in ancient literature how the mind of man merges with the mind of God – how puny man connects with The Universe and receives inspiration from a larger, Universal Mind or Infinite Intelligence …


You just need to still your mind .. long enough to meditate on this phrase: “The integrated action of the central nervous system.” For it works altogether in countless, self-moderating feedback loops.


Perhaps we’ve been hijacked for Centuries!


How? By the oldest trick in the book: Divide and conquer.


Perhaps, given ‘the integrated action of the central nervous system,’ we’ve really believed that we were made up of a whole array of divided parts: mind, body, spirit, soul, and even ‘world’ and ‘universe?’ Divisions including father, son and holy spirit – while modern science is saying everything is made up of the one vibrational ENERGY.


Energizing this debate further is quantum mechanics and the unified field theory: pointing to one quantum ‘stuff’ – rainbow spectra of wavelengths of vibrational energy … the wave function collapses into particles – (Quantum Physics: The Copenhagen Interpretation, Neils Bohr).




So now we can dance in a new paradigm:


“One dancing energy! One dancing LIGHT”


And as a playful child, you knew that intuitively!




But then you were schooled into divisions, word-concepts, pigeon holes. Specializations were ordered to separate and stratify, layer and structure society according to ..


The will of the conquerors. The will of The Elite: God, King and Country!


But all is One.



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Neurological Programming



There are three levels of neurological programming, or brain training and architecture: morphogenetic, epigenetic and acquired-transactional.


1. The morphogenetic level is where genes control structures and functions. For example, the

main internal organ systems, like the heart, lungs and circulatory system. The spinal column

and brain stem. Automatic reflexes and temperature regulation. The fact that we have nerve

connections between different parts and organs, such as the optic nerve transmitting information

from the rods and cones in the retina to the occipital lobes at the back of your head. All these

structures and connections are ‘morphogenetic’ or genetically formed.


2. The modifiable, epigenetic level. Control from above the genes. Scientists know that a

particular situation, context or environment can trigger events. Environmental factors are

always strong in human development and even in the expression of genes. Dr Bruce Lipton,

who did the early work on stem cells in the 1960s, places stem cells into this environmentally-

sensitive group. Dr Lipton observed changes in isolated stem cells that he attributed to the



3. Acquired, transactional programming is usually thought of as learning. It comprises all the

changes in behaviour, all the development of habits, that equip the human baby, child and adult

for adapting to his or her family, context and situations in the social and physical environments.

All training, schooling, religious instruction, conditioning and socializing fall into this third,

‘behavioural’ group. Habits of thinking, perceiving, language learning and attitude development

would also appear to be learned through transactions with the social environment – family,

schools, clubs, groups, work places, institutions, universities, etc.


Click to meet Geoff Dodd







Central Command



This idea is simple. Your higher thoughts, your smiles and laughter, can send positive messages to the cells in your body that “all is well..”


I hear the traditional thinker scoff. ‘What’s he suggesting here?’


Given the integrated action of the central nervous system, the pathways are as clear as daylight!

The neo-cortex sends an excited thought about love and joy to the hypothalamus. There, an emotion is created to energize and manifest that thought into more: now peptides are released by the hypothalamus, finding their way to the receptors on certain cells. The cells, being whole living entities, receive those electro-chemical understandings of ‘love and joy!’ – all is well in the environment! I can function healthily. More parasympathetic, peaceful and restorative, less defensive, less ‘fight-or-flight’ stress response.


Can you see the connection?


The more positive thinking that occurs, the more joy, bliss, smiles, laughter and happiness, the better the health of the cells, via the hypothalamus and its peptides …


But wait, there’s more!


Higher thoughts command nearly all of our actions. We can tell ourselves to, “relax, let go – listen to my voice, slowly drift off to sleep, feeling better than before …”


We are often unconsciously influenced by such commands as, “buy now!” “hurry, limited time only!” “click here now!” “order now!”


This is how it all works.


So watch and observe your environment. How many hours of television do you watch? Are you unconsciously, unwittingly, absorbing thousands of higher commands? See how you select particular stores and supermarkets then walk like a robot to “get 50% off” and “save now” after seeing things on TV?


All examples of Central Command. The subconscious has listened .. especially to repetitive, emotionally-charged messages, then has moved the muscles, navigated direction, driven a car in perfect obedience – according to the integrated action of the central nervous system. You are a finely tuned, well oiled piece of electro-chemical, bionic machinery, then?




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The Social Teachers

Who were The Great Social Teachers who became architects of the mind? How were their messages

drummed in and repeated, until they became programmed beliefs?

Love thy neighbour as thyself .. do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Forgive one another…” ~Jesus Christ

Look inside. The Kingdom of God is within you!” ~Jesus Christ

Look inside. Thou art Buddha Nature…” ~Buddha

We stand at a point before creation.” ~Buddha

With our minds, we create our lives…” ~Buddha

In the garden of thy Heart, plant nought but the rose of love.” ~Baha’u’llah

The social teachers always revealed a new paradigm in how to better view social relationships. Clearing away complexities and corruption from the past, they made it simpler to view the path ahead. Sins of the past being forgiven, people could shed light on the Now, then view a joyous future freed from anxiety and fear.

A doctrine of good intentions, pure hearted love and a technology of harmony – these are the legacies left to us in various social contexts, by the Great Social Teachers.

Myth, magic, miracles and mystery surround these figures to this very day!

Remember this guiding principle: Your thoughts shape, determine and mold what you SEE. Begin to watch and monitor your thoughts. Master them. Stop and start them. Quieten them. Relax deeply. Let them go. All thoughts are arbitrary. They are analogies, models of reality… theories!

Our thoughts are not the final picture. They are not the “be all and end all..” They are flexible, transplanted, borrowed, acquired from the pool of all thoughts … whereby we’re connected.

Architects of The mind are like structural engineers. They design the “many mansions” we live in, for social order, predictability and for our own wellbeing. These structures have often stood the gales, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and other tests of time.


Make Up Your Own Mind

What is your ideal mind? I know what mine is! Something hyper-positively charged, like a battery that only accepts positivity, spontaneity and creativity. This has grown into quite an obsession.

It was Tony Robbins who said, ‘listen to personal growth audios all the time!’ – and it works!

Select carefully what you are exposed to!


Because you’re constantly loading up and programming your sub-conscious mind!

Whatever you put in there, with repetition … you’ll get out. Sow good seeds!

Choose, select and decide wisely. You’re painting your clear vision on to the white canvas of your deep unconscious. So if you’re actually that powerful, (and I believe you are..) then plan a lot more and make it exactly, in detail, how you’d just LOVE for it to turn out.

Designing A Mind For Awareness


Here’s an encouraging thought: It’s always easier to do something carefully, lovingly and correctly the first time. You’ve got it right! No going back to mop up and fix your life mistakes. So it is with the architecture of your mind. So it is with creating harmony. Positivity is the key. High frequencies of positive response. Helping enough others along the path. Being highly productive.

Mentors, coaches and trainers, mastermind groups and support networks are all going to speed you towards your goals. Get valuable training in using The Internet to your advantage. Find this in abundance at LoyaltePays.com

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this little e-Book from up on the volcanic plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s sharp-white frosty in the mornings, but I have a wood burner heating the lodge all through the night. I am so grateful for this location, where I can concentrate to my heart’s content. Totally alone but never alone. In the mountain beech forests.

Connect with me here, to chat. Enter your email then hit reply to any message.

Your friend,

Geoff, New Zealand, who introduced you to Designing A Mind For Awareness the enlightened solution for 2015.

The Future Painter e-Book Gift

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Read My New e-Book



Affirming the power of positive affirmations from e-Books, Geoff takes a long drive through the cold, dark night in New Zealand and has to sleep alongside beautiful Lake Taupo…  What happens then?




I knew it was right, that what you focus on, is what you get. I believed in The Law Of Attraction and I’d been noticing the fact that everyone, for decades, had been repeating the time-honoured theme of ‘Think & Grow Rich,’ the original, 1937 classic by Napoleon Hill. The idea that you must hold a clear picture in your mind of precisely what you want, even imagining and feeling that you’ve already achieved it, was the way to create and manifest your desires.


I had learned many sets of affirmations. I repeated these to myself, hundreds and possibly thousands of times. Some were designed to elevate our self esteem:


I’m high value, highly skilled, special professional in higher harmony!”

I love you – I’m very grateful. Thank you – I believe in you!”

You’re more than good enough..”

You can do anything you set your mind to..”


Some affirmations were love-focused and quickened healing:


Relax. Open your heart and let love’s radiance illuminate the dark recesses of your heart and mind.”

Be madly, insanely, crazily in love!” ~Rumi

Your heart is the size of an Ocean. Go Find yourself in its infinite depths!” ~Rumi


I had studied Buddhist meditation and accelerated forms of this, including brain wave entrainment; also self-hypnosis. I had listened to audios and fully understood the basic processes and principles of hypnotherapy. I had taken part in religious practices of both the East and West, though was often inclined to translate these into psychological terms; everything seemingly pointed to The Unconscious Mind.


The time-honoured theme of Napoleon Hill in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ needed no shrink, no psychologist or paid professional to really make it work: Here is my painter’s summary in a nutshell:


Paint a precise, very clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want! Then keep looking at it … keep visualizing this consistently.”


And a business viewpoint that focuses on your training and self-improvement:


Your best investment, by far – is YOU. Connect here and now into further training. You are an under-valued stock with highly probable ‘upside potential.’


Then the story happened, and kept unfolding. In October, 2011 I had met my true soulmate, online. A wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, simpatico Filipino woman whose actions expressed and resulted in the grace and harmony by which she was named. Suggestions work. Now the story is a road trip. A foolish race against the dimming light of evening and the creeping, frosty cold of a New Zealand winter on the desolate western shores of Lake Taupo.





The Story


I had turned on to Highway 32 in the gathering dusk. The willing Peugeot swept me forward, up hills and around tight N.Z. corners, unaware of my growing tiredness. I had spent too much time in South Auckland, talking to shop owners, searching for a picture frame. I glanced at the speedo: 130kph. Are you crazy? You’re drifting into the holographic emptiness and you’re speeding? I smiled. There was a sense of deja vue. Driving tired was something I had experienced as a night-shift taxi driver, back in Western Australia.


There’s a quiet side road. Perfect. Turn off there. Take a few hours rest. Slip into the sleeping bag in the back seat. Ideas were arriving, on cue. Yes, missed it .. Carry on, find a similar spot … Oh, I must sleep now. I don’t want to drive off the road. Ooops, nearly hit that .. post.


A sign indicated a picnic spot in 400 metres. This is my last sane choice. I slowed, pulled off, stopped. Backed up to a less visible area. The Peugeot’s digital display told me that the outside temperature was just 3 degrees C. Down to 2 degrees in some spots. All was totally quiet and across the lake glimmered the lights of Turangi township and perhaps Motuoapa. It was 8pm now. A few hours sleep in the back seat and I could maybe drive on towards Highway 41 at Kuratau, turn right .. then left into Highway 4, down to Mount Ruapehu and National Park.


Occasionally, a car or truck whoooshed or hammered past like an unknown ghost in the night. Can they see me? Do they have good intentions? All was still. I knew I had a few bars of mobile connectivity. I used the Line app and explained my situation to my soulmate in Hong Kong. Grace was reassuring. This connected World has a safety net.


I went outside to relieve myself. Felt the bitter 3 degrees cold and listened. Nothing. Perfect, absolute stillness like a solace, a protective shield. Alone with Nature. I had clear thoughts. Remembering my bag of royal gala apples, I munched one, in the back seat, under the Kathmandu sleeping back. Locked the car, using the remote button on the key. Stretched out flat, no pillow, but my legs were too long for the little Peugeot 307’s back seat. I love the challenge of hardship. It’s strengthening. Now, what were my two intentions, my goals to ask of God? I would ask again. The Universal Mind would listen in the stillness. Why would it take so long for answers?


How can I get to live with my soulmate?”


GO there!” He thundered.


Well that was answered easily and quickly. Okay, here’s the more tricky part:


How do I make 2.4 million dollars each year?”


The cars had stopped long ago. Quietness … a long pause


Lights again glimmered at me from across the sacred Lake Taupo, as One dancing energy …


The Unconscious connected and spoke. It was crystal clear in the absolute stillness.


Loyalty pays. Collect three high quality books that are classics of the early Twentieth Century. Books of My Universal Harmony… Creation. Give them away to as many people as possible. Ask them to share these 3 mind-changing and LIFE-changing e-Books with ten of their friends, more or less…”


These exact words appeared to me, easily remembered and inscribed deeply in my heart and mind:






THE LETTER TEMPLATE (Exactly as revealed ..



Hi George


Re: 3 Life-Changing e-Books


Please share these 3 Life-Changing e-Books

with at least 10 friends (more or less)

and they’ll LOVE YOU FOREVER:


1. “Think And Grow Rich e-Book”



2. “The Science Of Getting Rich e-Book”



3. “Your Invisible Power e-Book”




Each one is a time-honoured classic

and comes as a PDF download.


Thank you


Geoff Dodd, New Zealand


The Future Painter e-Book Gift

Continues …

Remembering my answer, I fell into a deep sleep for six hours. At 2am I awoke suddenly. ‘This is ridiculous. I’m so uncomfortable because I can’t stretch my legs out. I’m very cold in my running shoes. The sleeping bag isn’t covering them. I’m rested now. I can continue ..’


In the frosty air, the Peugeot sprang to life with no difficulty. Air flowed to the windscreen on ‘Auto.’ A setting of 24 degrees for the interior was soon obtained. Air flow irritated my eyes. The drive back was easy, only encountering 3 or 4 semi-trailers near National Park and Horopito. 8Km to Raetihi and I was safe. Tired, triumphant, keen to get started towards my second goal of 2.4 million dollars.


All the elements had been there as if they were waiting for an organizer. It had taken the cold, crisp air, the utter silence and isolation, a small test of survival, one apple and a moment of earnest meditation. I had dialed a connection to The Unconscious Creator, who had answered. The response was instantaneous. I felt a high level of Certainty about the method. Why? It followed all the Laws Of Nature that I was aware of … Virus-like growth, spreading naturally by human word-of-mouth. The giving of knowledge to uplift and help as many people as possible. Those with an open ear and a coachable mind. An expanding heart connected to the Love of The Universe. Music dancing softly in your soul …

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand




Some AfterThoughts …

Relevant to The Future Painter e-Book Gift

P.S. Every problem you might experience, contains the seed of a hidden opportunity. The opportunity always dwarfs the problem, because it’s only a problem in your thinking. The thinking is arbitrary and could always be otherwise! It’s just a model of reality. Magical opportunities abound in every nook, cranny, exponentially multiplying … if you get flexible enough to think that way.


To attain my second goal of 2.4 million dollars, every year, I need to believe these three things:

  1. it’s possible,
  2. I deserve it,
  3. I can reverse engineer it, by calculating the number of sales, referrals, actions, etc., required to achieve it.





Your heart is the size of an Ocean ..
Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”
~Rumi, born 1207 AD.



You can visit me at www.psychologypower.com


Your new friend,




Remember I was looking for a picture frame? Would the story have happened the same way,

if I had quickly found a frame that fitted and I had arrived home during daylight hours?

The unique opportunity arose from the ‘problem.’


© G & G

© G & G Creative Enterprises



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