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Clickbank Q & A

Questions & Answers About Clickbank

You might be wanting to make money online. You heard about Clickbank. You’ve got some unanswered questions about Clickbank and online affiliate marketing? Here’s our best shot Clickbank Q & A. Listen now to a seasoned pro affiliate who joined Clickbank back in 1998. That’s the year of the founding of this massive marketplace for digital, information products. Since 1998, billions of dollars have been paid out to Internet-based affiliate marketers – just like you! And, always on time. Like clockwork!


1 Do Clickbank products sell? Answer: Yes. You do need to promote them.
2 Do you have to pay for Clickbank? Answer: No. It’s free for all affiliates.
3 Do you make money with Clickbank? Answer: Yes. It depends on your work habits, your IT knowledge, and your marketing skills. Learn a lot.
4 Do you need a website for Clickbank? Answer: No. Here’s a good solution.
5 How can I earn from Clickbank? Answer: Join up free. Read our e-Book.
6 How can I earn money from Clickbank? Answer: Promote with our help.
7 How can I earn through Clickbank? Answer: Study our free training eBook
8 How can I make money with Clickbank? Answer: Promote your hoplinks.
9 How can I make money with Clickbank in Nigeria? Answer: ask CBsupport
10 How can I make money with my Clickbank account? Study our free e-Book
11 How can I promote Clickbank affiliate links? In Solo ads. Email. Banners. Post to blogs with your hoplinks. Promote your blog site in social media.
12 How can I promote Clickbank products? Answer: See the above, #11.
13 How can I withdraw money from Clickbank? Paid by check or by bank account deposit fortnightly, if you exceed the $10 payment threshold.
14 How can you earn a lot with Clickbank? Answer: Promote hard in emails.
15 How do Clickbank work? Answer: See our gift e-Book for a free training.
16 How do I cancel Clickbank subscription? Answer: See your email from CB.
17 How do I get a refund from Clickbank? Answer: As above. Visit Website.
18 How do I get rid of Clickbank? Answer: Read your emails from Clickbank!
19 How do I make money with Clickbank? Answer: Download this eBook.
20 How does Clickbank work? Answer: Apply the solution above at #19.
21 How much Clickbank pays? Answer: mostly 50% to 75% commissions.
22 How much does Clickbank cost? Answer: For an affiliate seller, it is free.
23 How much does Clickbank pay? Answer: See item #21. 50 to 75% of a sale.
24 How much is a Clickbank account? Answer: Affiliate accounts are free.
25 How much is Clickbank builder? Answer: $297/Year – Website builder from ClickBank is an upsell within Clickbank University.
26 How much is Clickbank University? Answer: $47/month for CBU members area ($564 per annum). Read about it here.
27 How much is Clickbank worth? Answer: Probably 2 to 3 billion dollars.
28 How much money Clickbank? Answer: Work hard for no limits paydays!
29 How much to join Clickbank? Answer: No cost to new affiliates to join CB.
30 How to do affiliate marketing with Clickbank? Learn from Patric Chan
31 How to make money using Clickbank? Answer: Refer to solution #30.
32 How to make money with Clickbank? Answer: Please see just above #30.
33 How to make money with Clickbank step by step? Answer: see our eBook.
34 How to make money with Clickbank without a website? See Patric Chan.
35 How to promote Clickbank products? Answer: See items #30 and #26.
36 How to promote Clickbank products on Facebook? Answer: You cannot use CB hoplinks. Either start a business fanpage and connect a ‘watch video’ link, or build a WP blog and link to that from your fb fan page. Do list building and collect email leads with a lead capture page. Opt-in leads.
37 How to promote Clickbank products without a website? Answer: See the CB Passive income system of Patric Chan. Just watch video here.
38 How to sell Clickbank products? Answer: See above item #37.
39 How to sell on Clickbank? Answer: Read our affiliate marketing solutions.
40 How to use Clickbank? Answer: Visit the Clickbank.com site and join up.
41 Should I join Clickbank? Answer: Yes, most definitely. It’s free to join.
42 Should I trust Clickbank? Answer: Yes, it has been reliable since 1998.
43 Should I use Clickbank? Answer: Yes, it has always paid affiliates on time.
44 What are Clickbank products? Answer: Downloadable, digital info products that provide information to help people to solve problems.
45 What are the best products to promote on Clickbank? Answer: See item 50
46 What can you sell on Clickbank? Answer: Digital information products.
47 What is a Clickbank account? Answer: Your profile and payment info.
48 What is a Clickbank vendor? Answer: A merchant or product owner at CB.
49 What is Clickbank and how does it work? Answer: See items #19 #37 #71
50 What is Clickbank gravity? Answer: No. of affiliates selling the product OK
51 What is Clickbank id? Answer: the short nickname you select when you join up. It identifies you when a hoplink is clicked. You get the commission
52 What is Clickbank University? Answer: a powerful CB training course.
53 What is tracking id in Clickbank? Answer: add “&tid=code” to your link.
54 What products can I promote on Clickbank? Everything in the CB Marketplace. Some digital products do require vendor approval first.
55 What to sell on Clickbank? Answer: Select products with a high Gravity Score, after sorting your search in the CB marketplace.
56 When does Clickbank pay? Answer: Weekly or fortnightly. Check or bank.
57 Where is Clickbank located? Answer: Boise, Idaho State in the USA.
58 Where is my Clickbank id? Answer: You create it when you join up at CB.
59 Where to advertise Clickbank products? Answer: See item #37. Enjoy!
60 Where to post Clickbank hoplinks? Answer: Here’s the very best approach
61 Where to post Clickbank links? Answer: Study the help at Clickbank.com.
62 Where to promote Clickbank? Answer: See the above items #60 and #61.
63 Where to promote Clickbank products? Answer: See the above 3 answers!
64 Where to promote Clickbank products free? Answer: Your Web site/blog.
65 Where to promote Clickbank products without a website? Social Media. Or see item #37 for a professional system that leverages expert marketers.
66 Where to sell Clickbank products? Answer: Refer to Clickbank University.
67 Which Clickbank products sell best? Answer: See item 50: Gravity Score.
68 Which Clickbank products to promote? Answer: Search the Clickbank Marketplace, then sort by ‘Gravity Score.’ = Numbers of affiliates selling.
69 Who are the top Clickbank affiliates? Answer: Patric Chan, Bryan Winters
70 Who is Clickbank marketplace? Answer: Keynetics, Inc in Boise, Idaho. US
71 Why Clickbank doesn’t work? Answer: It does. Read this free e-Book first.
72 Why use Clickbank? Answer: CB has created hundreds of millionaires.



We’ve endeavored to answer all your affiliate-related questions about Clickbank, above. We hope you find the brief answers helpful. Vendors (merchants, or product owners), will need to talk directly to staff at Clickbank.com.

Affiliate marketers – you’ll be able to find comprehensive answers to most of your questions in our on-page, CB  knowledge base. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our free training e-Book for affiliates. It’s a brief PDF document. Save it to your computer desktop for later reference.


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