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Health Forum is Open!

Our Broad, Wholistic, Multi-factor Approach is here!

  1. Socialized life. Networking. Fresh ideas and feedback on actions and habits.
  2. Mental focus. Integrative. Spiritual purpose. Uplifting mankind. Standards. Intellect. Goal setting and achievement.
  3. Physical exercise. Moderation. Aerobic. Oxygenation. Stretching and extending. At least 30 minutes exercise, twice a day. Walks. Training.
  4. Balanced diet. Protein in breakfast. High fiber. Low carbohydrate diet. Fewer factory-processed foods. Whole foods: nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Seafood. A wide variety of natural foods, packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Home cooking, without over-refined ingredients. Less bread, cakes, buns, and starchy potatoes and root crops. Less supermarket food with added sugar.
  5. Sexual expression. Satisfying relationship(s) based on equality. No stressful dominance, conflict or bullying.


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