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Increase Web Site Traffic With Instagram

Posted on: April 26th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Instagram Methods: Increasing Website Traffic

Social media is rocking The Internet BIG time now, so I feel the need to provide you with a co-operative form of social media traffic generation. Getting web site traffic from your Instagram Profile link … increasing your raving fan visitors!

This Instagram Traffic Method is rarely talked about in Internet marketing circles. I’ve received a silence or long stares for even suggesting that such a thing exists! People are sometimes very slow to adapt and to change their old ways of thinking in the IM niche. They follow the gurus like sheep, losing money in that elongated process, as you know. You need to learn something entirely different about traffic generation. Here it is …

Increase Web site traffic with Instagram

How to create an infographic for use in Instagram


Co-operative Social Media Traffic Method

Let’s work together a bit more closely on this…

When you setup your Instagram Profile don’t use an excessive number of words. Visit mine and see how clean it is with plenty of white space. Add your most wanted website link in there, under your user name. That website needs to have squeeze page ability to capture the name and email address of your future business prospect. You draw casual web surfers or in this case, Instagrammers in, by incentivizing your most desired action or most wanted response. See the red image and what it’s offering to anyone who comes to click upon my web page link, inside my Instagram Profile.

Incentivizing Marketing Action

You simply must give people a reason why they should click your profile link. In the above infographic, for use in Instagram, I offered four rewards for clicking:

  1. My complete Success Formula, by Geoff Dodd (a branded name.. )
  2. Your free, high converting website from Bryan Winters of 5FigureDay.com (a branded business)
  3. Your free training that is also provided within Bryan Winters’ Membership Site.
  4. A facebook based, Insider group for interaction with experts, gurus, for further training in IM.


These values need to be perceived as something worth clicking for. You need, in other words, to create an irresistible offer. Why should anyone click your profile link if you haven’t incentivized them with an irresistible offer? They require a motivating reason to click.

There is a lot more to learn about how to promote your web links and Internet business on Instagram. I have recently written an eBook which explodes with excitement about all the things I recently discovered about promoting your web properties on social media sites; specifically on the addictive platform Instagram. Facebook recently paid billions to acquire it. So if you would just love to find out more about how to gain increases in web traffic via your Instagram Profile, then please just CLICK HERE


Increase Web Site Traffic With Instagram

Thanks a ton for trusting me as your social media traffic expert and adviser. The times are evolving rather rapidly now in accelerated mode. We are well advised to experiment in 2015- on with Instagram Methods designed carefully, with 15 second videos and infographics, to scientifically increase Web site traffic with Instagram. People love sharing these videos, pictures, and even your URL after being impressed with your Instagram Profile.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success dot com Co-operative sharing approaches to the learning of Success Methods, testing what works today and how to spontaneously jump up and do it.. just doing what you do, to glean more visitors daily and monthly to your blog or to your website. Then you convert visitors into subscribers or into sales of your product or service.

1 Penny Per Click Traffic

Posted on: March 5th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

1 CENT Per Click PPC Traffic

Your Internet business success formula of Geoff Dodd, includes the factor of quality traffic, as provided, for example, by high quality solo ads gained from marketers of high reputation. Want true 1 penny per click traffic? Visit this website right here:

If you want true 1 penny per click traffic visit ClixSense PTC site

ClixSense 1 Penny Per Click Traffic

See our Coop Traffic service, at 5FigureDay. It is managed by the expert Web marketer, Reed Floren.

What if this traffic were PPC clicks at 1 penny per click? Is it humanly possible on The Internet in today’s World? The answer might surprise you. It’s a resounding, big YES to one cent SEM.

OK – you know that you need low cost traffic for fast list building. Correct? And you might feel that solo ad clicks look a little expensive to you. They can range from $0.45 to $1.15 per quality solo ad click. Here is a solution that is less expensive, yet it can be tweaked to deliver targeted, high converting results. It IS pay per click, with a highly reputable company.


See what you think of this PPC service. I have run a test and spent about $75 with an average cost per click of $0.01 after I optimized the landing page to achieve a variety of quality scores from 2 out of 10 to an amazing, very surprising 10 out of 10 quality score. That is when SEM works gangbusters!


Get 1 Penny Per Click Traffic

It is then a true and highly reputable 1 penny per click ppc service which you cannot achieve at the big gorilla, G corporation. Yet this is also a huge multi national corporation, too. Enough said. Do you need a pay per click traffic source that scores you the happy result of one penny per email subscriber? The whole purpose of this Success Focusing blog is to get you building your email list fast and here is something towards that goal. Achieve a blistering rate of marketing list growth and expansion at yes.. 1 penny per email subscriber.

Earnings Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that you will achieve exactly the same results as me. The PPC System is well worth a try. It is simply pay per click for pennies. It depends somewhat on your own understanding of optimized landing pages. I offer you an example at that link. I did certainly get the result claimed by the writer of 1 penny per click traffic to my Website. This is the ultimate value in pay per click Web traffic. Conversion is a subject for another article. Privacy is assured if you opt in on that particular landing page. Thank you. I trust you’ll enjoy your SEM Internet marketing business heaps more with this pay per click for pennies source.

Here for your Internet enterprise success. Stay laser focused. One topic at a time. Make sure to promote your Web properties with top rated ClixSense PTC 1 penny per click traffic. It will bring more leads, sales and profits into your Internet based marketing business!

Geoff Dodd, currently doing Internet writing in New Zealand. Enjoy your low cost targeted traffic.

Viral List Building Tools Technology

Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Viral Marketing Tips For Affiliates

Here, well known Internet Marketer, Reed Floren explains how you can get multiplied technological leverage using our Viral List Building Tools.  The Reed Floren video opposite, introduces a new technology – 5-Figure Day! – where leads are passed up to the Unleashed (paid) referrer .. It can produce up to a 5x multiplication effect for your targeted list building! But Reed points out a big need, or a ‘gap’ … visiting traffic numbers? How to get more and more, targeted web visitors into this amazing SYSTEM?

Reed Floren’s Coop Traffic


To solve the problem of how to get increased, targeted web traffic numbers (more visitors) into the high converting marketing system we have, Reed Floren devised a cycling, shared co-operative or Traffic Co-op. I can attest that it’s working very, very well. I personally have had over 112 direct visit visitors (clicks) from this traffic co-op.

New technology for The Internet is always worth exploring and testing. This marketing and coop software is brilliant. Bryan Winters designed 5-Figure Day to convert traffic at an exceptionally high rate of conversion. The lead is captured, then goes straight into your autoresponder, before the web visitor sees the next page and watches a video by Bryan about the whole system and its potential…

Reed  Floren came along, saw a gap and supplied the goods — a traffic coop that uses targeted, pay per click search engine visitors and banner advertising media buys. Others are concentrating on solo ads from big name marketer lists… and are getting some very high quality web traffic, as a result!

The video supplied by Reed Floren, above, teaches you what we are about, in very clear terms.

You have two clear options now. I think this information will help you a lot to get started as an Internet marketer, fast, by leveraging our high converting marketing system — then quickly taking maximum advantage of Reed Floren’s magnificently managed Traffic Coop.

Here is a banner of the same exact type you will be given, along with other materials, inside our system, 5-Figure Day. Click on it now to see what all the fuss is about, and why we are so excited! (There’s even about $1,000 worth of free training inside this web site:)



Second option with focusing on our Proven Success Formula – including the traffic co-operative boost opportunity – is to join me here below and receive regular emails plus gifts that will help you a lot in your online business efforts: Thanks. Your privacy in all matters is assured. Geoff Dodd

Take Action with Reed Floren, Bryan Winters and Geoff Dodd. Thanks for visiting us here, today!

Coop Traffic Leads To Internet Success

Posted on: October 9th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

Co-operatively Buying Wholesale Leads Works Big Time!


If you want almost immediate Internet success with your web property, in terms of high numbers of web visitors, or “traffic” as the webmasters say, then you’d be well advised to join a traffic coop or co-operative that pools your funds and shares out the web traffic amongst a group of people.

You need to know just who is running the co-operative and what their online track record is like. Big name marketing gurus are best, because they’re trying to prove to you that they have superior knowledge, tools, methods, contacts and a rolodex to die for — and in fact they do! They are typically Internet millionaires who have been marketing for a long time.

High quality is essential in these traffic coops in all respects. The integrity of the co-operative management is all important, as you don’t want to lose the effectiveness of each dollar invested in the operation. High quality also refers to the quality of the targeted leads you are going to receive for your business offer.

Coop Traffic Leads To Internet Success

Paid traffic is a very specialized area requiring expertise in these services:

  1. Pay per click search engines, such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Ad Center and many smaller PPC’s. Careful, precise tracking and statistical analysis is not only preferable, but essential with pay per click or CPM impressions.
  2. Solo ads – where ‘one off’ emails are broadcast to marketing lists held by established and highly reputed companies or individual Internet marketers. You must get references or find these service suppliers in directories such as the long standing Directory Of Ezines. The quality of solo ads varies immensely from something like a 50% clickthrough rate with keen, targeted visitors, down to utter rubbish with a 0% response. Some lists are burnt out or over exposed to business opportunity offers because that is generally where the money is. In the list.
  3. Media Buys – banner advertising in places where your prospective customers are likely to congregate. For example, reselling affiliates can be frequently targeted at aggregators such as CPA providers, Commission Junction, ClickBank.com and other companies that are supplying them with commissioned offers online.


Co-op traffic is great, then, if the managers know what they’re doing and are honest with your hard earned funds! It can make you a highly successful Internet entrepreneur, or it can break your bank account. This writer is so grateful and can thank his lucky stars that he came across people of integrity. People, marketers of the caliber of Reed Floren, Bryan Winters and Christian Von Massow, located in The United States and Germany, respectively. These men are leading us now towards Internet history with the 5 Figure Day program, which generates plentiful cash flow as well as building our marketing lists at up to five times the normal rate. That is simply awesome. Please investigate my claims further right now by considering this high quality traffic coop. Thanks for the trust. Here’s a co-op that’s a totally new release, 16 June, 2015 :


Commission Miner Coop by Bryan Winters



Commission Miner Coop Bryan Winters


You’ll get a boost of marketing leverage when you take advantage of one of our traffic co-operatives.


Yours in Internet Co-operation,

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info



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