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www Clickbank com Top Product

Posted on: January 24th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

What Is www Clickbank com Best Product?

First, Clickbank.com was founded in 1998 and is located in Boise, Idaho, USA. It is, according to Wikipedia’s definition, “a privately-held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.” Wikipedia reference.

What does the Better Business Bureau or BBB think of www Clickbank com? Here’s BBB’s Business Review For ClickBank that includes background information, consumer experience and a lot more. I cannot quote the full review, but accreditation standards have been met. CB makes the cut.

The higher performing, Internet affiliate marketer immediately asks, “what is www Clickbank com Top Product?” The answer, of course, depends on which market or niche you work in. If you help people to earn extra income online, then you’re in the make money online niche. This is a popular area to work in, and there is a lot of competition in this niche, on the Web. However, there is a digital product known as The Record Breaker and the Number One Converter: This winner is George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 video training course for Clickbank Affiliates. That page contains 3 videos you really need to watch – to get your answer …

What is www Clickbank com Top Product?

How does Google Sniper work? It is a collection of recently updated modules, in pdf and video format, that clearly show you how to build small sniper Web sites in WordPress. These blogs or websites are all tailored to carefully selected market niches. The keywords are matched to relevant Clickbank com digital products.

How many monthly payments for Google Sniper? Hint: uncheck the box about a trial of Sniper X. Then you get everything for one, relatively small maintenance payment. The Member Area will be yours to browse around in, at will. All the PDF documents and George Brown’s training videos. Ready to start? Please visit the Members area here:



How To Pick A Top Performing Digital Product

To get an answer to my question, what is www Clickbank com Top Product? – I expect certain conditions to be met. First, the Gravity Score in Clickbank.com must be really high, like, say above 100 gravity score and preferably about 200-350. The CB gravity score is quite simply the number of affiliates who successfully sold that product in the previous 8 weeks, weighted. It doesn’t matter how many units they sold. Here’s a video that explains it in exact detail. (Augmenting our popular training on www Clickbank com Top Product selection criteria .. ) Also see below:


Video On Clickbank Gravity Score


Secondly, I want to see some expert Web copy writing. I need top rate marketing materials to work with. Things like emails, blog articles, Twitter ads and text based graphical banner images. Just like the one shown above. So the marketer – let’s say it’s George Brown – actually known as a product vendor at Clickbank.com, must provide you with a complete JV or joint venture page of resources for affiliates.

So, it’s actual proven performance and popularity in CB, as measured by the gravity score. Simple. How many CB affiliates are finding monetary success with this product? George Brown has in fact paid out over five million dollars to his Clickbank affiliates, since 2009 when he introduced the Google Sniper training program. Then, it’s the quality of marketing materials, creatives, images and email ads, tweets, etc. Of course, the two go hand in hand. Marketing expertise, including good copy, leads to a higher Clickbank gravity score. That is proof of affiliate success. Thank you for reading this brief article about www Clickbank com Top Product selection criteria for CB affiliates.

Please join me here today to receive my best Clickbank affiliate training: (critical) ..


Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success Info Editor


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Guide

Posted on: April 12th, 2014 by Geoff 3 Comments

Ideas For Improving Affiliates Performance Incentive Program

Best Commission Paying Online Marketing opportunities

Suggested Guidelines for selecting a Top Associate marketing program online:

The best affiliate marketing programs will all have these qualities and attributes:

  • Good reputation and authority in the IM Space. A well known marketer or brand, like Bryan Winters.
  • High quality Web products and services that deliver satisfying results for end users and all customers.
  • High commission percentage payout and a strong infrastructure for regular as clockwork pay checks. Commissions in the region of 45% to 75% payout are the norm for affiliates at ClickBank.com in USA.
  • Recurring payments for true residual income. A passive income component to allow holiday breaks.
  • Marketing materials supplied. These would include solo ads, banner ads, copy and paste emails, training resources and a Rolodex of where to place your paid ads, where to buy quality solo ad clicks and more.
  • An interactive training forum and meeting place for diverse affiliates working to support one another.
  • A responsive affiliate support desk where individual support is provided to resolve problems quickly.
  • Updates and upgrades to ensure the affiliate marketing program evolves and survives in the marketplace.


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Clearly, the best affiliate marketing programs require very good conceptual organization, site layout and attention to detail. The products or services you are representing must be of top notch quality.  They must lead to further lifetime customer sales of more back end products and services. Not all
affiliate marketing programs are created equal. There are user experience factors that are critical to pay attention to when designing a superior affiliate marketing program.
Affiliates on The Internet can be some of the most intelligent people, because they’ve adapted themselves, got training and self selected for what can be a lot of work in a competitive marketplace. They’ve often chosen to do
multi-tier affiliate marketing, such as 2 Tier programs, in order to get paid for training others such as might be named sub affiliates, although a 5 figure day member, if fully unleashed, is always Tier 1 and scores double squeeze leads from free 5 figure day members that he or she has sponsored or referred into the system.
The biggest attraction for some 5 figure day affiliates is the monthly reload of new landing pages. These reloaded web sites are superbly good at converting visitors to buyers, often with a 45% conversion rate at capturing the lead. Bryan Winters’ affiliate program, then, offers the webmaster a true super affiliate edge because the list building is multiplied for the affiliate because of this ‘double squeeze’ ability of the marketing funnel to attach a new lead to two marketers operating within this high technology, server side software driven affiliate program.
The funnel of the Bryan Winters 5 Figure Day affiliate marketing system is highly optimized for certain ClickBank products for the online making of money, such as Russell Brunson’s  DotCom X affiliate marketing opportunity. Another one is George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 course which I can also strongly recommend to you. Various, authoritative affiliate program reviews have demonstrated that this style of expert-driven Internet based affiliate marketing opportunity is worthy of your consideration and involvement, due to the sheer amount of experience that’s integrated into the training side of the Internet operation.
Facebook based, Insider training is available for all 5figureday members, whether they are free members, paid or even Elite Members. There are generous free websites for affiliate marketing lead capture into either one of GetResponse.com or Aweber.com autoresponder and email marketing services. The vexing question of how to make money with Clickbank is answered by Bryan Winters in his GOLD series of professionally written email sales letters. Brief, but highly effective, these promotional emails reveal how to make money with Clickbank, YouTube and more and which affiliate marketing scams to avoid like the plague. That’s tested and proverbial.

We do firmly believe that 5figureday.com is clearly a winner, the very best e affiliate marketing program with its high 50% affiliate program commissions across the board of all its products. You can easily become an affiliate
in this great online marketing opportunity today! These best associate marketing opportunities don’t arise every day, my friend. You’re in the right place at the right time! I trust you thoroughly enjoyed this blog post, a guide to the very best online affiliate program structure. These marketing networks I associate myself with are always solid and proven to me first, even for someone living in the U.K., Europe or in Australia, as well. Although Bryan Winters is in Minnesota, in the United States of America, as is Reed Floren, Traffic Co-op manager.

Here is a final word for all affiliates, it is that you should ADD VALUE to stand out from the herd, differentiating yourself, with your own bonuses in your offer. Give unexpected high value to all your online customers and you will retain them for life. Just as George Brown does.

I trust that you enjoyed reading these brief guidelines for improving affiliate marketing performances for both beginners and for experienced professionals. Awesome. You did.

Geoff Dodd, Program Support Coordinator


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Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free To You

Posted on: March 28th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Qoinpro.Com Gives Daily Free Bitcoins Away..

Yes! You’re not dreaming … it’s a reality. You can find success already – it’s a mindset – and receive totally free bitcoins online at the innovative, very overloaded and popular raging web site, Qoinpro com where I recently, in fact, sent over 14,000 people. I investigated QOINPRO.com at Alexa and Amazon states it’s the number 12,344 site for traffic (visitors) at the moment, with 4 pages seen per unique visitor and their average daily time on the site is 4:36 minutes. There are server issues with simply too many Americans and Russians visiting Qoinpro during the late afternoon and evening. I advise you to wait until the U.S.A. and Europe is asleep 🙂  ha ha

This Bitcoin thing is an energized, easy success route for affiliates and entrepreneurs on The Internet. Why? Because all transactions may soon be done in Bitcoins. It’s new, innovative, exciting and very empowering! Listen to my exact letter spiel:


Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free

The Power Of Compound Interest (accumulating….

Did you guys know that digital BitCoins have risen
from a tenth of a cent… to $US1,000 –that’s a million times?

U.S. Debt makes people NOT trust any paper currency.

I found a place that gives them away, incrementally…
I rushed into it…

You can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multipliers
of 5%, 10%, 20% all the way up to 1,250%

to receive free digital currency coins every day.

You’ll be asking me: Geoff, WHAT EXACTLY DO I GET?

* you receive free daily coins

* every day (including weekends) the following coins will
automatically be added to
your (and your friends) balances:

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Bonuses are permanent and range from 0.1% to 1250%

* if you’ve invited 11 friends, your daily bonus is +15%,
meaning you will receive 15%
more bitcoins, litecoins and feathercoins every day.

* automatically

Private invitation:

Listen .. this is important

YOU CAN SIT STILL as a skeptic, saying “Blaah. Phoooey,
I do not want this crypto-currency gift.” Unbeliever.
OR jump up spontaneously at a chance to ACCUMULATE and earn compound interest.
at zero risk, zero charge to you. I THINK this is The Future currency.
You only get this free money chance once.

Give it a GO Today. Upgrade your personal transactions online.

Geoff Dodd
New Zealand & Australia
“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.”

P.S. This private invitation link gets SO busy that frankly you may NOT
be able to get in. The server gets overloaded by hungry peeeps
and returns a WHITE screen:

adapt to living in a digital era

Grab Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free

Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar through inflation will accelerate

Financial security is possibly enhanced by accepting this cryptocurrency gift of Qoinpro Bitcoin coins free to you. Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers or currency experts. We are marketing affiliates only and may receive a monetary commission, following your decision to receive free bitcoins from Qoinpro.com.

Affiliates Gain Quick With Affiliate Quick Tools

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Affiliate Opportunities With Free Website

Affiliates Gain Quick with Affiliate Quick Tools free

Affiliate Marketers have a 5 Figure Day com


Possibly the easiest affiliate marketing solution online is ClickBank.com where affiliates can choose vendor programs with quick tools and fast-to-implement tactics…

Search the ClickBank Marketplace carefully for high performing products and programs with a high GRAVITY score. This means the number of affiliates who have successfully made a product sale over the past 30 days. Look for success in high earnings per affiliate and for products with recurring billing – to bring you your much needed residual income, fortnightly, from the Boise, Idaho based ClickBank.com aggregator.

One such top performer in Internet Marketing is called 5-FigureDay.com and it has both a high gravity score at Clickbank, and recurring billing with many options or price points for entry. Furthermore, there is a brilliant $1 trial that tens of thousands of people are taking, to test the waters of the FULL system operating. Building email lists rapidly in the ‘make money online’ market niche. (Highly competitive..)

This program, 5-FigureDay.com has pre-prepared text ads, solo ads, banner images and much more, waiting for you. It also features a free Web site, monthly reloaded website gifts and a Facebook based, elite Insiders’ Training Group. I am one of the moderators and trainers in the facebook training group. Affiliate Quick Tools abound and affiliates gain knowledge fast with us…. as they create real Wealth by building a large mailing list. The money sure IS in the list.

Another feature of 5 Figure Day com is its Traffic Coop which is run by well known U.S. guru Internet marketer, Reed Floren. Leads arrive from the usage of high quality solo ads. These ad clicks are purchased wholesale by Reed Floren. You get a good click through rate when you take part in the 5FigureDay.com Traffic Coop.

So, budding Internet entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer, this is our top recommendation at ClickBank.com where affiliates gain quickly when they tune in to all the available quick tools, the marketing traffic co-operative, the elite email marketing ads, all prepared for you, the affiliate, by top U.S. marketers Bryan Winters and Reed Floren.


Affiliates Gain Quick With Affiliate Quick Tools

Imagine becoming a super affiliate. Like Ewen Chia. Ewen won many marketing competitions worldwide and he’s now a multi millionaire. Well – he used ClickBank. He built mailing lists, just as you’ll be doing inside 5FigureDay.com with our training, support, help and guidance. We are all super promoters. Even this very blog post about how to become an expert ClickBank affiliate marketer, in the digital space, is a prime example of a super promoter at work. Daily work, that I have become very proud of performing from my aging HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop which has paid for itself twenty times over, through yes – ClickBank affiliate marketing.

So there are numerous affiliate opportunities with free website and the best opportunity is delivered to you here… As a video training course, for building many small, tightly targeted, WordPress blog mini sites! These bring you consistent monthly, affiliate commissions. Please see Google Sniper image on the right hand side of this blog page. It really works! Do enjoy our endless supply of Affiliates Gain Quick with Affiliate Quick Tools!  See banner for 5 free web sites … above the one for George Brown’s Google Sniper on the (RHS) of blog.

Geoff Dodd, Blog Editor 18 February, 2015 New Zealand

P.S. Check out the Affiliates’ Quick Tools Advantage shown below with Google Sniper 3.0 It’s the easiest set of videos to follow. And PDF’s.. For your success online!



Download 8 Free eBooks

Posted on: February 15th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment


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Secrets Of A Multi-Millionaire Super Affiliate


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* Content Cash Profits – giving valuable content establishes you as a trusted expert

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Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success, Trainer. Based in New Zealand and Australia. Oceania. Please visit the site’s contact us page. Thanks for your visit today. You are most welcome. All products represented here are worthy of my recommendation. I may receive a monetary commission. That is also an opportunity for you, fellow entrepreneur, discovering the immense joys of affiliate marketing, using Clickbank make money programs. Especially those produced by Ewen Chia. So download 8 free eBooks as PDF gifts from Ewen.

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