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John Assaraf On Facebook

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If you want World Class mindset training for success, connect with John Assaraf on Facebook. John is involved with NeuroGym and he’s getting better and better at teaching mindset matters, every day!

Here are two brilliant quotes from John Assaraf, just today!

These ideas blow me away. They fully support the notion that, “you just have to believe!”

“If a Hollywood Producer met you on the street and said, “Hey…if you could learn how to pretend to be financially successful and get fully into the role and pretend that you are that role….I’ll pay you $10 million bucks!”

Could you practice and pretend every day until it felt comfortable? Yes!

Of course, it’s hard if you’ve never made a lot of money and not had all of the emotions or environment to support it.

That’s why you have to use your imagination and creativity skills until it feels more normal and natural.

Read John Assaraf on facebookWhen you see it and feel it on the inside, you will create it on the outside.

You will get paid and praised in public for what you practice in private.”


“When you meet resistance, that’s actually your GO signal, not your stop signal. When you have self-doubt, when you have resistance, when you feel like you don’t want to, when you’re procrastinating, that’s actually your signal to move forward and take one or two steps towards your goals. You stretch your mental, emotional, and physical abilities by stepping into change instead of allowing the discomfort of change to squash your motivation.”


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John was the founder of ReMax Real Estate in the USA. He also starred in the success-motivating movie, The Secret. The lesson being: What you focus on, is what you GET. What you think about, is what you BECOME.

Daily, I get uplifted by reading John Assaraf on Facebook. If you want to nourish your brain and taste some NeuroGym power, then connect with John here.


Geoff Dodd, Editor

Focus On A Success Mindset.

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