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TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted

Posted on: August 1st, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Needed In NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, USA

You’re needed. TV producers and Blockbuster Movie-makers are screaming out for people! Staff, extras, personnel. TV and movie extras NYC US wanted is the call I hear every day now. Imagine scoring a part in a major movie and seeing yourself there on the giant screen. It could easily happen to you! Visit this image below immediately and fill in the brief form:

Personnel wanted tv and movie extras nyc us wanted urgently by movie makers in the U.S.

Click image now if resident in the USA


No experience needed. You can easily work as a movie extra. You can take part in a TV series, too. You simply apply online. Click the picture. Fill in the brief form. Wait for the contact. Can you follow simple, verbal instructions? You qualify.



TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted – All States

Fill in our online form to find positions of actors wanted for movies, both in Hollywood and in other locations in the USA. You’ll soon discover that actors are wanted with no experience necessary!

Why is that? Because large TV and movie productions require hundreds of extras. People to sit in restaurants. Folks to be seen in crowds. Often in the streets and lanes of the movie set.

What about television? TV series producers advertise that actors needed for satellite and cable channels, too. Hundreds. Even thousands of positions are available at any one point in time.

The Los Angeles Cal area has many more acting auditions opportunities if you have had acting training. These are for males and females. Companies like Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox. So refer directly to those Hollywood companies.

Some people search for actors wanted near me. This is OK if you currently reside in the U.S. Extras are needed everywhere. In all 50 states.

Hollywood acting auditions are only in the Los Angeles area, California. We urge you to apply online through our partner forms in instances of extras actors wanted in New York City and other locations across the United States.


Actors wanted no experience necessary. US only. Actors needed for movies. TV extras wanted in NYC US for good daily pay rates. Apply here and fill in the very brief form online. Thanks.

Strictly USA only. Click & Fill in the online form.


Extras actors usually earn about $100 to $120 per day. Positions are not all the same. Some extras work in a stunt man role. Naturally, they would earn money at a higher daily rate. Stars make a small fortune once they have established their name, reputation, and relationships with casting directors. Celebrity is a highly prized and sought after value in the television and cinematic acting profession. As you know.

So please do have a go! Extras are needed today. TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted continuously. Get positive and believe in yourself. You don’t need experience. You don’t need to be beautiful or handsome. You just have to be you. Click above and enter the World of acting. Fill in the brief online form. Wait. Listen to the instructions.


Human Resources Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset.


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