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How to get a business working harder

How To Make a Business Much More Profitable For You!

how to get a business working harder

How to make a business more profitable by automation


This groundbreaking support will help you address the problem of profitability that you might be experiencing right now. It’s not always your fault. You might have got stuck with working in your current work processes and procedures, needing some external ideas, help, advice and mentoring. We are here, always to help you. See the free email Mini Course, below ..

How to get a business working harder

Increase your productivity and raise your vision and conscious awareness first by reading Geoff Dodd’s Success Formula here, then return to think about how you target, reach and message your target group of ideal customers. Are you following up with them? Are you sending them news items, special offers, discount coupons, etc.? Reward their loyalty and stickability. It will pay you great dividends in future!


Customer Loyalty

This raving fan mentality is what you’ll seek to generate and create in your regular customers. You get it by extreme differentiation of your business from other, similar supplier businesses. You will be very different in your special offers, discounts, in the way you look after your “bread and butter” regular customers. Extreme differentiation. They will love you back for your generosity! Guaranteed. It’s a reciprocal law of Life.

How to make a business more profitable, depends on the unique way you project your image as a problem solver… a supplier of customer satisfactions. You require a Unique Selling Proposition. A USP. The question actually becomes how to get a business working harder for you, in the psychological sphere… So, business owner, do you have a powerful USP that comes across to potential customers in the market you target – as really being the only viable solution to a problem they have that your company alone expressed, projected as an image or verbalized for them.. or an opportunity you alone identified?

Do you get this idea, this “difference” concept of extreme differentiation in how you are perceived? You’ll be seen as the only reasonable, sensible, viable place to go to for your product or service category.  This gets the psychological side of the community’s life working better for you, with word of mouth referrals happening at zero cost to you. You might spend on gifts and on discounts and specials but your advertising budget will reduce to zero, because you have earned tremendous word of mouth free advertising. That, in a nutshell, is how to get a business working harder for you and much more profitable at the same time. Differentiated from your less visible competition. Thanks for visiting my blog today and reading my ramblings…


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