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Boosts metabolism with natural phytochemicals

      • Makes your cellular energy more readily available
      • Ideal for physical workouts to build muscle
      • Motivates your weight loss efforts with get up and go …
      • Safe, natural, herbal ingredients that are well known to science



WHAT is in Green Energize?

      1. Green coffee bean extract (natural appetite suppressant.. )
      1. Ancient ginseng root powder (effects on concentration and memory.. )
      1. Green tea leaf extract  (antioxidants.. )
      1. Caffeine from guarana seeds (stimulates energy..  )
      1. Vitamin C, Vit B6, B12  (anti-oxidant, anti-stress.. )


What Are They Saying?

Green Energize & Weight Loss Drink Mix

” is an all natural energy blend drink mix that helps naturally promote all day energy,
manage hunger and boosts your mental focus. Women and men love it for workouts because it is sugar-free with only 15 calories per serving.”

Look for my dumb little testimonial VIDEO on the awesome OrganigoLife site! The guy in the yellow, ‘Aussie’ jacket.  🙂

Geoffrey P. Dodd, B.A. (Psych)

Health Editor



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