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Earn Money Online

Posted on: June 16th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

The #1 Internet Affiliate Program

You’re keen to earn money online so as to pay off your bills and credit cards? Then to gradually build up to complete financial independence? Live the dream lifestyle you’ve longed for? We have some great business ideas for you. After 20 years experience with Internet Affiliate Programs! We’ve done the hard miles. We’ve made all the mistakes and done the testing – so you don’t have to!

To earn money online you’ll need a Top Internet Affiliate Program. One with a proven system that works 24/7 right through the night, while you’re sleeping. A SYSTEM that automatically follows up with your prospects and customers, to make you even more money! (Fact is, money is really made by sending very carefully written emails, in your follow-up system.)

Then you’ll need expert graphic designers and Web copywriters, programmers, etc. Going it alone, you’d be paying for a Web domain name, hosting, an autoresponder for automatic emailing, and so on  … and when a ‘newbie’ or startup gets going, you really need a coach and a mentor – to keep you taking forward steps in the right direction!

Luckily, you can CLONE this Entire Business System to earn money online, without paying a license or franchise fee! Plus – and this is the strongest point – a Clickbank millionaire will even train you for free! To take advantage of this generous offer while it still lasts, just visit this site and watch the entire video:


How to earn money online in your own home business. Join our best clickbank affiliate marketing program


How To Earn Money Online Q & A


How To Make Money On YouTube?

You can earn money online fast by uploading videos to YouTube. You can also advertise your affiliate products within the videos themselves. The best approach is to use your own domain and capture email leads in a tiny form on a lead-capture, landing page. Then you could send out a sequence of pre-written, marketing emails. You’d offer articles, free tips and gifts, interspersed with Clickbank or JVZoo affiliate product offers. But at first, you focus only on list-building.

Also, please see the TubeLoom product that has a unique approach to making money on YouTube. It’s the $300 a day YouTube income secret. Test it out. It works.


How Can I Make Money From Home?

You can also start earning money online in a home-based business, in a network marketing opportunity. Here’s a simple one that we’ve been having a lot of success with: Easy Cash 4 Ads. It combines a matrix payment plan with an evergreen, perpetual income opportunity. Do you have a Paypal account? That’s the easiest way to get paid with EasyCash4Ads. You also get a built-in advertising service. This is a great place to learn the ropes of Internet marketing! It wins you income that never stops!


How To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is another great social media site where you can earn money online. How do you use Instagram for getting Web traffic and making an extra income stream? You attract a lot of attention. Upload high-quality photos and videos. Your best shots. Put inspiring and motivating quotes in your images. Discover the most popular hashtags in your niche and use a full 30 tags. That’s the maximum number of hashtags you can use. Write an enticing few lines of copy to get people to visit your Instagram profile page. Offer a free gift to those who’ll click your Web link. Here’s an e-Book I wrote about how to get traffic from Instagram.


What Should I Sell Online To Make Money?

That’s a very good question. Thanks for asking! To earn money online quickly you should try selling digital products. What exactly are digital products? They’re anything that is downloadable. For example, software, mp3 music files, videos, e-Books and information products. Training courses these days are generally downloadable, digital products. Videos are now the most popular way of doing a training course online. Notice how YouTube has become the #2 busiest search engine on The Internet?

To get a lot more information about how to become an affiliate and earn money online, we developed a free e-Book for you. It answers all your questions. How to be an affiliate, join the Web’s best affiliate programs, and get the best coach and mentor for free: Download your free training e-Book right now.

This book for affiliates contains secret access to all the best tools and systems that I wished I had when I first started in this business, way back in 1997. Yes, that’s twenty years ago. I remember that any old web page would work fine back then.  Now the bar has been raised. Inside the e-Book gift, you’ll learn about a secret web page that can convert your visitors to sales at an astounding 50% conversion rate. That is exactly why you can no longer go it alone in the Internet marketing business. You need the experience of a top coach and mentor. Someone like Patric Chan.


What Is An Easy Way To Make Money?

Heck, are you still asking me questions about how to earn money online? All the best coaching for working a small business on The Internet is waiting for you, above. I do suggest that you grab a copy of the free e-Book while it is still available for download. It was written by a very intelligent young man. Patric has a system that you can clone today. For a very small investment. It makes him a million dollars every year. He has totally mastered the art of promoting and selling Clickbank digital products. Your rare chance is to join him. Start your new stream of passive income here today. Read our 72 question Clickbank Q&A.

Thanks for reading this far. You’re a legend. Now you have some powerful ideas to drive you to earn money online. Do you feel ready to join an affiliate program?

Just before you do, please watch this final video. It can show you how to earn money online, with multiple streams of income. It might appear outrageous at first. The money back guarantee offer is claimed to be for $500 personally, straight from the product vendor. That’s an incredible offer. Such a remarkable degree of commitment and confidence. I cannot personally guarantee it. Or even know how much online income you will earn in the program. Watch the video here and decide for yourself:



Here is a new program to earn money online. It is called My Millionaire Mentor and has an unusual offer for you


Geoff Dodd, Editor. Focus On A Success Mindset.


Clickbank Q & A

Posted on: June 12th, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Questions & Answers About Clickbank

You might be wanting to make money online. You heard about Clickbank. You’ve got some unanswered questions about Clickbank and online affiliate marketing? Here’s our best shot Clickbank Q & A. Listen now to a seasoned pro affiliate who joined Clickbank back in 1998. That’s the year of the founding of this massive marketplace for digital, information products. Since 1998, billions of dollars have been paid out to Internet-based affiliate marketers – just like you! And, always on time. Like clockwork!


1 Do Clickbank products sell? Answer: Yes. You do need to promote them.
2 Do you have to pay for Clickbank? Answer: No. It’s free for all affiliates.
3 Do you make money with Clickbank? Answer: Yes. It depends on your work habits, your IT knowledge, and your marketing skills. Learn a lot.
4 Do you need a website for Clickbank? Answer: No. Here’s a good solution.
5 How can I earn from Clickbank? Answer: Join up free. Read our e-Book.
6 How can I earn money from Clickbank? Answer: Promote with our help.
7 How can I earn through Clickbank? Answer: Study our free training eBook
8 How can I make money with Clickbank? Answer: Promote your hoplinks.
9 How can I make money with Clickbank in Nigeria? Answer: ask CBsupport
10 How can I make money with my Clickbank account? Study our free e-Book
11 How can I promote Clickbank affiliate links? In Solo ads. Email. Banners. Post to blogs with your hoplinks. Promote your blog site in social media.
12 How can I promote Clickbank products? Answer: See the above, #11.
13 How can I withdraw money from Clickbank? Paid by check or by bank account deposit fortnightly, if you exceed the $10 payment threshold.
14 How can you earn a lot with Clickbank? Answer: Promote hard in emails.
15 How do Clickbank work? Answer: See our gift e-Book for a free training.
16 How do I cancel Clickbank subscription? Answer: See your email from CB.
17 How do I get a refund from Clickbank? Answer: As above. Visit Website.
18 How do I get rid of Clickbank? Answer: Read your emails from Clickbank!
19 How do I make money with Clickbank? Answer: Download this eBook.
20 How does Clickbank work? Answer: Apply the solution above at #19.
21 How much Clickbank pays? Answer: mostly 50% to 75% commissions.
22 How much does Clickbank cost? Answer: For an affiliate seller, it is free.
23 How much does Clickbank pay? Answer: See item #21. 50 to 75% of a sale.
24 How much is a Clickbank account? Answer: Affiliate accounts are free.
25 How much is Clickbank builder? Answer: $297/Year – Website builder from ClickBank is an upsell within Clickbank University.
26 How much is Clickbank University? Answer: $47/month for CBU members area ($564 per annum). Read about it here.
27 How much is Clickbank worth? Answer: Probably 2 to 3 billion dollars.
28 How much money Clickbank? Answer: Work hard for no limits paydays!
29 How much to join Clickbank? Answer: No cost to new affiliates to join CB.
30 How to do affiliate marketing with Clickbank? Learn from Patric Chan
31 How to make money using Clickbank? Answer: Refer to solution #30.
32 How to make money with Clickbank? Answer: Please see just above #30.
33 How to make money with Clickbank step by step? Answer: see our eBook.
34 How to make money with Clickbank without a website? See Patric Chan.
35 How to promote Clickbank products? Answer: See items #30 and #26.
36 How to promote Clickbank products on Facebook? Answer: You cannot use CB hoplinks. Either start a business fanpage and connect a ‘watch video’ link, or build a WP blog and link to that from your fb fan page. Do list building and collect email leads with a lead capture page. Opt-in leads.
37 How to promote Clickbank products without a website? Answer: See the CB Passive income system of Patric Chan. Just watch video here.
38 How to sell Clickbank products? Answer: See above item #37.
39 How to sell on Clickbank? Answer: Read our affiliate marketing solutions.
40 How to use Clickbank? Answer: Visit the Clickbank.com site and join up.
41 Should I join Clickbank? Answer: Yes, most definitely. It’s free to join.
42 Should I trust Clickbank? Answer: Yes, it has been reliable since 1998.
43 Should I use Clickbank? Answer: Yes, it has always paid affiliates on time.
44 What are Clickbank products? Answer: Downloadable, digital info products that provide information to help people to solve problems.
45 What are the best products to promote on Clickbank? Answer: See item 50
46 What can you sell on Clickbank? Answer: Digital information products.
47 What is a Clickbank account? Answer: Your profile and payment info.
48 What is a Clickbank vendor? Answer: A merchant or product owner at CB.
49 What is Clickbank and how does it work? Answer: See items #19 #37 #71
50 What is Clickbank gravity? Answer: No. of affiliates selling the product OK
51 What is Clickbank id? Answer: the short nickname you select when you join up. It identifies you when a hoplink is clicked. You get the commission
52 What is Clickbank University? Answer: a powerful CB training course.
53 What is tracking id in Clickbank? Answer: add “&tid=code” to your link.
54 What products can I promote on Clickbank? Everything in the CB Marketplace. Some digital products do require vendor approval first.
55 What to sell on Clickbank? Answer: Select products with a high Gravity Score, after sorting your search in the CB marketplace.
56 When does Clickbank pay? Answer: Weekly or fortnightly. Check or bank.
57 Where is Clickbank located? Answer: Boise, Idaho State in the USA.
58 Where is my Clickbank id? Answer: You create it when you join up at CB.
59 Where to advertise Clickbank products? Answer: See item #37. Enjoy!
60 Where to post Clickbank hoplinks? Answer: Here’s the very best approach
61 Where to post Clickbank links? Answer: Study the help at Clickbank.com.
62 Where to promote Clickbank? Answer: See the above items #60 and #61.
63 Where to promote Clickbank products? Answer: See the above 3 answers!
64 Where to promote Clickbank products free? Answer: Your Web site/blog.
65 Where to promote Clickbank products without a website? Social Media. Or see item #37 for a professional system that leverages expert marketers.
66 Where to sell Clickbank products? Answer: Refer to Clickbank University.
67 Which Clickbank products sell best? Answer: See item 50: Gravity Score.
68 Which Clickbank products to promote? Answer: Search the Clickbank Marketplace, then sort by ‘Gravity Score.’ = Numbers of affiliates selling.
69 Who are the top Clickbank affiliates? Answer: Patric Chan, Bryan Winters
70 Who is Clickbank marketplace? Answer: Keynetics, Inc in Boise, Idaho. US
71 Why Clickbank doesn’t work? Answer: It does. Read this free e-Book first.
72 Why use Clickbank? Answer: CB has created hundreds of millionaires.



We’ve endeavored to answer all your affiliate-related questions about Clickbank, above. We hope you find the brief answers helpful. Vendors (merchants, or product owners), will need to talk directly to staff at Clickbank.com.

Affiliate marketers – you’ll be able to find comprehensive answers to most of your questions in our on-page, CB  knowledge base. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our free training e-Book for affiliates. It’s a brief PDF document. Save it to your computer desktop for later reference.


Clickbank Q & A For Super Affiliates

Here is a brief video from a truly proven and World renowned super affiliate, Patric Chan. This short video seals the message and validity of our Clickbank Q & A page. Why? Because we take our training from Patric Chan and suggest that you do, also!



You can get Clickbank results like these by carefully studying our Clickbank Q & A service page. Get all your questions about Clickbank answered here

Click for help with Clickbank Answers


Free Clickbank Affiliate Training Course


We respect your privacy. Your personal details will always be safe with us. We hate spam, too! Special Note: Please check all your email folders, including your spam folder. Your gift pdf e-Book is valuable. It’s in the very first email. It could totally change your life!

Let’s make your Clickbank affiliate marketing highly rewarding!


Geoff Dodd, Author

Focus On A Success Mindset


Free eBook Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Posted on: June 8th, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Download Clickbank Affiliate Secrets

This gift e-Book reveals the hidden secrets of millionaire Clickbank affiliates. Grab your copy now. Even professionals work from this Free eBook Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide. The best online strategies and tactics are discussed here, for unprecedented profits. Download your copy.

With this training shortcut, you get to clone an Internet millionaire’s entire Internet business. The CB marketer I’m talking about is Patric Chan. Patric has secretly been making boatloads of passive income for about 12 years now. How does he do it? Why is he so successful? Well, Patric admits that “you can no longer just set up a website, create a free report, drive traffic to it, and build a profitable list right away.”

You need to create your own mobile-friendly website, build your list,  write emails, etc. It could take you months to complete them all. But the good news is that Patric Chan will let you clone his own business system that is working like gangbusters!


Download free ebook clickbank affiliate marketing


Free eBook Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide

Some time during 2016, the measured number of people accessing The Internet through mobile devices, worldwide, surpassed the number using desktops!

So we adapt to this new reality of the market. You can start mobile-focused online marketing as a Clickbank affiliate, with us.

What is Clickbank?

Owned by Keynetics, Inc, Clickbank is a Boise, Idaho-based company that brings together thousands of digital product vendors (merchants) with hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers. People just like you. And there’s no charge, no cost to you whatsoever, to get involved with Clickbank.com. It is a performance-based agreement where you will get paid generous commissions (50% to 75%) for simply referring customers to Clickbank merchants’ Web sites.



Get your free ebook clickbank affiliate marketing to get started earning online commissions


Clickbank Marketplace

After doing your free Clickbank sign up at Clickbank.com, you locate some digital products in your niche area of interest. This is done at the Clickbank Marketplace. What is it? It is a tab within the Web site, organized into subjects and topics. You can search for interesting digital products to sell, by popularity, by gravity, or by keyword relevance. We recommend that you look for the product with the highest CB gravity score. That means the greater number of affiliates are successfully selling the product. It sells well. You will have a chance to get profitable with this product.

We aim to provide you with a solution to the problem of how to make money with Clickbank. We have adopted the marketing funnels approach given to you by Patric Chan. It really is easy. When you’ve learned how. Just download the free e-Book today.


CB Passive Income Licence System

Wow! I’ve just been watching Patric’s video about his version 4.0 CB Passive Income Licence System. It truly is an incredible value. For $97 it is ALL yours! You’ll clone his successful affiliate marketing system. You’ll get lifetime customer value for each person you refer into the system, via your custom link. The leverage here, in Patric Chan’s system, is amazing! The value is even better.

There are two ways for you to proceed at this point:

Path 1. You download the free eBook (recommended) and read more, then join Patric via any Web link in the e-Book, or:

Path 2. You watch Patric’s video as he explains exactly what you’ll be getting as a privileged member. Both ways work.

I can personally vouch for the good character of Patric Chan. His work is of the highest standard if you keep an open business mind and disregard the small errors in English.


Best Free E-Book Clickbank Training



Privacy: Your email address is always safe and secure with us. We respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Third party cookies may be placed on your web browser by Ad Networks. e.g. Google Ltd.

You’ve finally stumbled upon the very best free ebook Clickbank affiliate marketing training system! Plus a powerfully leveraged software solution. This is it! The marketing system that you’ve been waiting for.

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset

Clickbank Millionaire Affiliates University

Posted on: December 29th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Become A Clickbank Millionaire Affiliate

Since 1998, Clickbank.com in Boise, Idaho state, USA, has created over one thousand millionaires. These Clickbank millionaire affiliates are often digital product vendors as well. Four of the best known of these highly successful Internet marketers include Adam Horwitz, Ewen Chia, George Brown and Bryan Winters. I have personally worked with all four of these Internet millionaires. The thing they have in common, is that they’re all bold, highly creative and unique individuals. They use tested methods. They’ve stepped up to facing the camera in video sales letters. They’re all master salesmen. They all used their powers of imagination to create new digital products and then sell them, online.

Clickbank University was created to share the marketing methods and strategies of people such as these. So that anyone can become a Clickbank Millionaire Affiliate. You see – we live in a world where others have mapped out a route to generating wealth on The Internet. And all WE have to do is follow in their footsteps. Imagine knowing exactly how the power users on ClickBank generate income …
ClickBank has already created over 1000 millionaires. Yep. 1000. That’s INSANE!

You’ll enter a program that harnesses the kind of intel you ONLY get from a company that’s already paid out over $3 BILLION in affiliate commissions. Start with my free intro course:

Privacy: We hate spam, too. Your info is safe and secure with us. Never shared out to third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your e-Book arrives in the very first email. Check your spam folder. Check all email folders. Thanks, and enjoy. Clickbank millionaire affiliates start by reading. Learning about Web promotion.

Next Step: Here’s how to start on this most rewarding journey: Enter by clicking on the picture here:

Join Clickbank millionaire affiliates University free course here

Prominent Clickbank Millionaire Affiliates

Adam Horwitz

Adam found massive success at Clickbank with his Mobile Monopoly Course for training affiliates in the art of advertising on mobile phones and tablets, using tiny ads in apps. With Local Mobile Monopoly, Adam added a system for sms text marketing, focused around small local businesses like restaurants. Adam is one of the affiliate trainers in Clickbank University. His programs are always easy to follow. A joy to learn from. Obviously, Adam specializes in mobile marketing.


Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia of Singapore, started winning all the affiliate marketing contests in the USA. The World noticed and dubbed Ewen, the super affiliate’s Super Affiliate.  Ewen has created numerous ‘make money online’ programs at Clickbank and has generated several million dollars for his affiliates as well as for himself and his family and friends. He often speaks at conferences in Malaysia and in Singapore, as well as in the USA. Download 8 PDF eBooks by Ewen Chia. They’re a gift from me, Geoff Dodd.

Hint: find Ewen’s Secret Affiliate Weapon (SAW) and Money Machine. These brief courses made me a LOT of money!


George Brown

George Brown is a Clickbank millionaire living in Wanchai, Hong Kong. George has paid out over $5,000,000.00 to his Clickbank affiliates. He’s World famous for his awesome Google Sniper 3.0 training program. It’ll teach you how to make small blog sites that are tightly targeted to very specific market niches, such as ‘lose weight’ and ‘dating’ although George has expanded and researched a lot more market niches since Sniper began! He constructs free sites and can show you how to get free Web traffic and visitors from Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo!


Bryan Winters

Bryan is a creative genius who specializes in systems for rapidly building email marketing lists. His first such system was 5iphon.com and notice the ‘5’ because each email lead could bring you 5x the number of leads. You will see several banners down the right hand side of this blog site… These link you to 5FigureDay.com which is an updated system for fast, marketing list building. Bryan is a skilled copy writer and he has created other systems, such as VideoGoRound.com and CashBlurbs.com. Visit his site by reading the banners on the right hand side of this page. It’s still pumping out automated leads for emailing.

That’s a brief introduction to Clickbank University training for CB Affiliates. We definitely want YOU to become one of the joyfully proud family of Clickbank millionaire affiliates. See you inside CBU.

Geoff Dodd, Author

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