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Free Guided Meditation Relaxation

Relaxing MP3 Downloads Free

You want mp3 audio files, scripts, downloads of free guided meditation relaxation tracks? We have samples for you. Lovingly prepared by experts in music healing through deep brainwave meditation. Here’s a first sampling of 20 guided meditation for relaxation music tracks:


Download free guided meditation relaxation music mp3s to relax. Try these digital music samples at Amazon.


Theta brainwave meditation

If you want and deeply desire to take music healing into deeper realms, faster, then you really need to think about trying theta brainwave meditation. We have a perfect video to give you this wonderfully relaxing experience … deeper than gamma, beta and even alpha wave frequencies. This deep level of free guided meditation relaxation music will start healing you instantly, as well as bringing out the creative side of your personality. Go ahead and get some stereo headphones ready .. and listen to this free theta brainwave meditation video:



Using This Material

Notes on using the mp3 audios and this video brainwave entrainment material. This free healing music is the very best form of guided meditation for relaxation. Why is that? Because you don’t have to do anything! The active mind can now be told to “relax and let go!” You don’t need guiding words. You can stop any busy or obsessive thoughts….because the very frequencies embedded in the music, guide your brain naturally into more pleasurable, better-connected ways and habits. It all runs on automatic. Just sit quietly, close your eyes, let go and drift away!


Free Guided Meditation Relaxation MP3s

More and more mp3 music meditation files will be made available to download, as they are created, produced and released. Some meditators prefer their free guided meditation relaxation tracks to play at night. You can enjoy beneficial subconscious programming with this music, even while you sleep! Your brain is listening. It picks up and is attracted to higher, healthier sound vibrations. It begins to reorganize itself, so as to be more efficient at problem-solving. Releasing phobias and erroneous beliefs, as fear and anxiety begin to dissolve. This is an excellent solution for depression. Why? Because brainwave training induces positivity and a cheery, optimistic outlook of blissful positive expectancy.

More Benefits Of Meditation

The mind becomes much clearer. This naturally improves your memory – both long term and short term memory — and your mental focus, thought processes, and ability to concentrate, all improve rapidly. That’s why BWE or binaural brain wave entrainment is practiced by top business CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and musicians, who want to constantly deliver a high level performance – every moment of every day.

Here is another offer of relaxing guided meditation music for healing you. Remember, it’s completely automatic. The deep and slow alpha, theta and delta frequencies, will guide your brain into deep rest, healing and bodily repair:  (You’ll even feel the endorphins and dopamine cut in, as a very pleasant sensation. )  Melatonin, which regulates your natural sleep and wake cycles, from the pineal gland, will function better. Your immune system will simply work better, too. Test this mp3 sample and see how you feel after ten or twenty minutes ..


Try this free guided meditation relaxation while you sleep. Digital music at Amazon


I am so happy you’re discovering the benefits of meditation. It has been with us for at least 5,000 years, from Krishna and Buddha in recorded history. Fine tuning the human brain, I call it. The free healing music of The Universe, guiding, relaxing and tuning in our human intuition. Om mani padme hum.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success Mindset info.

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