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Subconscious Yes But Conscious Excuses

Posted on: October 26th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Get What You Want

Auto Suggestions Into Subconscious Mind ..

We have this weird duality of mind – the subconscious mind has much more information, taking in 4 billion bits of information per second! The dumb ol’ conscious mind filters everything then gets CRITICAL. That is NOT smart to listen excessively to your critical MIND.

Why, Geoff? Because you can get what you want better, using your deep subconscious Mind …

The smartest approach to life, is to masterfully re-program your Sub-Conscious Mind, with exactly what YOU want. The high charge of positivity – I think I can, I feel I can, I believe I CAN and you’ll be ABLE to conceive, believe and achieve anything that a human being is capable of. Become an international airline pilot, for example. It’s just a self belief and a routine for rapid, photographic learning – easy peasy!

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Hey Geoff –

Imagine this going on …

You can feel your subconscious mind saying to you, inside, go ahead…

But you can more easily hear your conscious mind (excuses) saying…

“You haven’t got time for that, It’ll never work for you, you’ve failed at this,
you’ll be wasting your money…”

…and a hundred more plausible or implausible reasons why not to take
a leap of faith – and trust –  and go with it..

This could be the moment where everything changes for the better for
you, your loved ones, family :
the start of a COMPLETELY new life for you.

Just imagine it…. You living again like you used to live… aligned in your unconscious mind with core values,

thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. All working properly together. That means, consciously,  :

No more worries… No more guilt… No more jealously… No more anger…
No more fear… No more regrets… ALL gone.. FOREVER!

Just leaving you to be again as you once were… A person who loved life!

You’ve done so brilliantly so far Geoff … with your subconscious mind re-programming efforts, using self-hypnosis

and Napoleon Hill’s auto-suggestion methodology … repetitively, diligently, relentlessly

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Geoff Dodd  Success Formula

How To Get What You Want With Positive Vibration

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Geoff 2 Comments

Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams

How To Fulfill What You DESIRE

with Positive Vibration!


Many of us are stumbling, floundering around like lost souls. The Digital Age has stricken some with information overload and never-ending distraction. Will you find your center again, returning home in the flow of One-ness? Will your river once again run like the babbling brook of childhood, to your Ocean of joy, shrill excitement and perhaps even to permanent bliss?

In this brief Kindle e-Book, Geoff Dodd, acclaimed Western Australian author of “The Lotus Code,” and “The Thought Transplant,” shares his latest personal discoveries with you. Once again, the read is brief, concise and to the point. Geoff never resorts to fluff, filler and nonsense. His psychological background has created and empowered an amazing personal drive to eek out the universal laws and principles that are working silently within us all.

Then something happened. In October, 2011 after randomly commenting on facebook pictures, Geoff met his soulmate. He travelled to one of the new territories of China. These events have refreshed everything. The game has changed. Perhaps, forever.


This e-Book is informational only. It is not intended as a therapeutic system. Yet one day in a different situation and cultural context, it might be perceived as such. If you decide not to see it as an anti-depressant, then please consult your registered medical practitioner.

  1. How are you feeling?”

  2. What do you want?”

These two, neat, clear questions are the guts of your personal psychology. When I was asked to write a 400-word article, entitled “Techniques And Skills Of Counseling – An Introduction,” for EzineArticles.com, I based it rather simply around these two questions. The article has since been viewed over 7,500 times.

You know how you’re feeling and really, it’s none of my business. You know your feelings change from moment to moment and from one situation to the next. You know that certain actions result in more pride and higher levels of self esteem. Actions like learning new skills and helping other people to climb up in life and improve themselves. You know that actively loving someone and being loved produces some of the best feelings.

Do you know that when someone chooses actions of ‘higher energy’ then they can lift themselves right out of depression? Depression is a low level of ‘gross activity!’

Mother Theresa said, “It’s impossible to be depressed when you’re walking fast!”

So the point is, you’re really 100% in control of your feelings, though you may not have realized that they stem from, and flow automatically from your ACTIONS.

So when you finally set your direction and know exactly what you want, take MASSIVE ACTION as the master, Jim Rohn used to say …

We’re steadily working towards solving everyone’s daily problem of:

How To Get What You WANT

with Positive Vibration!

So turn now to the mirror in your soul and ask, “What Do I WANT?”

For some it’s easy. They’ve done the window shopping and have a list.

But I’m asking you, “What do you want?”

I know, it’s a rather general question, so you have to break the question down into:

  1. Intimate, closer relationships

  2. Circle of friends

  3. Housing and living arrangements

  4. Possessions: entertainment, cars, boats

  5. Travel experiences

  6. Education

  7. Employment

  8. Delicious extras

Once you’ve got a detailed list written out, make sure it’s elaborated with colors, sizes, brand names, specific places, pictures and preferences, details galore. This is to help you visualize exactly what you want. You need to ‘see’ these things with your mind’s eye in their colors and their enticing glory. You also need to ‘feel’ their vibrational presence and experience them in dreams, exactly as if you already have them and are living with them. The more vivid the better. Place pictures of them on a vision board that you can see often. Fill a scrapbook with colorful images of them. Make six lists of your ‘wants’ and place them in strategic places all around your home.

 Repetition Of Visualized Goals

Are you getting the picture – everywhere? Almost all of the time? Repeat these lists and view these images over and over into your subconscious mind. Simply by repetition and by the magic of believing that you’ll be living with these people, places, possessions and experiences …

The changes CAN happen very quickly and rather dramatically, because the deep unconscious works day and night, without cease!

In five years you’ll look back and see that everything on your list has been achieved! If you’re doing this today with enough repetition and downright obsession. But don’t try to push the river. It’s better to sleep on it and suggest to yourself that ‘something will come up.’ An early morning dream or personal revelation, an unveiling of your reality, is more than likely what you will certainly experience. Your intuition will get a whole lot clearer.

How to get what you want with Positive Vibration. Use of positive affirmations and autosuggestion, intuition and psychology power.. Get what you want …

Now I want you to relax. Breath easily .. and let go… Listen to my words. Here is the new stuff:

You were created to know you ARE the creator of your LIFE

“There is a way to create anything you can imagine. Focus on what you WANT.”

You just have to know what you want. In detail. Impress it into your mind, repeatedly. The ‘how-to’ will later be revealed to you. But the unconscious mind is in the body and needs a ‘bodily’ reason why it should act … this is the big secret. This is the emotional-vibrational part that took me years to learn. What bodily-reason, what strong emotional reward can you supply for your body to act upon?

What feeling can you remember that’ll shift Heaven and Earth? You want to repeat that memory, that positive, rewarding feeling! Then make it contingent. “Oh yes, I enjoyed playing in a shared shower with my girlfriend.” OK. Go back into that exciting memory and relive it. Feel and experience it. That’s the bodily-reason you need to make this all work.

Say to yourself, “I can have that again. I can go through that wonderful experience, over and over, IF I double my income to $100,000 per year by starting that new Internet business and realizing my dreams! I can do it.”

Well, you want to impress her, don’t you? You want to be seen as a huge success? You don’t get rewarded like that for nothing! You earn it – you deserve it!

Social life has an absolutely clockwork law of reciprocity. You want the money? You do the work. You want the T-bone steak? You pay the butcher. No money? No honey! You want to make babies? Go find a job and support the woman! You want to have political power? Serve the community, etc., etc.

So when repeatedly ramming your goals and wants into your subconscious mind, remember this: Words alone, at the ‘thought level’ won’t cut it. You need these thoughts to be connected with strong, positive vibrations on the emotional level. You need thoughts and memories associated with bodily reasons that’ll shift Heaven and Earth!

You need a wholeness of mind and body. A one-ness of conscious mind with subconscious mind and a one-ness of left brain with right brain. You need alignment of thoughts and actions.

So yes, there is a way to create anything you can imagine. Focus on what you want. Repeat experiencing images and feelings of what you want, as if you already have them. Feel the empowering joy, bliss and excitement of experiencing them in your waking dreams!

Now you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re training your imagination to focus on and to work on the positive things. You’ll be totally aware now. You’ll see if it slips to amplify a fear. You will notice that mistake, then by repeating your ‘to do’ list once again, you’ll be gently guiding your imagination back to focus on and amplify the positive things that you desire and want to come into your new life.

Yes is the answer now. You’re reinventing yourself every day now. You are helping to uplift others. Your relationships are all dramatically improving. You have seized your rights of spiritual renewal. You live a more balanced lifestyle. Everything is in proportion. You are more careful, using balanced moderation. You still have your healthy enjoyment of child-like excitement and a little risk taking …


Awaken. Open your eyes. You’re feeling refreshed, better than before and ready to tackle your ‘to do’ list once again. Read your list of goals, desires, dreams and wants.

You were asleep and hypnotized while you were listening to my voice. I hope you don’t mind. You might even have picked up a few useful suggestions.

Love always and forever,

Geoff Dodd


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Designing A Mind For Awareness

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Creating An Aware, Fully Enlightened Mind


Architects Of The Mind



Awaken joyfully, to a new day packed with opportunities for effortless creation!”






Table Of Contents:



  1. All is One
  2. Neurological programming
  3. Central Command
  4. The Social Teachers
  5. Make Up Your Own Mind













ALL is One



Is it in Stairway to Heaven? I hear the distant sounds of Led Zeppelin still … Robert Plant singing, “That All is One and One is All..”


We read in ancient literature how the mind of man merges with the mind of God – how puny man connects with The Universe and receives inspiration from a larger, Universal Mind or Infinite Intelligence …


You just need to still your mind .. long enough to meditate on this phrase: “The integrated action of the central nervous system.” For it works altogether in countless, self-moderating feedback loops.


Perhaps we’ve been hijacked for Centuries!


How? By the oldest trick in the book: Divide and conquer.


Perhaps, given ‘the integrated action of the central nervous system,’ we’ve really believed that we were made up of a whole array of divided parts: mind, body, spirit, soul, and even ‘world’ and ‘universe?’ Divisions including father, son and holy spirit – while modern science is saying everything is made up of the one vibrational ENERGY.


Energizing this debate further is quantum mechanics and the unified field theory: pointing to one quantum ‘stuff’ – rainbow spectra of wavelengths of vibrational energy … the wave function collapses into particles – (Quantum Physics: The Copenhagen Interpretation, Neils Bohr).




So now we can dance in a new paradigm:


“One dancing energy! One dancing LIGHT”


And as a playful child, you knew that intuitively!




But then you were schooled into divisions, word-concepts, pigeon holes. Specializations were ordered to separate and stratify, layer and structure society according to ..


The will of the conquerors. The will of The Elite: God, King and Country!


But all is One.



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Neurological Programming



There are three levels of neurological programming, or brain training and architecture: morphogenetic, epigenetic and acquired-transactional.


1. The morphogenetic level is where genes control structures and functions. For example, the

main internal organ systems, like the heart, lungs and circulatory system. The spinal column

and brain stem. Automatic reflexes and temperature regulation. The fact that we have nerve

connections between different parts and organs, such as the optic nerve transmitting information

from the rods and cones in the retina to the occipital lobes at the back of your head. All these

structures and connections are ‘morphogenetic’ or genetically formed.


2. The modifiable, epigenetic level. Control from above the genes. Scientists know that a

particular situation, context or environment can trigger events. Environmental factors are

always strong in human development and even in the expression of genes. Dr Bruce Lipton,

who did the early work on stem cells in the 1960s, places stem cells into this environmentally-

sensitive group. Dr Lipton observed changes in isolated stem cells that he attributed to the



3. Acquired, transactional programming is usually thought of as learning. It comprises all the

changes in behaviour, all the development of habits, that equip the human baby, child and adult

for adapting to his or her family, context and situations in the social and physical environments.

All training, schooling, religious instruction, conditioning and socializing fall into this third,

‘behavioural’ group. Habits of thinking, perceiving, language learning and attitude development

would also appear to be learned through transactions with the social environment – family,

schools, clubs, groups, work places, institutions, universities, etc.


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Central Command



This idea is simple. Your higher thoughts, your smiles and laughter, can send positive messages to the cells in your body that “all is well..”


I hear the traditional thinker scoff. ‘What’s he suggesting here?’


Given the integrated action of the central nervous system, the pathways are as clear as daylight!

The neo-cortex sends an excited thought about love and joy to the hypothalamus. There, an emotion is created to energize and manifest that thought into more: now peptides are released by the hypothalamus, finding their way to the receptors on certain cells. The cells, being whole living entities, receive those electro-chemical understandings of ‘love and joy!’ – all is well in the environment! I can function healthily. More parasympathetic, peaceful and restorative, less defensive, less ‘fight-or-flight’ stress response.


Can you see the connection?


The more positive thinking that occurs, the more joy, bliss, smiles, laughter and happiness, the better the health of the cells, via the hypothalamus and its peptides …


But wait, there’s more!


Higher thoughts command nearly all of our actions. We can tell ourselves to, “relax, let go – listen to my voice, slowly drift off to sleep, feeling better than before …”


We are often unconsciously influenced by such commands as, “buy now!” “hurry, limited time only!” “click here now!” “order now!”


This is how it all works.


So watch and observe your environment. How many hours of television do you watch? Are you unconsciously, unwittingly, absorbing thousands of higher commands? See how you select particular stores and supermarkets then walk like a robot to “get 50% off” and “save now” after seeing things on TV?


All examples of Central Command. The subconscious has listened .. especially to repetitive, emotionally-charged messages, then has moved the muscles, navigated direction, driven a car in perfect obedience – according to the integrated action of the central nervous system. You are a finely tuned, well oiled piece of electro-chemical, bionic machinery, then?




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The Social Teachers

Who were The Great Social Teachers who became architects of the mind? How were their messages

drummed in and repeated, until they became programmed beliefs?

Love thy neighbour as thyself .. do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Forgive one another…” ~Jesus Christ

Look inside. The Kingdom of God is within you!” ~Jesus Christ

Look inside. Thou art Buddha Nature…” ~Buddha

We stand at a point before creation.” ~Buddha

With our minds, we create our lives…” ~Buddha

In the garden of thy Heart, plant nought but the rose of love.” ~Baha’u’llah

The social teachers always revealed a new paradigm in how to better view social relationships. Clearing away complexities and corruption from the past, they made it simpler to view the path ahead. Sins of the past being forgiven, people could shed light on the Now, then view a joyous future freed from anxiety and fear.

A doctrine of good intentions, pure hearted love and a technology of harmony – these are the legacies left to us in various social contexts, by the Great Social Teachers.

Myth, magic, miracles and mystery surround these figures to this very day!

Remember this guiding principle: Your thoughts shape, determine and mold what you SEE. Begin to watch and monitor your thoughts. Master them. Stop and start them. Quieten them. Relax deeply. Let them go. All thoughts are arbitrary. They are analogies, models of reality… theories!

Our thoughts are not the final picture. They are not the “be all and end all..” They are flexible, transplanted, borrowed, acquired from the pool of all thoughts … whereby we’re connected.

Architects of The mind are like structural engineers. They design the “many mansions” we live in, for social order, predictability and for our own wellbeing. These structures have often stood the gales, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and other tests of time.


Make Up Your Own Mind

What is your ideal mind? I know what mine is! Something hyper-positively charged, like a battery that only accepts positivity, spontaneity and creativity. This has grown into quite an obsession.

It was Tony Robbins who said, ‘listen to personal growth audios all the time!’ – and it works!

Select carefully what you are exposed to!


Because you’re constantly loading up and programming your sub-conscious mind!

Whatever you put in there, with repetition … you’ll get out. Sow good seeds!

Choose, select and decide wisely. You’re painting your clear vision on to the white canvas of your deep unconscious. So if you’re actually that powerful, (and I believe you are..) then plan a lot more and make it exactly, in detail, how you’d just LOVE for it to turn out.

Designing A Mind For Awareness


Here’s an encouraging thought: It’s always easier to do something carefully, lovingly and correctly the first time. You’ve got it right! No going back to mop up and fix your life mistakes. So it is with the architecture of your mind. So it is with creating harmony. Positivity is the key. High frequencies of positive response. Helping enough others along the path. Being highly productive.

Mentors, coaches and trainers, mastermind groups and support networks are all going to speed you towards your goals. Get valuable training in using The Internet to your advantage. Find this in abundance at LoyaltePays.com

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this little e-Book from up on the volcanic plateau of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s sharp-white frosty in the mornings, but I have a wood burner heating the lodge all through the night. I am so grateful for this location, where I can concentrate to my heart’s content. Totally alone but never alone. In the mountain beech forests.

Connect with me here, to chat. Enter your email then hit reply to any message.

Your friend,

Geoff, New Zealand, who introduced you to Designing A Mind For Awareness the enlightened solution for 2015.

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