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Million Dollar Mastermind Goal Setting

Millionaire Mindset Creation Tips

Million Dollar Mastermind Goal Setting

A True Million Dollar Mastermind Club

The Million Dollar Goal

In thinking, how to get what you want, you’ll inevitably start thinking of the million dollar goal. It’s built into our very psyche and bones that money making is the solution to all of our desires. That is true to some extent… because there are so many services available these days. Gifts move people too, and gifts often cost a lot of money. That one million dollars sure could come in handy!

But we tend to forget the mindset side. The critical charge of positivity. The optimal thinking and the visualizing of the goal that we deeply desire. It’s heart and mind.

What Goal Setting Visualizing Is Required?

Well first, the million dollar marketer needs a mastermind group or an insiders club for brainstorming and a support of creative and productive ideas. We have such a Club. See the image, above.

What does this amount of money making look like? Let’s break it down and take a good look:

Divided by 365 days, the monetary production or turnover goal becomes only $2,739.25 per day. This is a money making sum which immediately looks achievable. Wouldn’t you agree?

What happens unconsciously? The brain automatically starts searching and scanning its established memory banks for effective techniques, possible ways, methods, ‘How to’ tools, concepts and powerful ideas for accomplishing this specific daily task.

The mind begins to imagine a busy roadside stall, or a rather popular hamburger trailer at a festival, or a tourist bicycle rental or riverside boat rental service. Let us consider just how many, existing small businesses are producing over $2,700 a day? Thousands! How many popular, big brand, fast food franchises are doing this amount or more? Now you can see for yourself, how easily achievable this million dollar goal is!

The Internet marketer or entrepreneur’s affiliate training required to achieve this target of one million dollars per year is not massive. It just needs to be highly focused. Well organized. It may feel intensive and exacting though, as it requires the online marketing affiliate to work smarter, not harder. Top mentoring and coaching by an Internet expert is what is needed. If that becomes financially prohibitive, then the next best thing is a membership site or a home study course written by the very same expert. The point is that the marketer’s affiliate trainer must be someone who has gone through the process, done the hard miles, and gained first hand experience and learned an enormous amount, arriving at his or her own business related conclusions.

The Internet marketing affiliate learning curve is steep and there are many failures and pitfalls to suffer, along the way. You don’t have to buy every Internet training product that is offered to you; however, you do need to purchase some top quality training or mentoring course initially so as to get off to a faster start in the right direction.

Million Dollar Mastermind Goal Setting Help

Million dollar goal setting instructs us that — that direction is towards grossing $2,739.25 per day from online marketing activities, information products and programs. List building at a rapid rate is a big key, so here is a hint: The fortune is in the follow up. The money is in the list. You can make a small loss obtaining the lead or contact, then turn a profit later with follow up in the back end.

The lifetime value of the customer is the real gold mine. The contact must be nurtured and subtly rewarded, often and well, if you are to achieve your own lifetime goal of earning one million dollars. And do it with integrity. Join our insiders club today, for brainstorming, free mentoring and training in the best mindset for million dollar money making. That is total positivity. Aimed with intent, direction and vision at million dollar mastermind goal setting. Join me, Geoff Dodd, just below to receive valuable success related gifts. In a 5-Day free email Mini Course.

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand



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