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Free Online Money Making Course

Posted on: June 22nd, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Best Course To Earn Money Online

Desperate to start making money? I hope you’re serious. Totally pumped and passionate. Still hungry? Because this free online money making course was lovingly designed and created by a proven Internet millionaire. Do you want to be time-efficient? Do you need a fast track to start earning money on The Internet? So as to pay off bills, cards, and an annoying mortgage? Or your rent? Grab your training course and free eBook right here, right now:    (Just do it.)



Important! Your valuable e-Book will arrive immediately. In the very first email of the course. Please check your spam folder. Then look in all your email folders. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click does it. Privacy info: your details are safe and secure with us. We never share personal details with any third party. Except that Google may place cookies on your Web browser. Privacy is otherwise assured. GPD.

Earnings Disclaimer: The $3K/day level may appear to be optimistic. Not a typical or average result. We obviously cannot guarantee that you will earn that much with our free online money making course.  Most people who buy info-products online won’t even take action. They may not believe in themselves and they fail to get started. But – for all I know, you could make even more than that $3k level. But you need to take action to make anything. You’ll need to study Internet marketing and how to do web promotion. It takes time, mental focus, and energy!


Free Online Money Making Course

What questions do you have about our World acclaimed free online money making course? Did you enter your email address above and press the magic button? You can start immediately earning income on The Internet. Thank me in a few weeks when your bank account starts swelling with surplus money. I’m not joking. It certainly does happen. When you read the book and apply yourself. Start today. Take massive action! You’ll love it tomorrow.


Which Course Is Best To Earn Money?

The best Internet-based training courses are brief and concise. They teach you the principles first. They create a clear picture in your mind. They provide you with a definite goal and plan. A crystal clear strategy and doable, actionable tactics that work in 2017. Testing methods. How to improve CTR and CR. Google standards for mobile friendliness. In two words: quality control.


How To Make Money Online Course

Our approach is honest and self-adjusting. Adapting to the changes of 2017 and well beyond. We test and optimize products for their conversion rate to sales. You benefit by having your personal ID hard-coded into all the follow-up sequences. This is evergreen. You gain leverage on the vast I.T. knowledge and constant testing performed by Clickbank millionaires. Trust in this incredible system. Here I supply you the direct entry point for your personal, backdoor access:  (Take advantage.. just do it.)


Here you can start fast with my Free Online Money Making Course. Are you hungry enough? Desperate and passionate to win? Multi-millionaires train, coach and help you. Also download a free ebook about clickbank affiliate marketing


That is the direct entry point. You can start your home based business with the system you will get to clone and profit from. Tested and proven. The best free online money making course available in June, 2017 is open. Read the course materials. Complete the individual training modules. Where do I start? You can scroll back up now to the bookshelf image. Select your free e-Book training course. How do I start earning money on The Internet? Enter your best email and click the ‘download’ button to get your book and course materials.

Thank you for reading this information about our free online money making course. Your patience and persistence in studying this Internet training course will pay off for a lifetime. It is working in 2017 and it has, in fact, created hundreds of Internet millionaires. Here I refer you to the specific merchant and affiliate marketer aggregator system that we use and associate with. See other, recent posts on this blog.


This is a QR code. Scan it with your smartphone. It goes to Clickbank Passive Income video. This page is for your free online money making course, written by Geoff Dodd of Focus On A Success Mindset. Thanks.

Scan this QR Code with Mobile


The Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset.

Create Information Product

Posted on: June 14th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Eben Pagan’s Brilliant Course

If you want to create information products that sell themselves fast, then boy, do I have something for you! Take advantage of Eben Pagan’s free offer and get started fast. Hit the road running!

Why choose Eben Pagan’s training course on how to create an information product that sells itself? It is clearly World Class. Best of breed. Hold on to your seat. You may find this fact difficult to believe: Eben Pagan has sold over 100 million dollars worth of information products on The Internet! Yes, it’s a fact! He made an absolute killing in the dating tips (for men) niche. And in many other info-product niches.

How To Find YOUR Big Idea!

This is the title of a free pdf e-Book, by Eben, that I definitely want you to have. It’s simple. If you’re looking for a proven process to create YOUR “Million Dollar Idea,” then download this free training from Eben. But hurry. You’ll need to do this while you still CAN! Jump straight in to grab all the free videos by Eben himself, plus the free pdf eBook downloads!

They’re priceless to you. Why? Because they’ll show you exactly – step by step – how to create an information product that sells itself. Written by a master of the game. Someone who has profited massively, by selling over a hundred million dollars worth of info-products. A pioneer who meticulously solved all the problems. All the stuff that you desperately need to know. To drive insane profits into your personal bank accounts!


How To Create Information Product That Sells Itself

The second free training is a must have replay of: “How To Create A Digital Product That Sells Itself.” You will love the 3 valuable bonus gifts from Eben Pagan, given out at the end of the replay! Be sure to watch the whole video / webinar. These bonuses alone could fire your passions up to start creating your first information products. The marketing tips are invaluable. Most people just don’t have these advanced marketing strategies and tactics. These are the keys to your online info-product marketing success!

What Are My Bonus Gifts?

Here’s what you get for attending Eben’s free webinar:

  1. You’ll get a free copy of Eben’s PDF guide:
    “How To Find A Best-Selling Topic & Niche.” – an essential step for the info marketer
  2. You’ll get a free copy of Eben’s very popular book,
    “How To Create A Digital Information Product That Sells Itself.” – solves all marketing issues
  3. You’ll get a free copy of Eben’s famous 1-Page Digital Product Blueprint.
    This is the exact blueprint that Eben uses to turn his Digital Products
    into multi-million dollar businesses. Priceless template.


Advanced Online Training Course:

In addition to Eben’s free class (which is excellent),
Eben is also offering a paid course for motivated people who want
to follow his proven 90-day plan for creating and launching
their Digital Product as quickly as possible. I endorse and recommend
this 90-day training course – very strongly!


How to create information product that sells with Eben Pagan's Digital Product Blueprint training course, online



<= Visit Eben here. Watch the videos!

Thanks for reading my blog. If you want a dream lifestyle describable as a create information product heaven, then simply follow the masterful training course of Eben Pagan. At least, spoil yourself with the free materials for Internet entrepreneurs. They’ll deliver you to the next level in your online business.


Geoff Dodd, Author. Today’s topic: How to create and sell information products online.

Focus On A Success Mindset


Bitcoin Mining Vs Alternative Cryptocurrency Mining

Posted on: June 22nd, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Buy Cryptocurrencies!

The 7th Disruption is here already. Read our tips on how to start Bitcoin Mining faster. Need advanced information on Dr Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin and her new BlockChain? Find out about the Top Alternative Cryptocurrencies for mining! Enter just below for Easy videos and World Class Training Packages! Finally – Add your comments.


Meet the International Miners of New Currency. Do Bitcoin Mining and Onecoin mining for profit. Start today.


Why Bitcoin Mining ? – 7 Good Solid Reasons

Think about this …

  1. The U.S. Dollar has lost value due to inflation
    – it’s already lost 95% of its value since 1913 – now worth less than $0.05 cents!
    – it is being run down to Help Pay 19 Trillion U.S. Treasury Debt!
  2. BitCoin and OneCoin INCREASE in Value. Because of Limited Supply!
  3. Banks currently charge excessive fees, and high interest – especially on credit cards!
  4. International Payments will be much, much cheaper to remit with Digital cryptocurrencies online..
  5. Highly Secure Encryption with Digital currencies on The Internet. Use a handy smartphone app.
  6. Already in 154 countries. NOT government or bank controlled, but independent. Transparent.
  7. OneCoin is NOT volatile in value. It’s true value is Rising .. there’s only a limited supply! See changes below, expected on 1 October, 2016


Looking for the Perfect Home Business - Try Marketing Wealth by Bitcoin Mining and alternative cryptocurrencies such as Onecoin mining activities, to assure your financial independence.


Dr Ruja Ignatova Forbes Interview


Learn about the OneCoin Founder and CEO’s ambitions and goals for her 2+ Billion Dollar Market Cap business. Read it here on LinkedIn in Pulse.

We bring you cutting edge, up to the minute information on Bitcoin Mining – Dr Ruja’s OneCoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies. You’ll get a top class free e-Book entitled, “The 7th Disruption – The Rise Of The Digital Currency Billionaire!” by Tom McMurrain, when you supply your email address just below. (Your info is kept safe and private with us.. )


CoinLifestyle free e-Book about how to start Bitcoin Mining fast. Dr Ruja Ignatova's OneCoin Mining profits and the 7th disruption


Thank you for your passion and interest in mining and accumulating the new currencies! Join our NCU today and you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge in the Training Packages. Start with the free e-Book, The 7th Disruption, by Tom McMurrain, just above. It puts Bitcoin Mining in context. In the big picture of The Digital Revolution. How computers and encryption are rapidly changing our daily lives. Carefully study Dr Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin tokens and mining opportunities. We have massive confidence in what Dr Ruja is doing as founder and CEO of the mighty OneCoin organization. We feel that she will surpass the lofty achievements of Bitcoin. The intelligence is there to make OneCoin the premier cryptocurrency across the globe. Did you see how far she got in just 18 months? Imagine the progress in five to ten years!



Goldman Sachs’ Jim Schneider

YouTube Video suggests that The Blockchain could disrupt everything in the transactional World of daily payments ..



The Latest Video From Dr Ruja Ignatova’s OneCoin



OneCoin Mining and More Information:



ONECOIN – The Evolution of Money – Interview With Bill Gates



New Currency University – Tom McMurrain



In this video, above, Tom McMurrain says, “crypto currency is one of the top five fastest growing emerging growth industries in the world, and we are providing access to an easy-to-use digital currency system that everyone can understand. Get the currency that appreciates.”


Edward Ludbrook – Onecoin The Future Payment System



Ken Labine Shares His OneCoin Success Story – Mining



HOW TO Mine Your Tokens After Split – OneCoin Back Office




The big players – Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and all major bankers on Wall Street, NYC – are listening to developments with cryptocurrencies. Both Bitcoin mining and OneCoin mining continue. The encrypted money supply is increasing dramatically as we speak. Watch the technical moves of OneCoin on October 1, 2016. A new and faster blockchain is coming … rapid expansion!

Read details here from within the company:

“One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, OneCoin, officially announced it will improve usability and market capitalization by increasing the amount of coins available and using a faster and more secure blockchain. These business-savvy changes will be made on 1st of October, 2016 and were announced at the CoinRush Global Event in London with 4,000 people in attendance.”

“Our goal has always been to make cryptocurrency a real, borderless method for transactions and these changes will bring us much closer to that goal. As OneCoin sets the cryptocurrency industry standards for transparency and usability, we will continue to grow together as a powerful, unstoppable network,” said OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Please contribute your comments. Receive free information.

Geoff Dodd
FocusOnSuccess Info
Editor on topics of Why Bitcoin Mining and What Alternatives?

Note #1: The effects of Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin usage and payment systems on societies, are generally yet to be felt. It is believed that OneCoin is more compliant with government regulations. For example, the KYC or ‘Know Your Customer’ requirement with OneCoin. KYC means that user identity documents, such as copies of a passport and utility bill, are securely held in the OneCoin block chain. This helps guard against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

How To Get Traffic To My Blog For Free

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

Want More Blog Traffic?

You built a beautiful WordPress blog. No one’s coming. Your problem is, how to get traffic to my blog for free. Wondering, just how do I get more readers for my blog? So you can start to generate leads and sales, to make a little bit of extra income on the side. You are not alone in this quest. We meet many people in your situation. So we developed a solution. To bring you complete satisfaction. Please complete the tiny form, just below this image:

The solution to how to get traffic to my blog for free, taking a free training course by email.

How to get more traffic to my blog site for free




Your personal privacy is protected. Unsubscribe at any time.

How To Get Traffic To My Blog For Free

Needing more blog traffic on a daily basis, and more subscribers who you can nurture – that’s a common requirement for every new blog site. It starts off slowly. That’s quite natural, as Rome wasn’t built in a day!
When deciding on how to get traffic to my blog for free, have you set up accounts and business pages in social media? Think about a Twitter profile, a Facebook fan page and a Google Plus business page. Add your Google Maps location and start some posting activity in Google Plus.

This will gradually get you more ‘likes’ and followers in social media. Instagram is another one. The profile page link will help you to solve the perennial problem of how do I get more readers for my blog?

You are your own best blog traffic generator. You must first share your thoughtful blog posts in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In. Consider a feed-in blog at Google’s Blogger.com too.
Answering how to get more views on blogger, is also a matter of sharing and syndicating your material. Use YouTube as a channel for your specific topic or subject. Make some simple 1 minute videos that link back in the description to your own WordPress blog.

Gather some attractive, creative commons images and templates at SmileTemplates Thanksgiving Ad Template sample is used here on this blog post. We are very grateful to them. Images and infographics can bring you more blog traffic. Instagram is our favorite social media platform for all our image posting.

Further blog traffic tips are streamed to you regularly when you use the tiny, blue form to subscribe to the free email course at Traffic and Conversion University. Yes, it is at no charge, ever. Not going to cost you one single cent.

Just watch your blog views counter accelerate and skyrocket. You’ll know exactly how to increase blog traffic free, when you take the TCU free email course:



How to increase blog traffic 2018 and beyond:

The Free Traffic Tips Course will meet all the needs described above. Expert webmasters have contributed their knowledge to its preparation. Since 1997, our Team at Focus On Success info has selectively acquired a lot of knowledge, so as to now be able to answer your vexing question about how to get traffic to my blog for free. Remember, we’re here for you. Subscribe securely, above, then hit ‘reply’ to any email in the 14 day free course, to chat with our Web traffic and conversion consultant. Thank you for your visit to us today. Together, we work collaboratively to find solutions to how to get traffic to my blog for free on The Internet in 2016 and way beyond.

Here’s a full training video that explains how to get traffic to my blog for free. Several strategies are carefully elaborated. Create quality content.  Drive more Website traffic using these methods. Enjoy the video:




Additional: Best SEO Sites & Resources

The problem of how to get more traffic to my blog or Web site is best solved by Rand Fishkin, CEO of The Moz SEO Blog. Rand Fishkin provides you with 21 Tactics To Increase Blog Traffic (updated 2014) which still stands the test of time, in SEO terms. Notice the length of Rand’s post and the number of extra resources that he has referred us to. This is an excellent article for any blogger wanting to increase the numbers of visitors to her blog. It’s the very best SEO help.

Our own, dedicated SEO resource is named Web Response Search Engine Optimization and is based on the Google Plus platform. Find more useful ideas and tips there, for your question of how to get traffic to my blog for free in 2016. For personal chat on the Web traffic subject, simply subscribe above, using the small blue form. Then you can reply to the first or any email you receive from us. Shoot your questions about blogging monetization to us. We’ll tell you up to date knowledge. As quickly as we receive it!


The Editor, Focus On Success


Investing In Gold And Silver

Posted on: March 21st, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

URGENT: The year is 2017. Start investing in Gold and Silver. Currency devaluation will soon decimate paper money and bank deposits. Our Free Webinar explains this, and shows you how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum ..


Privacy policy: your information is safe and secure with us. We hate spam too. The precious metals information will be sent to the email you’ve provided, above. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Check all your email folders.


Investing in Gold and Silver

We’ll show you exactly how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum! This is a new strategy of the ultra-wealthy. Methods borrowed from smart institutional investors. These strategies will bring you a consistent income while leveraging your investment. Create wealth from compounding and building up faster and more effectively.

Your money is not safe as either paper money, or as bank deposits. FDIC insurance covers less than 1% of the trillions of deposits held by America’s banks – and globally.

Paper money is ruined by inflation and the coming, massive currency devaluation. This is planned by central banks, as the only solution to the global problem of approximately 200 trillion dollars in World debt. The system is changing fast now. Watch economic changes in 2017 to 2018…  Here’s a brilliant video:

Video Of Minesh Bhindi With David Morgan

Here two expert gold investors discuss the best investments, even if you only have $5,000 to $10,000. Don’t discount your own investment in leveraging your entrepreneurial spirit. At this level, you might like the option of starting your own business. Here’s the video of Minesh Bhindi talking with David Morgan. It contains real life lessons: (Gems.)




Free Webinar

In this free Webinar, you’ll meet Minesh Bhindi. Minesh is a World Class expert on investing in Gold and Silver. With outstanding financial clarity, he will explain to you, exactly how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum return. This will generate a consistent, regular income for you.

These methods of investing in gold and silver were developed by professional hedge fund managers, and adopted by various institutional investors. These precise Gold and Silver investment strategies were modeled from the ultra-wealthy. Do you agree that it’s probably a good plan to study these methods of investing?

How can you get involved? When is the right time to start investing in gold and silver? 2016-2018 is actually a perfect time. Gold is undervalued. The spot price of gold has been down around $1,068 per troy ounce (2016) and has only recently risen to $1,250+ per ounce. Agora Financial’s Jim Rickards, amongst others, has stated that this moment is a perfect entry point for gold. And as gold rises, silver follows it up, every time …

Take the free webinar. You can select a date and time that suits you. You’ll enjoy Minesh’s fresh and direct approach to the lucrative subject of investing in Gold and Silver. Let’s compound this stuff.


Start investing in Gold and Silver. It's a good idea in 2017 and 2018 to start buying and compounding your gold bullion.

Invest in Gold & Silver in 2017. Click gold bar.


Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos

Posted on: March 7th, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

Free Video Training Course For Affiliates

This high quality, step by step Internet training course in affiliate marketing is NOT to be missed! In this Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos gift course, Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain (of the famed High Traffic Academy), have outdone themselves! Vick and Jason have lifted the bar and extended the free line. You’ll receive a professional level of affiliate training — heck, it’s all exactly what they do, and using the exact same marketing tools! Hear the full story in a video from Vick Strizheus, here:

Now click this image to start your 14-days free video-guided training at Project Breakthrough:

Download free Project Breakthrough videos by Vick Strizheus of High Traffic Academy. Step by step training course for affiliates


Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos Signup

Whether you’re a total beginner at online affiliate marketing, or an experienced, professional Internet marketer or seasoned entrepreneur, you will honestly be shocked at the VALUE in this step-by-step training course.

It helps you understand exactly how to make commissions on The Internet. How to repeat that process, scale it up much bigger and become independent as an Internet operator.

Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain both independently make millions of dollars every year on The Internet. Now they’ve teamed up, at High Traffic Academy, to show that you can do it too. For them, it is easy. They’re repeating proven steps and processes. Tasks such as Marketing Funnel creation, lead capture, advertising, traffic and conversion. Traffic generation is of course, their absolute specialty. I’ve never seen this level of expertise anywhere online, since 1996. They’re very strong on conversion tracking tools. Yet the 14 videos make it clear and super easy to follow along every step of the way!

I want you to now join my team with Project Breakthrough. It is 100% FREE and you’ll discover how to earn commissions, repeat and scale the process, and become independent.

Please read my promise and sign up below. Enter your best email because that’s where I’ll be sending all your Project Breakthrough info to. And your personal details are safe with me. Please let me help you succeed now, as a member of my elite marketing team. We can do this.

Thank you for letting me serve you. Let’s go for it. NO LIMITS.

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success


Here’s My Affiliate Story – Video

You might be interested in watching my 2 mins. video, just below. It details My Affiliate Story, from 1997 to 2016. I went through a roller-coaster experience, with highs of earning over a hundred thousand dollars in a few years, to painful lows of SEO shocks in Google. That was when search engines were changing their ranking rules daily, to improve the quality of their search results.

Now I’ve joined High Traffic Academy and started the Project Breakthrough video training course, I’ll never look back. My financial future is secure and assured. Take a quick peek at this video. It’s My Affiliate Story in a nutshell:-

Geoff Dodd, helping business professionals take advantage of Project Breakthrough, for short term and long term gain. Ensuring you’re at the cutting edge of digital marketing on The Internet. And staying competitive.


Investing In Gold & Silver

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Free Webinar Explains

The World’s stock markets are dangerously volatile. Corrections strike suddenly, amidst renewed global currency wars. Right now, investing in gold and silver is your only safe haven. Why? Because precious metals are the only real money! Safe from created derivative crashes on Wall Street. These are risky times for you, the investor – intent on growing your wealth …

Questions remain: Is it better to invest in gold, or silver? Should I start now? Where can I obtain the best expert information about investing in gold?

The Only Solution ..

More information on investing in gold and silver precious metals as a hedge against inflation

Gold and Silver investing

Let me help you. I’d love to invite you to a special, free webinar on this very subject. You’ll get expert information from our Wealth Manager, Minesh Bhindi, who is widely recognized across 27 countries. Minesh understands the current U.S. dollar risk. He knows the perils of inflation. You’ll get a wealth of investing knowledge just by attending the webinar, at a time convenient to you.

Thanks for reading this far. I will be returning here to add fresh new content. New angles on investing in gold and silver, securely. Answers to all your urgent questions, like how do I start investing, should I invest in gold or silver? What about platinum? Should I be avoiding the stock market at the moment? (Yes.) I look forward to chatting with you in the very near future.

Hey – don’t forget the free webinar, about is it better to invest in gold or silver? Where should I store it? Safely at home? Or, more securely in the safety deposit boxes of a major bank? Should I buy gold bullion or coins? Which country’s gold coins? The questions remain …

Find Out More About Investing In Gold Here


Thank you,

Geoff Dodd


Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers. We provide you with a quality information service. We infer, state or imply no warrants or warranties. No specific or precise income level or ROI is guaranteed. We may earn a commission if you take action to purchase a training course or guide. We do suggest that you take the free webinar opportunity for a full explanation of the many benefits to you. You might be surprised.

Our Online GOALS – Investment Information Dissemination:

We work exclusively with Strategies Of The Wealthy to bring you on-demand webinars on the topic of Investing in Gold and Silver – for you to get the best possible information, to make wealth happen for you!

See you on the inside!




Start Your Own Business Free Online

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Starting Internet Business

You’ve seen the light! Owning your own small business online is a lot of fun! You have many questions: How do I start a website? How can I startup my online small business for free? We have many answers and solutions. We’ve been helping Internet marketing startups since 1997. How to start your own business free online? Read every word of our best tips for starting your own business on The Internet. We’ll show you how to make multiplying online commissions. Using a unique 2-Tier System. No charge… for the intro:


How to start your own business free online. Best tips for starting your own business on The Internet.


Advantages Of 2-Tier Multiplying Commissions!

This is a totally unique innovation. Make a decision now to start your own business free online. With us. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s why:

  • This Is A $500+ /day system. 100% proven to work!  (see Video proof.. )
  • Join the One percent who’ve just cracked the code:
  • Get Two tier monthly commissions on ALL members referred!
  • Plus You Get $32 x $32 commissions on the OTO…upgrade
  • Higher Sales Conversions because of Bryan Winters‘ best-of-breed copy writing!
  • Turn THIS into your own business launch … your own operation.
  • Your own affiliate program!
  • Enjoy Unstoppable Commissions. Just Like Mining Gold!



Start Your Own Business Free Online

Do you see what just happened? A WHOLE, successful business was just handed to you on a silver platter. You can see the proof in a video. You’ll get your own Website free. All the testing and tweaking has been carried out. Fully tested and working. Ready to flow self-multiplying commissions into your business account. This is a unique business opportunity: Commission Miner Co-op!

Starting a business website has been made a lot easier for you. You get a startup affiliate business all done, with no risk at all. The first whole month of operation is completely free to you. Then, there’s a minimal investment of just $29. It is worth it, because you can start earning hundreds in multiplying commissions, well before you pay anything out. You get big momentum working for you, leveraged by the unique, 2-tier system! Just watch the video to see how well it works!


How to start your own business free online. Working from home on The Internet.


So You Don’t Have To:

  • Worry about selecting and registering Web domain names
  • Hire out expensive Web servers or hosting space on The Internet
  • Operate any tedious customer support services
  • Handle any stock or inventory at all
  • Handle refunds or any payment processing systems

See the benefits? Huge! Bryan Winters will teach you exactly how he made millions online, using the FREE system. Free offers. Experts will be on hand to answer any questions you have, in the Commission Miner Co-op Forum.

It’s going to be a big Win-Win-Win all around, for you, for me, and for our happy customers! The level of combined, co-operative marketing skill available in this system will astound you. So are you in?

Don’t think too long. The psychological window of opportunity is closing fast. If you seriously want to start your own business free online – THIS is it!

Don’t miss out.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success info. Chief Visualizer.


Start your own business free online. Run your biz with fast SSD hosting for just $5 a month at TinyHosty..


Note: take advantage of our special offer above. Start your own business free online with Commission COOP. If you need any Web hosting – get a $5 fast pack, above ..

Buy Google Sniper 3.0 Best Price

Posted on: May 28th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Trick I’ll Reveal To You

Let me give you one secret. It’s a way to buy Google Sniper 3.0 best price, without any of those irritating or annoying monthly re-bills. Is it a Google Sniper 3 discount? I will explain that to you later.

First, what is Google Sniper and does it still work in 2016? How exactly does it work? Is it worth the $47 you might find it offered at, as a best price? Is GSniper easy to follow and usable by experienced pro marketers, as well as by beginners on The Internet?

Buying Google Sniper 3.0 Training Course, you’ll see it has several sets of video trainings and some pdf e-Books to download. It is a rapid learning approach to building many small WordPress blogs, or mini sites, on The Internet. These Web sites are different. They are tightly targeted and optimized to niche key phrases. This GSniper system scores you affiliate commissions at Clickbank. And at other places for marketers. You can earn big, because of the efficiencies in the keyword targeting method. And in niche selection.

Yes, Google  Sniper 3.0 still works in 2016. The Bulletproof Module ensures that you are up-to-date with Google’s rules, mobile friendliness for 2016 and any search algorithm changes!

Google Sniper 3.0 works in all the major search engines because of George Brown’s secret method of niche selection. You grab commission sales from “the low hanging fruit.” The niche keywords of moderate demand – yet very low supply of competing Web pages. It is easy to follow, clear and forward thinking, containing affiliate tips and tricks for even the experienced Internet marketer.


How To Get Best Price On Google Sniper

Is this a Google Sniper 3.0 Discount? Clickbank controls the price on the order form. However — there is a trick you can work. See on the video sales page, a little box that is checked by default? It looks like a mobile slider.. The box says, get Google Sniper X. That is an additional module. Uncheck the box about Sniper X. Look carefully for it. Unchecking this will ensure you Buy Google Sniper 3.0 Best Price of one time billing of $47. It’s well worth it at this price. You will not be subject to any recurring billing. You’ll get lifetime access to your Google Sniper Membership Area! All the beginner’s and advanced training videos by George Brown. As if George is looking over your shoulder, teaching you. Awesome!


Uncheck the box

Buy Google Sniper 3.0 Best Price at $47 once

Best Value Inside


Buy Google Sniper 3.0 Best Price


If you’ve read my review and watched the three videos here and you’re still not sure, here’s a solution. Join my brief, 5-day email training course, below. It’s safe and private. No selling and no pressure. Let’s chat further and see what your needs are. Join up by filling this tiny form with your first name and best email. Simply reply to any of the 5 emails. Easy peasy stuff. You will also receive 8 priceless e-Books. They are free to you as a gift for joining my group. Bring you up to date with online marketing strategies and tactics that work gangbusters in 2015.



Privacy policy: I promise I will never spam you. Your personal details, such as your name and email address, are perfectly safe with me. You can leave my gifted group at any time. It just takes one click. With me, you’ll be learning a lot about how to make affiliate commissions online.

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1. What is Google Sniper 3.0 ?

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Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info.

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work from home jobs for moms dads

Posted on: May 19th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Internet Jobs Training Course

Whether your need is for full time or part time work from home jobs for moms dads, you will learn it all here. Our experts can provide you with a free Internet jobs training course. We call it the Affiliate Beginner’s Guide for how to get what you want on The Internet.

You’ll quickly realize that we take a skills acquisition approach to immediately solving your income problem of where to find work from home jobs for moms dads – home based working businesses that you create yourself! (After learning about online affiliate marketing!)

You see, it is home based businesses, of the new startup entrepreneurs, that are creating the new round of Internet millionaires! But you must first expand your success mindset and your web marketing skill-set.

Luckily, our highly trained experts have seen the value and the long term sense of spilling the beans, here for you. They’ll share everything they have learned with you. About entrepreneur start-ups, small business strategy and tactics, where to start and what to avoid. Proof is now given right here, in this offer of our free, 5-day training course. Please enter your best email address, to ensure safe and speedy delivery of this highly valuable affiliate marketing beginner’s guide. It has extra tips, free pdf e-Books, training materials for learners up to advanced Internet marketers. It’s a win-win-win, because everyone will gain: (Start here, by filling this form:



Thanks for testing out our brief, 5-day training course. Your personal details are safe and secure with us. We want you to succeed outrageously in this business startup online. Because a long term relationship will bring profits and rewards to our co-created enterprise. We’re in this online marketing business venture together now. Each step of your work from home jobs for moms dads will bring surprise and unexpected personal growth into your life. And into the lives of your family members. No one marketer lives in a vacuum. You are increasingly connected with your online tribe, community, your colleagues, trainers, coaches and mentors. A subtle social media network extends out and envelopes you in online support. Oftentimes, it is stronger support you’ll find online, than offline. Understanding abounds …


Work from home jobs for moms dads

Discard the old notion of  “needing a job!” You were searching Google, asking questions like, “where can I find a work from home job for a mom?” Or maybe it was, “how do I get trained for working a small online business, as a stay at home Dad?”

See? The questions start to refine themselves. You’ll realize it is not the dreams of others that you now want to pursue. You want to work in an Internet job (small business) following your own passions, interests, expressing yourself and building a heritage business on The Internet, to pass on to your children. Think BIG and think long term …

The question might then become, “how do I generate a stable, long term income online, of  50,000 dollars per annum?”   “How do I make six figures annually?” “What investment level in a small business would return me seven figures per year?”

Some answers to these questions about work from home jobs for moms dads, are given by one Minnesota dad, Bryan Winters. Bryan is an innovative designer of marketing funnels for small businesses. Especially for what you seek: Online businesses for stay-at-home parents. Just visit Bryan by clicking here:-


CommissionMiner.com by Bryan Winters, for work from home jobs for moms dads


And, naturally, can these higher incomes be achieved if I’m working as an affiliate marketer? Do I have to create my own products? Can I sell white label, or private label physical products, such as electronic goods, through Amazon.com?  Yes, yes and yes! You can do all of the above. Your work from home jobs for moms dads are unlimited in scope, scale and number. You will need specific training, and some coaching and mentoring…..but the only limitation in an entrepreneurial enterprise online is your imagination! Follow people like Sir Richard Branson, Jim Rohn and Anthony Robbins. Read their life stories and their best books. Immerse yourself in articles about The Success Mindset. That is exactly what we focus on here: Success, and your definition of your success. Work from home jobs for moms dads demands only one thing from you: Focusing on a success mindset.

Article Contributor

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info for home based business start-ups. Supplementing family income for married or single moms and dads. Solutions are offered for stay at home parenting people’s  financial problems. Note that we do not and cannot guarantee any specific level of income derived from working on The Internet. You must acquire the necessary computing and marketing skills first.

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