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White Label Product Software

Posted on: August 16th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Fortunes Made Rebranding Marketing Software

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire! It just might be making profits selling White Label Product marketing software. Have you thought of it yet? Rebranding software is a fairly easy road to take. And, highly lucrative! You just need to listen to Patric Chan. –Isn’t that amazing?!

First, what exactly is a white label product? The online encyclopedia Wikipedia explains that “A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. … Many software companies offer white label software to agencies or other customers, including the possibility to resell the software.” ~ Wikipedia


Course of training: How to select and sell White Label Product Marketing Software. Guided by Patric Chan, expert in marketing software with PLR and reseller options.

Visit Patric Chan here to create a Profit Windfall



Here’s a hint! Don’t be put off by Patric’s use of English. He’s a brilliant man. Based in Malaysia. Patric’s already made millions of dollars online as a Clickbank super affiliate. He has produced several White Label Product Marketing Software programs already. He really knows the ropes in this game. Let him show you the source and how to rebrand software – and how to profit wildly!


White Label Product Marketing Softwares

Some customers look for marketing software with reseller rights. Others want full private label rights. In addition to selling and marketing-oriented software apps, you could try rebranding white label antivirus software, firewall, and PC cleaner programs. We tend to serve the Internet marketing niche. This is possibly due to the extraordinary levels of tech leverage that is available with a well-planned marketing software program. You’ll need some expert guidance in how to select the best apps to rebrand. Patric can help you with that. He has the insider knowledge you need on white label product sources, selection, and re-labelling methods. Plus the marketing instinct and know-how:


Best PLR source for software. Sourcing and reselling White Label Product Marketing Software. Patric Chan's Profit Windfall online training course is here. Try this methodology.

Generate a large income with White Label Products. Watch Video first. Get involved.



Final Thoughts And Summary On White Label

Some beginning marketers on The Internet search for free white label software to sell. They don’t realize that value works best in this reseller market niche. You get what you pay for. Any free white label software program will contain annoying advertising that will simply distract the end users. In fact, they’ll just stop using the software and experience a lot of frustration. That’s why you will need to pay for the software app that you eventually decide to rebrand. I notice in the video that Patric paid $599 for the rights to a software program that he went on to sell successfully. The marketer who beat Patric to market made over two hundred thousand dollars reselling the exact same software program!

Speed to market is a critical factor for success in the Internet marketing niche. The Digital World changes and evolves so quickly now. So do take Patric Chan up on his offer to teach you the best marketing strategies and tactics for rebranding and reselling software. It’s the smart way. Copy a marketer who has already done it successfully. Join us here today to discover how to select and sell White Label Product Marketing Software. You will be so happy that you did. Your financial future will feel just that little bit more certain and secure.


Geoff Dodd, Marketing Technology Editor.

How Can I Get Paid For Blogging

Posted on: July 3rd, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Which is the best blogging platform?

The two most frequent questions I get asked, are how do I get paid for blogging, and which is the best blogging platform? Let me start by answering you straight. WordPress is hands down, by far the best blogging platform. Why is this so clear? Because:

  1. WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System) that has gradually evolved and been refined by Auttomatic. Go to WordPress.org for software, or to WordPress.com for their quick to use, fully hosted blogging platform.
  2. WordPress is extremely flexible. There are thousands of free WP themes available. There are some magnificent paid themes, too. Further flexibility and expansion of functionality come from the thousands of WordPress software plugins available. Most of these plugins are free. And extremely easy to install, from the WP dashboard. You can edit files in WordPress.
  3. Installation of WordPress in a self-hosted environment is a 2 or 3 click process. All major hosting companies have a software section pre set-up where you can simply select which CMS you would like to install. Every step is smooth. Install WP in the root directory, or create a specific folder for your installation. It is an extremely easy, automatic installation process!



How To Get Paid For Blogging

So, we have made it clear for you that WordPress is the best blogging platform. It installs so easily. You can host WP anywhere. You can also immediately build a blog in your Web browser at WordPress.com, as an easier alternative. (Slightly less flexible.) WordPress.com is an ideal starting point for absolute beginners. Not for seasoned webmasters.

How Can I Make Money Blogging On WordPress?

This is a great question. You’re still wondering, how do I get paid for blogging? There are many and varied approaches to answering this question. Some methods include:

  • Build a community. Get people engaged and interact with them. Reply to their comments. Answer questions and ask your followers to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Do email marketing to your subscriber list. Provide valuable content in the form of articles, free e-Books, videos, tips, special reports and even downloadable software programs.
  • Offer training courses. Mini-courses, for 7-days, delivered by email and some further, extended training, webinars, events, etc. People always want to learn a new skill. Training and e-Courses are popular when you are perceived as the #1 authority in your field.
  • Banner advertising:  1. selling your own products; 2. offering affiliate products; 3. selling advertising space, known as ad inventory. First, choose some standard ad sizes in pixels.
  • Do guest posting on a related blog. This helps brand you. It establishes your authority in a niche.
  • Use social sharing buttons. Get your blog posts shared widely across social media.



This course teaches you how to get paid for blogging. You can earn a lot of income as a blogger, using the WordPress blogging platform. Self-hosted is best because it is more flexible.

Earn income as a blogger. Visit above.


Which Topic Is Best For Blogging?

A lot of people are wondering which topics and subjects are the best for blogging purposes. Remember that your goal is to get paid for blogging! That suggests to me that you’ll do better if you attract a lot of attention. So don’t choose boring topics. Don’t talk about grandma’s favorite stockings or her tastiest cup of tea! Find something really controversial. You want people to have a strong emotional reaction. For, or against.

Current political issues, like immigration levels in Western countries, free trade, security, international threats, etc., might be likely to stir up some emotional responses. Consumer protection against unscrupulous companies and corporations is another good area for newsworthy topics.  You can also curate news snippings and comment strongly on the current news. Blogging is all about your opinion. Plus the opinions of your blog readers. People want to discuss ideas. They need to be listened to.


Best Tips When Blogging

Some hot tips for bloggers might include:

  1. Integrate your blog comments section with a service like Disqus.com. The amazing Disqus system gets billions of visitors monthly and so join up with them. Find a free Disqus plugin, inside your WordPress blog dashboard, plugins page. Search in new plugins: add.
  2. Similarly, integrate your comments by adding a Facebook comments area. This is additional to the Disqus comments plugin. Yes, you can run both sets of comments. It allows visitors to share their comments on Facebook. That’s a BIG plus for you!
  3. Add a plugin for Social Media sharing. You want this to appear right at the end of your blog posts. Just as you see on this blog post. Make sure you have buttons for the main social sites: Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon.com, etc.
  4. Very important: To start to quickly get paid for blogging, become familiar with the companies that organize affiliate programs. I have prepared a Q&A page about the best affiliate marketplace you’ll find: ClickBank.com. That’s where you’ll find thousands of digital info-products you can sell. You can often score 75% of the product’s selling price, as a commission to you. Paid direct into your check or savings bank account. Or, you can choose to get a check in the mail. It’s up to you.



Where Should I Start Blogging?

You should start blogging immediately by researching a bit. Learn a little each day. Choose your niche. Listen to your passions. To start to get paid for blogging, go to my Q&A link above and scan through my 72 questions and answers. It’s easy. Bloggers can earn unlimited income. If they know how. It is NOT dead if you will do the research, in Google, to locate and define your narrow market niche – or ‘slice of the pie!’

Here’s another resource site that can help you to monetize your blog site. It supplies you with the monetizing skills that you do need now. It also helps you quickly clone a very powerful, proven marketing system. Make sure you watch the video right through to the end. It is a training in itself. Very valuable. It is connected with the free e-Book:


How to get paid for blogging using self-hosted WordPress, the best platform. Plus you can download your free ebook about clickbank affiliate marketing. Join me here at this image.


Thanks for reading this far in my blog post. You may have a lot of unanswered questions still? Like, for example, why blogging is important for your business? Does it still work in 2017? Is it dead? Does it need regulation, government control, or censoring? Or even, I’ve seen, where to start fashion blogging? Starting off: How do I select my topic and niche?

Answers are all provided in our neat PDF free e-Book.

Thank you,

Geoff Dodd, Editor. Focus On Success



Find Success With SEO – What is SEO?

Posted on: March 23rd, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Easy SEO Affiliate Marketing Blog

The question of what is search engine optimization is very clearly answered here today. It also begs the question of How to optimize a web page? How do I make my web site perform better in Google’s search engine results pages? How can I get a web page to rank higher in the SERPS?

How To Optimize A Web Page

Here Is A Complete View….

What is SEO? It is search engine optimization. Getting listed higher in search results pages. How do you optimize a page for Google? What do I have to do?

1) Choose your keywords wisely. Research what people WANT. What they desire. Use their tribal language.
2) Put up a lot of content that is relevant to those keywords – text pages, with images and videos
3) Get a lot of links from trusted, authority pages that are semantically related to your pages – maybe you no longer need the exact keyword phrase in the inbound link. Definitely true is that one..
4) Sprinkle the magic keyword dust throughout your title, H1 and H2 headers, bold text, strong, em, italic, body text with a keyword density of up to 2%. Always put your focus keyword at the beginning of your page Title. For more specific detail about precisely what is SEO, please view our latest instructions in How To Build Keyword Optimized Websites. Thank you. You’ll like it. Please leave a comment.
5) Engage strongly on your topic in Google+ and Twitter and Pinterest, Linked-In, Blogger and WordPress related blogs and send data into Google Analytics. The more data nodes you add site information to, the better.
6) Create a specific topic related Author page in Google+ that links to your web site
7)  Doing reverse engineering as much as possible and coming up with mechanisms to feed in lots and lots of web  pages!

What is SEO?

CONTENT Marketing  according to Stone Temple Consulting for Web Search Optimization, is a way to consistently get your BRAND seen and broadcast out there. Follow up with responsive support services: 1. in-house, 2. in Twitter, 3. on Facebook, 4. at Google Plus, and your brand reputation will improve no end… remember that high quality Web content is your most productive approach to SEO these days!

Making smart use of our in-house approach to real easy, SEO Affiliate Marketing Blog support services right here, with..

Geoff Dodd

Focus On Success at SEO to get a higher ranking of your web site in the Google, particularly, search engine results pages or SERPS. We have just answered your question: What is SEO?



LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander

Posted on: November 5th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

SmartRebrander.com Replaces LoyaltePays.com


This awesome supplier of web CONTENT is featured a lot in my Ezine: Focus On Success. The owner is Ms Heide Holtz, a smart business woman and super affiliate in her own right, based in Queenstown, Central Otago province, in New Zealand. Heide has renamed Loyaltepays.com as Smartrebrander.com so you can imagine finding GREAT CONTENT there; videos, e-Books, images, etc., famous and classic material – then rebranding it before SHARING it out, carrying your affiliate links!

Here’s a great example of high quality video content from Sir Richard Branson. This is a helpful, entrepreneur’s lesson:

What VIDEO ADVICE issues from Sir Richard Branson today?  <<


More Content: Brendon Burchard, speaking on Love

Before SmartRebrander, bloggers needed to write a new article every day, for about a year, before they could expect to see any real income.

The biggest obstacle most bloggers face is attracting enough readers. In order to get readers you need content. And producing good content takes time… or a big chunk of money if you plan to hire a copywriter.

SmartRebrander gives you an entire Library of rebrandable content: eBooks, Images and Videos. You can simply rebrand with (insert) your affiliate IDs and add to your Blog.

  • People are more likely to purchase a product or service through a useful video, eBook or image rather than an advert.
  • People visiting your blog will send other people to your blog to get their own copy of an ebook or image or to watch a video. This equals even more readers which ultimately means more commission.
  • They will email friends and family about your blog, they’ll share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and once the material goes viral you’ll be earning commissions from people you would not have reached otherwise.

SmartRebrander successfully combines:

  1. Blogging – with content that attracts audiences and sells for you.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – one of the most popular methods to earn money from your blog.
  3. Sustainable Business Model – that pays you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate products, not just one.

It is a pretty fair system:

  • Product owners pay you a percentage of each sale that is generated from a reader of your blog.
  • You get paid a commission every time someone makes a purchase via a link in a video, image or eBook posted on your blog. If your blog readers spend a lot, you get paid a lot.

That is all there is to it!

LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander


There are about 2,000 pieces of Quality Web CONTENT in there.. and many, many ways  of monetizing your SHARING activity

Take action (daily) and the results will follow


Geoff Dodd, Editor and webmaster in New Zealand, offers you a 5-Day email Mini Course, totally free:




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