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Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download

Earth and Ionosphere Layer Breathing

What exactly is the Schumann Resonance frequency mp3 download, which I’m about to give you as a gift? It’s all about the Earth breathing! Here is a more scientific explanation:

  1. The specific frequency is close to alpha rhythm, at 9-10 Hz. Schumann resonance is 7.83 Hz.
  2. “During a lesson about ball condensers he asked them to calculate the frequency between the inner and outer ball, meaning the earth and ionosphere layer. They came up with a calculation of 10Hz. This was confirmed in 1954 when measurements by Schumann and König detected resonances at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz.” Reference: www.earthbreathing.co.uk

Get a Schumann resonance frequency mp3 download. 7.83 Hz. Also see the range of digital music at Amazon. Brainwave entrainment samples for you to test.


Videos About Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download

First step: Please click above to download your samples of free mp3 meditation music. You’ll find this method is a beautiful way to start programming the subconscious mind. Effortlessly. It is amazing how quickly your brain will adapt. Feel the improvements inside you. You’ll become extremely peaceful and more creative. Try a little brain training, using stereo headphones, every day! You will feel the difference in your life! You’ll even grow smarter, as your left brain and right brain make more neural connections! The logical, left side of your brain will become highly inspired by the intuitive, imaginative, artistic right side of your brain …

These videos are to provide direct experience and to explain brain wave entrainment, just a little more.


The Work Of James Russell – Resonance: Beings Of Frequency



Earth’s Vibration, binaural beat – 7.83 Hz

I want you to experience this pure vibration. Test it with stereo headphones, for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, too, to accept your downloadable audio gift at the top of the page. It is beautiful meditation music, the Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download.



432 Hz Healing Meditation Music VII

This video track includes the Schumann Resonance Frequency at 7.83 Hz with additional sounds of a blue whale call. The Blue Whale call is naturally at 108Hz, which is exactly 2 octaves below middle A at 432 Hz. See the patterns of Nature? This one feels extremely therapeutic and healing.



Activate Your Higher Mind, Higher Self

Final video here in this curation. This one includes all 9 Solfeggio frequencies. Very natural healing effects, with bird calls and flowing water.



Thank you so much for your visit to our blog, today! I am very grateful to you. Please note that some video content is curated, meaning it is shared from Youtube.com, and Vimeo.com, to whom we are also grateful. Above you will find your free gift of the Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download. Experience it with stereo headphones, for full beneficial effect. Share it with anyone who needs a dramatic boost in their mind-body spiritual health. Brain wave entrainment delivers the results you dream of, yearn for and urgently need for improved health.


Geoff Dodd, Editor: Focus On Success info higher self meditations

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  1. Geoff says:

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is fine tuning your own physiological and neuro-transmitter functions. Remember that your brain is biochemical and electrical, too!

    One of the best ways of doing this is by either pure, relaxing yoga and meditation – or faster, by direct brain wave entrainment…. using alpha waves or the Schumann Resonance frequency induction. Samples are given, above …

    The EEG can measure all of this electrical activity in the neo-cortex.
    Thousands of research papers have been done. Alpha waves at 8-12 Hz
    have been long known to be associated with meditation and increased levels of creativity…

    Putting the whole brain into peace and tranquility, reduces adrenaline also
    and would naturally solve any high blood pressure issues, over time. Why? Because
    induced meditation balances the autonomic nervous system. That mediates
    heart rate and blood pressure and more. http://www.pubmed.org has the research papers.

    Now the finding that this frequency in the brain, correlates with an Earth
    induction, a resonance… that’s actually what Timothy Leary felt and meant
    when he talked about “tuning in.”

    It even feels great. It’s a real experience. The brain can be better tuned,
    just like tuning in to a radio frequency… it all makes sense. The brain is
    a tuning device. It can perceive very, very slow waves like 0.5 or 0.2 Hz
    because it’s the surroundings, the environment…. the planet that we ADAPT
    to… as in being prepared for earthquakes. It is the course of our adaptation,
    to living on Planet Earth. Basic.

    The gear or tool needed to train the brain is only a pair of stereo headphones
    as induction occurs between the difference in wave frequency, across the two.
    Just like any potential difference. (Analogy.)

    Geoff 🙂 🙂

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