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John Assaraf On Facebook

Posted on: June 6th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Connect With John Assaraf

If you want World Class mindset training for success, connect with John Assaraf on Facebook. John is involved with NeuroGym and he’s getting better and better at teaching mindset matters, every day!

Here are two brilliant quotes from John Assaraf, just today!

These ideas blow me away. They fully support the notion that, “you just have to believe!”

“If a Hollywood Producer met you on the street and said, “Hey…if you could learn how to pretend to be financially successful and get fully into the role and pretend that you are that role….I’ll pay you $10 million bucks!”

Could you practice and pretend every day until it felt comfortable? Yes!

Of course, it’s hard if you’ve never made a lot of money and not had all of the emotions or environment to support it.

That’s why you have to use your imagination and creativity skills until it feels more normal and natural.

Read John Assaraf on facebookWhen you see it and feel it on the inside, you will create it on the outside.

You will get paid and praised in public for what you practice in private.”


“When you meet resistance, that’s actually your GO signal, not your stop signal. When you have self-doubt, when you have resistance, when you feel like you don’t want to, when you’re procrastinating, that’s actually your signal to move forward and take one or two steps towards your goals. You stretch your mental, emotional, and physical abilities by stepping into change instead of allowing the discomfort of change to squash your motivation.”


Join John Assaraf On Facebook



John was the founder of ReMax Real Estate in the USA. He also starred in the success-motivating movie, The Secret. The lesson being: What you focus on, is what you GET. What you think about, is what you BECOME.

Daily, I get uplifted by reading John Assaraf on Facebook. If you want to nourish your brain and taste some NeuroGym power, then connect with John here.


Geoff Dodd, Editor

Focus On A Success Mindset.

PointOne Consulting Energizes Flow Process

Posted on: June 23rd, 2016 by Geoff No Comments


PointOne Consulting with Geoff Dodd, author and publisher


Increase Productivity With PointOne Consulting

Geoff Dodd, Webmaster, author and marketing consultant

Contact PointOne Consulting to quickly solve your flow process problems in production, sales and marketing. A fresh eye, BIG Vision and new possibilities … increased productivity and profitability through measured RESULTS



PointOne Consulting Energizes Flow Process:

  1. BIG VISION Planning and Leadership
  2. Simplifying Flow Processes
  3. Circle of Quality Feedback Loops
  4. Energizing neuro-social networks
  5. Increasing Web Traffic
  6. Improving Web Conversions
  7. Webmaster recommendations

Positive Mindset is Key!
You want to integrate with every social group and neuro-social process in the organization. Positively.
You refocus one step at a time–keeping it simple and easy to change course and momentum. You praise, appreciate, reward. Re-incentivize desired behaviours. Wanted outcomes in terms of productivity and efficiency, are created by managerial positivity: The use of positive reinforcement and a positive tone to all communications, on every level … especially in Mission & Purpose statements. Such multi-dimensional positivity will have the inevitable outcome of inspiring a business exponentially – across all levels of staff, from top management to process workers and cafeteria assistants. Mood is contagious …

Test, trial, prove your hypotheses. Discover new marketing strategies and test them …


The Success Loop Concept

JUST KEEP GOING!! Why? Because natural feedback will guide you to better and better choices, (in both production and marketing), refining, adjusting, correcting course and optimizing whatever you do! That’s a Success Loop!

Picture it now, working for you …

My Mission: Helping you radically re-think your business!


Unique Quality Of Advice:

Remembering King Solomon’s lines in the Book of Proverbs, chapter 11, saying:

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

“Those who trust in their riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.”

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.”

These all give meaning to life.


Business as Fun, Joy and Laughter:

Happiness is a choice inside, whilst we rest among the breaths of Nature (after Kelly Sheaffer)


Geoff Dodd, Founder of PointOne Consulting – known as “someone who knows how to kick rocks at a mine site and judge the quality of ore deposits…”

Senior Editor, Focus On a Success Mindset. Inspiring businesses exponentially …




Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets

Posted on: May 8th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment
Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets

Was this Showtime Event just a smart business venture?

From Underdog To Senator

The 2 May, 2015 Fight Of The Century for the unified welterweight boxing championship was fought between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Although Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather won on points, we focus here on Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets. For good reason. The 36 year old Filipino (pinoy) man has achieved so much in his life:

1. World boxing championships in 5 (yes, five) weight classes

2. Becoming a senator in Manila, Philippines, for his Mindanao (southern) electorate.

3. Giving generously to various charities in The Philippines. Building 50 houses for family members, creating the Pacman Wildcard Gym.

4. Acquiring wealth and valuable properties in Hollywood, Cal. and in Boracay, Philippines.


Specific Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets

1. Take the underdog position of humility. “I like being the underdog..” says Manny. The underdog has nothing to lose, nothing to prove, but can seize opportunities and rise quickly to the top. Manny literally fought his way up in The World, from poverty, hunger and street fights.

“Sometimes we had nothing to eat…”

“We ate meat only once a week..”

The teachings of humility are also present in Manny’s biblical and strong Christian position. Manny’s T-shirt read:

“All honor and glory belong to God.”

Manny Pacquiao is constantly smiling, with a simple, humble attitude. Like a lot of Filipinos, he sings karaoke and also in recordings. So being the underdog is the first and most important of the Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets!

2. Being Fearless. Coming out aggressively. Manny Pacquiao steps forward and chases his opponent; even someone as experienced as Floyd Mayweather. He appears to chase them around the ring. This loss of unconscious fears is one of Manny’s Great Success Secrets. Good defense, but better attack skills.

3. Loyalty To Country and Extended Family. This is perhaps the really honorable part of Manny and a true Manny Pacquiao Success Secret. He serves his country in government and at a local level, starting the PacMan Wildcard Gym, for everyone. He has built housing for less fortunate relatives. He is extremely committed as a follower of Jesus Christ. The Filipino people love, adore, and almost worship him. He is their true rags to riches hero. Manny Pacquiao has achieved what others can only dream about.

Monetary gains for the two contestants in the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao Fight of The Century were at record high levels. It is estimated that Mayweather was paid between 150 and 180 million dollars. My guess for Manny Pacquiao’s payout from the purse is about 60 to 80 million dollars. This share of the boxing purse justifies his recent purchase of the ex J-Lo mansion in Hollywood Hills.

Updated PPV, or pay per view estimates of financial gains put Floyd Mayweather’s share of the earnings at 250 million.

So there, in a nutshell, are some brief Manny Pacquiao Success Secrets. Learn from Manny and apply the coming from an underdog position with humility, great spiritual secret of success — in anything!

Geoff Dodd, Editor and contributor, Focus On Success Info.



How Can I Make Money Online

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by Geoff No Comments

You ask: How can I make money online from home, on my computer, working legitimately? How do you earn money with a web site? What are the minimum requirements for a small, legitimate home business?

I’m glad you’ve asked me these questions. Thousands of people want to know how can I supplement my current, fixed or limited income, by working on The Internet. There are methods that I use. I work on my laptop computer as an affiliate marketer. Others buy and sell goods on auction sites, such as Ebay and Amazon. I prefer to sell downloadable, digital products such as e-Books, access to business training videos and software. These are ‘clean’ and fast to sell. There’s no handling of stock. No postage payable, no processing of credit-card payments, or refunds. That is because you’re an affiliate marketer online, selling digital, computer usable products. Billions of dollars are made this way on The Internet. Please start here by joining me in my brief, 5-day Mini Training Course. You’ll realize the sense of all of this when you read my 5 emails of Internet marketing training, here:



How Can I Make Money Online from home with my computer?

The thing is .. you need to pick up some tactics and strategies from others – people who have been down this road before you. What methods work in 2015? What is affiliate marketing anyway? Is it legitimate and completely above board? Can I trust you? How can I be sure?

I know – there are a lot of unanswered questions, still. Just join me, above, in the new affiliate training course. Why? It’s 100% no charge and without obligation. You can learn a heck of a lot from our expert trainers. People like Ewen Chia and Bryan Winters. Your privacy is assured, if you join me. I don’t send spam or rent or sell emails. You can unsubscribe at any time with just one click. It’s all easy.

You might also be interested in my general Success Formula of Geoff Dodd. I’ve been making money on The Internet since 1997-1998. It has been a long, hard road. Plenty of mistakes. You can benefit from them. You can get the same success formula that has helped me (and hundreds of other home based business people, running a small business on The Internet), to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online. It’s yours free. If you’ll just join me in my Beginners’ Guide To Affiliate Marketing. Take the 5-day mini course. You’ll be extra glad that you did. Once the income starts flowing in, online.

Working legitimately, how can you start making enough money to pay off lots of bills and the mortgage? Take our no scam approach. If you’re unsure, just watch the video behind this yellow banner image. The picture just below. This guy, George, has made a fortune. Do you know how much money he has paid out to his Clickbank affiliates? Five million greenbacks. Take a minute to watch the video here:



How Can I Get Started In Small Business?

It’s easy. Join www Clickbank com, work from your home PC computer. A desktop or any laptop or tablet computer. Learn a lot about Web site promotion, selling downloadable, digital products. It is by far the easiest way to go in a small business startup on The Internet. Grab my 5-day training course above and we will give you all the best e-Books on the subject you’ll ever need.

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info Web Site and Blog.

Think And Grow Rich

Posted on: February 25th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Free e-Book Download – Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich

Join our newsletter to get your free copy of Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill


Our best free e-Book download item is Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic book. What is it about? It’s a bible, a literal handbook or manual on how to be successful and make a LOT of money!

Napoleon Hill was given the task of interviewing hundreds of highly successful business men, business owners and entrepreneurs. People like Andrew Carnegie of U.S. Steel, and Henry Ford of The Ford Motor Company. Napoleon Hill then extracted the principles of success. He looked for methods and practices – like a mindset, for example  – in common amongst these hundreds of millionaires and industrial tycoons.

My own summary of the book, Think and Grow Rich, is this: Decision, Desire, Faith, Purpose, Passion, Definite Goal and Definite Plan. If a person uses auto-suggestion, self talk or self-hypnosis frequently enough, they can power up the subconscious mind with vibrations of desire and faith, having a definite purpose. Then setting a clear, measurable goal, they will keep setting definite PLANS – and taking ACTION – until the goal is achieved.

The book Think And Grow Rich is a testament to the power of the human will. It is a blindingly strong reminder of the sheer guts and character that were needed to build the large American industrial companies of the Twentieth Century. Back in 1910 to pre World War II were the years of rapid industrial growth in steel making, the automobile industry, chemical and textile factories, banking and more. The scene was The United States of America. Napoleon Hill was very astute. He asked the hard questions. The personal questions, about how a man thinks. What he imagines, visualizes and dreams. Even how he talks to himself, suggesting ideas, concepts, principles and plans for action.

These ideas of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, amongst others, persist strongly into this day. The current breed of online marketers have studied these principles, too. With enormous success!  Mastermind Groups are a powerful method used even today. Brainstorming and mutual support groups, in a spirit of harmony and positivity, were employed by industrial giants like Henry Ford. No single man can achieve these things alone!

 Think And Grow Rich

Snippet From Chapter 12 – The Subconscious Mind:

“THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND consists of a field of consciousness, in which every impulse of thought that reaches the objective mind through any of the five senses, is classified and recorded, and from which thoughts may be recalled or withdrawn as letters may be taken from a filing cabinet.

It receives, and files, sense impressions or thoughts, regardless of their nature.”

Comment: So let’s control how we influence and re-program our subconscious minds. Feed the mind the good stuff. For goal achievement in the future.


Snippet From Chapter 10 – Power of the Mastermind:

“This accounts for the fact that some brains are more efficient than others, and leads to this significant statement–

a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of harmony, will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.

When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance, becomes available to every individual brain in the group.”

Comment: So let’s define our purpose and hold many more brainstorming sessions or mastermind group sessions, in order to be much more successful in business and in life.


Results of reading Think And Grow Rich e-Book:

I have definitely gained a new outlook and a broader perspective, by reading this incredible book by Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich e-Book. I want you to desire this book and to get actively reading it as soon as possible. Just enter your details in the signup form, higher up on the right-hand side of this blog page. Also, here, below are my business activities that have directly resulted from repeatedly and relentlessly studying this amazing book: (.. about the Principles Of Success: Think And Grow Rich )



Note: your personal details are safe with me. Your privacy is secure.

Faith is a great component of self-confidence. The wonderful thing about Napoleon Hill is his open mind. In his 1937 book, Think And Grow Rich, Hill draws on all the current American psychological knowledge of the time. He adds an urging, a desire. A great sense of purpose. Cause and effect. Synthetic and creative imagination. Things that are still being studied and dissected by this current author, today.

Finally, here’s a very powerful quote for you to ponder, and apply!

Quote from Napoleon Hill:

“Business depressions do not destroy the market for imagination; they merely increase the need and extend the demand for imagination.  The world stands in need of men and women who will use their imaginations.”

You can use your imagination to create your own economy or achieve any reasonable (and in some cases, unreasonable) goal.  We use our imaginations to solve problems.

Being able to achieve any goal is simply figuring out a solution to a problem using your imaginative faculty.

The only limitations that really matter are the ones we set up within our own minds–our own imaginations.

Any thought, idea, plan, or purpose that you HOLD in your mind with persistence, faith, and the determination to turn it into a reality (which is one of the primary uses of affirmations), will EVENTUALLY become clothed in its physical equivalent.
Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info

Mind Power MP3 Free Download

Posted on: February 12th, 2015 by Geoff 5 Comments

Increases Productivity & Feels Magical ..



Feel refreshed, more altogether, better energized and more alive with these amazing, new Mind Power MP3 free download samples. We’ve partnered with the World’s Best brain wave entrainment engineers – talented healers whose mp3s will train your subconscious mind into healthier, more productive ways! Open up to your guiding intuition. Rediscover how to get what you want in life, through reprogramming (brain training) of your subconscious mind. “It’s astonishing just how well it works .. ” says Geoff Dodd of Focus On Success info.

Mind Power mp3 free download samples

Seize the day! Download these free MP3 samples right now and feel the difference! You’ll wonder why on Earth you didn’t try this brain wave entrainment years ago. Remember when you were studying and cramming it in for college exams. The tension, the anxiety? Perfect moments for this solution from Mind Power MP3. Poifect. That little bout of depression over a love relationship going West? Perfect refreshment in 10-15 minutes. Click this image now:

Alpha mind power mp3 free download digital music samples with brainwave entrainment. Use stereo headphones for best effect.


Binaural Zen Meditation Music


Here above, beautiful binaural brain wave entrainment is mixed with ambient natural sounds. The vibrations soothe you and stimulate the deep subconscious mind, using alpha, theta, and delta waves. These frequencies are slow waves of 9-10 Hz (cycles per second) alpha and down to 2-4 Hz delta wave frequencies. Enjoy the meditation experience. Focus better and concentrate your brain and mental energies. Allow time to pass. “Be passive .. be more passive,” said The Buddha.


Mind Body Spirit Connection



If you test these Mind Power MP3 free download mp3 samples, you’ll immediately understand, intuitively, within, the human mind body spirit connection. Derive ancient spiritual knowledge, secrets of shamans, healers, and clairvoyants. How? By attaining personal mental clarity. Improved memory. Random access to lost memories. Cellular knowledge. While enhancing your personal bliss, peace, and creativity. It’s like magic.


Hypnosis using deep relaxation can easily be used to implant ideas and suggestions into your subconscious mind. For example, for weight loss purposes, better sleep – or to stop smoking or substance abuse. Here is another application, for business people to increase motivation. To make more money, it helps with programming your subconscious mind:


Quantum Mind Power MP3 Free Download samples


Program your unconscious mind to bring more wealth into your life as you sleep. Neurological programming is quite easy to change.. We do it whenever we self-modify a habit. We make changes in our lifestyle. Why not take command? Decide which exact outcome and result you want. Do it consciously now. Instead of unconsciously, as before. Use these free samples of Mind Power MP3 Free Download mp3’s as my gift to you. Because we inhabit the same Universe … responding to the same vibrations

Download Free Mindpower MP3 samples …


“I personally use binaural brainwave entrainment audios, as much as possible! This digital music calms me. Harmonizes everything! Helps me create. Delivers me into permanent bliss, with its heavenly vibrations!”

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info – MP3 Gifts –

Google Sniper 3.0 español

Posted on: January 28th, 2015 by Geoff 2 Comments

¿Qué es Google Sniper 3.0 español ?

Se trata de un curso de formación de vídeo para Internet . Se puede mostrar cómo hacer hasta $ 4,500 cada mes, desde su casa . Es muy fácil de aprender .

¿Cómo funciona Google Sniper ?

Este curso de formación de video tiene varios módulos. Le enseña cómo seleccionar pequeños nichos de mercado que sean rentables para usted. A continuación, aprenderá cómo construir pequeños sitios web que se centran en sus nichos de mercado elegido . El entrenador es el Sr. George Brown, un joven que se convirtió en un millonario de Internet a la edad de aproximadamente 19. George es una introducción a Clickbank donde podrá encontrar productos y servicios para vender , por un buen nivel de servicio. Es muy fácil de hacer. Usted sólo tiene que seguir el paso a paso el aprendizaje . Usted mira breves vídeos en cada paso del camino .

Cómo funciona Google francotirador en 2017-2018 ?


Como ustedes saben , Google quiere que todos los sitios de Internet para tener un buen contenido de calidad. Desde alrededor de 2011 , Google ha estado ajustando sus normas para indexar los sitios web . George Brown entiende las reglas de clasificación en Google . En su última versión 3.0 de Google Sniper , George ha añadido un nuevo módulo para el curso de formación . Se llama El módulo de prueba de balas . Leer este nuevo documento pdf y usted puede estar seguro de que su sitio web tenga un buen rendimiento en el año 2015 , y más allá! Simplemente siguiendo las reglas de los motores de búsqueda.

También hay un nuevo nivel Sniper X y un cajero automático para que pueda obtener resultados rápidos .

Empieza rápido con Google Sniper 3

Si usted realmente necesita para obtener los Google Sniper 3 videos y las instrucciones pdf del curso en español , entonces aquí es una sugerencia : Encontrar un buen amigo que es fluido en Inglés . Comprar el curso aquí y ahora , a continuación, pedir a su amigo para que le traduzca . Recuerde, es paso a paso. Él no tiene que traducir todo en el curso de formación a la vez. Sólo pide ayuda para traducir cada paso a medida que lo necesite. Además, utilizar el servicio de traducción libre al translate.google.com , de Inglés a Español . Adelante ahora y prepárate . Esta es una manera simple de aprender . Se puede tener enormes recompensas para usted. Se va a cambiar tu vida .. así que bienvenido al club .


Google Sniper 3.0 le enseña a construir sitios de micro nicho llamado “Sitios de francotirador” y luego conseguir que se clasifique bien en Google. No es un producto nuevo. El primer lanzamiento fue en 2009, cuando incluso sitios malos con muy poco contenido podrían obtener rankings de primera página en los motores de búsqueda.

En un principio, George utilizó dominios ricos en palabras clave para lograr una buena clasificación. He visto ejemplos de un dominio de palabras clave rico sin clasificación de contenido en la primera página de Google. Sin embargo, las actualizaciones de Penguin y Panda han cambiado todo el proceso de SEO y ahora es muy difícil para los nuevos sitios alcanzar una posición de página 1.

Sin embargo, Google Sniper 3.0 no está muerto todavía, George Brown ha actualizado supuestamente su programa.

¿Qué son los sitios de francotirador?

Los sitios de Google Sniper son fáciles de crear y sólo tienen unas pocas páginas. Se construyen alrededor de una frase de palabras clave de baja competencia, para dar al sitio un enfoque muy estrecho.

Normalmente un sitio de francotirador tendría sólo 5-8 páginas:

  1. 3 o 4 puestos sobre o en relación con el producto que está vendiendo y la frase de palabras clave
  2. Acerca de la página
  3. Una página de contacto
  4. Una política de privacidad

Sitios de nicho tradicionales son mucho más grandes y objetivo muchas palabras clave diferentes. Una vez construido, su sitio de francotirador se deja para ganar una pequeña cantidad de dinero cada mes. Para aumentar sus ingresos, construye más sitios de francotiradores.



Google Sniper 3.0 español en 2017


Gracias por leer hasta aquí acerca de Google Sniper 3.0 español – que comenzará a vivir el estilo de vida de Internet , disfrutar de mayor libertad, y pasar más tiempo con sus seres queridos . Cómo? Simplemente siguiendo las instrucciones de Sniper 3 vídeos de George Brown. Gracias desde mi corazón .


1 Video Of Google Sniper 2 Review En Español


2 Review Videos: Google Sniper 3.0 español 2017


GoogleSniper 3.0 Review En Español #1 Google Position

Google Sniper 3 0 Espanol Como Posicionarse 1 en Google by GoogleSniper3-0


¿Te gustó el video en español ? Así que ahora , ¿lo entiendes completamente Google Sniper 3.0 español ? ¡Genial! Tengo una ventaja increíble para usted. Usted obtiene un valioso conjunto de regalos de marketing en Internet , si usted compra Google Sniper 3 de mí. Usted recibirá un e-libro más un sitio web libre más valioso software mensaje emisora – por un valor total de US $ 500. Simplemente a mi lista de suscriptores . Rellene el breve formulario. Sus regalos llegarán por correo electrónico. Gracias.


Buy Google Sniper 3.0 español en 2017


Geoff Dodd , Autor 2015 si buena 2017

Sony Xperia Z C6603 Espanol

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Sony Mobile Flagship Xperia Z C6603 Review En Español


De todos os equipamentos que tive S.E e SONY este é sem duvida o “ultimate” ecra excelente, design lindo com perfeita construção e ergonomia extremamente fino mas nao é dificil de manusear, camera suberba tal como o som da coluna, a rentabilidade da bateria é que poderia ser melhor no entanto o modo stamina ajuda a aumentar em muito a autonomia, Smartphone perfeito tanto para momentos de diversao e saidas a noite como para Trabalho…Nao arrependo em nenhum aspecto de ter comprado pelo contrario surpreendeu em varios aspectos, A resistencia a agua/pó sao outros extras presentes neste magnifico equipamento sem duvida o melhor a nivel de design/construção/beleza no mercado.

Muchas gracias Sony por Xperia Z C6603 mobile phone fantastico! – en Español



Sony Xperia Z C6603 Espanol

“I bought exactly the same mobile phone, a Sony Xperia Z C6603 in May 2013. It is a brilliant, perfect piece of mobile technology. The 13.1 Megapixel camera is absolutely superb for both still pictures and for HD videos! Awesome colors. Now running on Android 4.3 operating system and the best phone I’ve ever purchased. For sure.”

Geoff Dodd
Mobile Technology Reviewer

Éxito Estratégico Fórmula De Geoff Dodd

Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Success en Espanol – Éxito Estratégico Fórmulae De Geoff Dodd


El crecimiento rápido del tráfico apuntado Web

Éxito Estratégico Fórmula – El crecimiento rápido del tráfico apuntado Web

Los empresarios exitosos siempre funcionan a partir de un plan, con un propósito y una meta clara y visualizado en mente … así que si usted todavía no ha encontrado el éxito si está definido, entonces por qué no adoptar un nuevo enfoque estratégico? Aquí por su mayor grado de reflexión y puesta en práctica es probada fórmula del éxito estratégico de Geoff Dodd:
ÉXITO = Mindset + Mentores Marketing System + + Web Expertos Tráfico

Cada punto será aclarado y ampliado más adelante, para que pueda empezar a trabajar en su camino a la verdad, el éxito del negocio de Internet lucrativo. HAY gente (y las conozco bien) – personas reales que están ahí fuera y están haciendo literalmente millones.

Así que tenemos una fórmula probada para el éxito en la comercialización del Internet. Vamos a decirlo por el otro lado, y comienzan a analizar y aclarar las partes de esta fórmula.


Mentalidad + + Los mentores de Marketing System + Web Expertos Tráfico = Éxito Monetario

Mindset psicológica es qué pensamientos precisos que tienes en tu mente mientras se inicia el día y mantener su motivación de trabajo en todo el día ! Como comienzo mi día , me digo a mí mismo : “Yo quiero que te relajes . Así que relájate, sonrisa, ser real, ser tú mismo y traiga sus energías juntas ! Sonrío y crear al instante, para una mejor respuesta en Google ! La alegría se expande! “Así que el quid de mentalidad es usar la autosugestión para crear el tipo de mente empresarial altamente productiva que desee .. Sí, tienes que crear activamente. La repetición de las sugerencias es la clave absoluta del éxito aquí . La guía de maestro en esto, (y se puede descargar su regalo e-Book … ) es Napoleón Hill con su 1937 libro clásico, Piense y hágase rico , a pesar de los recientes avances en las ciencias de la mente, la hipnosis , etc , han dado lugar a la utilización más eficaz afirmaciones de positivos , especialmente cuando se combinan con las afirmaciones binaural arrastre de las ondas cerebrales , la meditación o acelerado .

Éxito Estratégico Fórmula De Geoff Dodd

Los mentores y entrenadores . No puedo hablar mejor de la tutoría de buena calidad y el entrenamiento ! Estas buenas personas no están involucrados emocionalmente en lo que usted está luchando con el día a día a nivel empresarial . Su indiferencia les permite presentar una perspectiva PANORAMA para usted, siempre respondiendo con la forma en que ven su actitud actual , el progreso, set de herramientas , la auto- definición, enfoque de los medios de comunicación social y las redes , etc Realmente es muy valiosa para usted para conseguir un mentor para turistas que participan en sus actividades de negocios en línea. Las personas más exitosas tienen decenas de mentores – expertos en diversos campos específicos. Henry Ford hizo esto. Todos los presidentes de Estados Unidos han tenido sus asesores específicos. Asociado con las personas que están haciendo lo que quieren hacer. Si su presupuesto es limitado, puede empezar a ponerse en contacto con estos entrenadores y mentores y asociarse con ellos en las redes sociales como Facebook y Google Plus. Comenzar a establecer su perfil de autor Google . Asociar con expertos G+ que le pueden enseñar un uso más eficaz de G+ y Google Hangouts .
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Toma de Decisiones

Una última palabra sobre nuestra fórmula de éxito probado . Te puedo dar el aceite real de la información sobre el éxito monetario negocio en Internet. Puedo entregar el preciado Santo Grial . Lo que hagas con esta información muy valiosa es su decisión. Muchas personas dejan que el miedo y la ansiedad gobiernan sus vidas. Otros visualizar e imaginar grandes éxitos y se mueven hacia ellos, atraídos por las fuerzas legales que son invisibles a simple vista. Para descubrir más sobre lo que va a construir su mentalidad positiva y atraer hacia la cálida satisfacción del éxito personal masivo , como lo he experimentado , ingrese su nombre de pila y el mejor email debajo y te lanzo algo realmente valioso para usted de inmediato: (y sólo en la medida que usted elija ..)





Muchas gracias, Geoff Dodd

en español 1 centavo por clic tráfico web

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Hola en español 1 centavo de dólar por clic tráfico web..

El crecimiento rápido del tráfico apuntado Web

El crecimiento rápido del tráfico apuntado Web

Su éxito fórmula de negocio de Internet de Geoff Dodd, incluye el factor de calidad del tráfico, según lo previsto, por ejemplo, mediante anuncios en solitario de alta calidad obtenida de los vendedores de buena reputación. Consulte nuestro servicio de Tráfico Coop, en 5FigureDay.

¿Qué pasa si este tráfico eran PPC hace clic en 1 centavo por clic? ¿Es humanamente posible en Internet en el mundo de hoy? La respuesta podría sorprenderle. Es un rotundo SI grande.

OK – usted sabe que usted necesita el tráfico de bajo costo para una rápida creación de la lista. Corrija? Y usted puede sentir que en solitario clics en los anuncios se ven un poco caro para usted. Ellos pueden ir de $ 0,45 a $ 1,15 por la calidad del anuncio a solas clic. Aquí hay una solución que es menos costoso, sin embargo, puede ser ajustado para entregar específicas, de alta conversión de los resultados. ¡ES pago por clic, con una empresa de gran reputación.



A ver qué te parece este servicio de PPC . He corrido una prueba y gastado alrededor de $ 75 con un costo promedio por clic de 0,01 dólares después de que la página de destino optimizado para lograr una variedad de niveles de calidad, de 2 de los 10 a un increíble, 10 de los 10 el nivel de calidad muy sorprendente.


En Español 1 centavo por clic tráfico web

Es entonces un verdadero 1 centavo por el servicio ppc clic que usted no puede conseguir en el gran gorila , G corporación. Sin embargo, esto también es una gran corporación multinacional , también. Dicho lo suficiente . ¿Es necesario un pago por clic fuente de tráfico que las puntuaciones de ustedes el feliz resultado de un penique por suscriptor de correo electrónico? El propósito de este blog Centrándose éxito es conseguir que la construcción de su lista de correo electrónico rápido y aquí es algo hacia esa meta. Lograr un nivel de formación de ampollas de crecimiento de la lista de marketing y expansión en sí .. 1 centavo por correo electrónico de suscriptores.

Ganancias Disclaimer : No puedo garantizar que va a lograr exactamente los mismos resultados que yo. El Sistema de PPC es vale la pena probarlo . Depende un poco de su propia comprensión de las páginas de destino optimizadas. Te ofrezco un ejemplo en ese enlace. Yo , ciertamente, el resultado reivindicado por el escritor de 1 centavo por clic pago por el tráfico Web clic. La conversión es un tema para otro artículo . La privacidad está asegurada si se opta en el que la página de destino en particular. Gracias.

Aquí para el éxito de su empresa en Internet . Laser Manténgase enfocado . Uno de los temas a la vez.

Geoff Dodd está haciendo Internet escritura de marketing en Nueva Zelanda. Dice , por favor, disfrute de su bajo costo , el tráfico web de destino . Geoff espera sinceramente que esta página del idioma español será de beneficio para usted .


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