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How To Create Mobile Games Apps

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To BUILD Android Mobile Apps Quickly and Profitably!


Making Apps for Smartphones is a …



Fellow Mobile App Maker,

“Phenomenal… when I saw what this new Course 

can accomplish, it took my breath away…”


“No wonder this is flying off the shelves…”

“I am very impressed with the training provided 

in the Mobile Games Empire course. I have had 

a blast learning and building games as I go 

through the course. I would recommend this system 

to anyone who wants to know how to PROFIT wildly

from the current app craze…It’s wide open!”


How To Create Mobile Games Apps

Listen –

You’ll want to get your hands on this course.. 

It has enabled me to create a consistent income

each and every month giving me the lifestyle 

I’ve only dreamed about and – you can too!


The training steps you through creating cool games

and in the process teaches you how to easily create

multiple, PROFITABLE games.


Without having to write a SINGLE line of code


“Thanks a lot for this wonderful course about 

creating mobile game apps. It is created in an easy, 

step-by-step format from A to Z and your provided 

templates are very helpful for understanding this 

concept as well.”

– Dirk W, Germany


Let’s talk about the profits. 


You already know that mobile games are a multi-BILLION 

dollar industry!

Let Me Show You How Much Money You Can Earn From Mobile Games


It’s a JAW DROPPING potential – unlimited


Your game may hit the jackpot and you would make 

thousands of dollars EVERY single day.


=> Start Making EASY Game APPS


If you follow this course, you can easily do it –

make a game within a week.


If you are serious, you can easily make 15 games in 3 months.

Many simple games that you make can easily earn at least 

$20 per day and often, much more.


You can earn at least $300 every day from just 15 games.

You can make $9,000 extra every single month

What could you do with an extra $9,000 a month?

Could you…


*   Quit your job?

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*   While helping your family 


This is the BIG Break you’ve been waiting for –


I urge you to Test it, trial it, PROVE

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Go here:



Let’s work together

Geoff Dodd

P.S. Hint: later you can pickup your special link

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You do NOT have to be a programmer or coder and there

are tons of resources to help you create your games


App Dev: How To Create Mobile Games Apps

“I was pretty incredulous that good quality games 

could be made without programming but I suspended 

my skepticism long enough to check it out. 

It was one of the BEST decisions that I have ever made.”

– Krishna P.


FIRST you access here


“It over delivers and is WELL worth it,

at ANY price. Just get it.. So you can

work on your OWN terms as your own boss”


“With this, you’ll create your own

Games App Industry! As you know –

that is worth BILLIONS due to the

mass uptake of smartphones…”

How to Create Mobile Games Apps – These are both iPhone apps and Android apps, making games for iPhones and for all Android mobile operating systems found on current smartphones. Create a games application Empire. A training course that is firmly recommended by Geoff Dodd, Web developer.

Disclaimer: We can not, obviously, guarantee any specific level of income derived, or THAT you will generate any income, because factors involved include your learning ability and your application of ideas and methods provided in this training course. Thank you for visiting our Focus On Success web site today. I sincerely trust you did learn how to create mobile games apps. Please return often. You’ll discover a lot more here …



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How to get a business working harder

Posted on: November 17th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Make a Business Much More Profitable For You!

how to get a business working harder

How to make a business more profitable by automation


This groundbreaking support will help you address the problem of profitability that you might be experiencing right now. It’s not always your fault. You might have got stuck with working in your current work processes and procedures, needing some external ideas, help, advice and mentoring. We are here, always to help you. See the free email Mini Course, below ..

How to get a business working harder

Increase your productivity and raise your vision and conscious awareness first by reading Geoff Dodd’s Success Formula here, then return to think about how you target, reach and message your target group of ideal customers. Are you following up with them? Are you sending them news items, special offers, discount coupons, etc.? Reward their loyalty and stickability. It will pay you great dividends in future!


Customer Loyalty

This raving fan mentality is what you’ll seek to generate and create in your regular customers. You get it by extreme differentiation of your business from other, similar supplier businesses. You will be very different in your special offers, discounts, in the way you look after your “bread and butter” regular customers. Extreme differentiation. They will love you back for your generosity! Guaranteed. It’s a reciprocal law of Life.

How to make a business more profitable, depends on the unique way you project your image as a problem solver… a supplier of customer satisfactions. You require a Unique Selling Proposition. A USP. The question actually becomes how to get a business working harder for you, in the psychological sphere… So, business owner, do you have a powerful USP that comes across to potential customers in the market you target – as really being the only viable solution to a problem they have that your company alone expressed, projected as an image or verbalized for them.. or an opportunity you alone identified?

Do you get this idea, this “difference” concept of extreme differentiation in how you are perceived? You’ll be seen as the only reasonable, sensible, viable place to go to for your product or service category.  This gets the psychological side of the community’s life working better for you, with word of mouth referrals happening at zero cost to you. You might spend on gifts and on discounts and specials but your advertising budget will reduce to zero, because you have earned tremendous word of mouth free advertising. That, in a nutshell, is how to get a business working harder for you and much more profitable at the same time. Differentiated from your less visible competition. Thanks for visiting my blog today and reading my ramblings…


Geoff Dodd, Success Strategist,  in New Zealand. Join me for more information, immediately below:






How Do I Increase Productivity At Work

Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

How Can I Work Less, More Productively?


People often ask me how can I increase my productivity at work and produce more output of what the company needs? It’s a really good question. Therein lies yet another secret to success, that my Formula must cover. I would, at first thought, talk about creating a highly charged, positive mindset. Clearly, there are several answers to the question: How do I increase productivity at work? – applying to solo entrepreneurs, as well as to corporate client requirements.

You need, simply, to get more creative, love your work deeply and be in the zone more of the time. It sounds easy to rattle those words off, but it is easy if you’re a meditater or you use modern technology to accelerate your positive mindset development.

The better question is, how can I increase the prevalence of alpha, theta and yes, even delta waves in my cerebral cortex? Ha ha that’s deep into physiological psychology already. But you did ask for the How To? The solution I use daily and especially at night, just before I go to sleep, is binaural brain wave entrainment. I did pure mantra meditation previously, from 1971. However, the brilliantly innovative Iain Legg with his MindPowerMP3.com hypnotic and brain wave entrainment MP3 downloadable products has stormed the market with such high quality — thanks to one Jeff Gignac. A brilliant audio sound engineer from Canada. And he’s a psychologist, too.

I wrote a letter to my list about this and I want to share it with you here:


Ultimate Mind Music MP3s Make You Smarter

Dear List Reader,

Have you ever tried meditation?

Did you know that scientific research was carried out
by Dr Herbert Benson, PhD and others like Gerald Ooster
in the 1960s and 1970s, showing that specific brain wave
states can be induced by binaural brain wave entrainment?

You’ve heard of alpha rhythm.. maybe theta and delta?

These ‘mindset’ states are now effortlessly created,
simply by listening to mind music mp3s, which help people
in many ways, including:

— deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, improved focus,
energy boosting, pain relief, clear visualization and even
increased productivity, efficiency and INTELLIGENCE

THAT is why professionals like doctors, psychologists, nurses,
entrepreneurs and lawyers are taking up this daily practice
to relieve stress levels and enhance their intuitive IQ
to boost work output and performance.

Mind Music MP3s give you the competitive EDGE

You can feel calm, refreshed and energized now
in any situation.

All the time.

Why don’t you click through now and pamper
yourself (and your loved one..

With free samples of these Mind Music MP3s

so you’ll experience for yourself just how

effortless this meditation is ..

Sample Testing Time: Mind Music MP3s samples of brain wave entrainment. To get increases in your work output and productivity!

Thanks for giving it a go!


P.S. It all works without the need for you
to do anything at all …

and it’s ‘pure magic’ how it gets you, totally,
altogether! As clear as crystal.

.. just by listening to beautiful music such as Mozart,
Beethoven and the best of modern music –

— ambient, jazz, dance, piano, guitar, etc.,

These Super Mind Music audios will deliver you
into higher, elite, intelligent mind spaces, as you
listen effortlessly

How Do I Increase Productivity At Work

Test it for yourself:

How To Increase Productivity effortlessly …

You might be a little skeptical, that simply listening to beautiful music will make you smarter at work and effectively increase your work productivity. Well, I only recommend what I use myself and totally believe in. The mind works this way! It is a hierarchic arrangement, as described by Dr. Abraham H. Maslow, Ph.D. in 1954.  At the top or peak of the human mind is a transcendent function. Just as Carl Jung had described it, earlier in the 20th Century.

This transcendent function of the mind is correlated closely with increased integration of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. You actually get improved memory and feel that you are a genius. People will notice that your intelligence has appeared to rise significantly!

These productivity and workplace gains are guaranteed to you if you undertake BWE or brain wave entrainment regularly, for let’s say a fortnight. Heck, I’ve been experimenting with this since January of 2006 and I’m having massive daily SUCCESS on The Internet. That is my workplace. I produce a lot of written work these days. Thanks for listening to my story. Take some samples for a test drive, on me. I especially recommend The Journey: StellarDrone Schumann Mix, and Elemental Dreams: Celtic Reiki. You will never look back. These MP3 sets are superb! They’ll bring all your energies together. Have a look..



This web page answers your question: How do I Increase Productivity at Work – by supplying mp3 audio brain training samples for you to download now… as used by:

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand, is a representative for brain wave entrainment mp3 samples from MindpowerMP3.com and Amazon.com. Helping solve the vexing problem of how do I increase productivity at work? How do I relax, feel more harmonious, and function a lot better? Try brainwave entrainment as a World Class solution to these problems.


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