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Burn Fat Diet Plan

Whether you’re looking for a fat loss diet plan for female, or a diet plan for men to lose weight – we have the answer!

Top Scientists at Harvard University just discovered that a burn fat diet is unnecessary if you have Omega 7, as in Ultra Omega Burn!

In fact, it’s so much better and more effective than a fat burning diet, that Harvard is even trying to get a patent on it. You see, the medical scientists found an ingenious way to get fat released by the fat cells! And now I can get this magical nutrient to you. Please don’t just take my word for this discovery. Enter below (click the image) and prove to yourself that Ultra Omega Burn is way, way quicker and much more effective than any burn fat diet:-

How To Burn Fat Fast

Omega 7 FORCES any fat cell, to release fat, just like this. As in the picture, below.

And it also FORCES muscles to use that fat for fat-burning fuel!

Better than any burn fat diet. See how Omega 7 instructs the fat cells to release fat. No exercise required in this process

Researchers at Harvard were even able to WATCH fat come out
of fat cells when they tested it in a petri dish, in the laboratory.

Yet, it is a completely Natural Method, is Non-Toxic and thankfully, it has NO SIDE EFFECTS. (Unlike most medications!)

In fact, it helps Reduce insulin resistance (and prevents diabetes type 2)…

Reduce arterial plaque…
Improve digestion…
Reduce wrinkles and acne…
Improve eye health…
Lower bad cholesterol…

However – only a very few have been able to manufacture Omega 7 capsules at a cost you can easily afford. That’s why we’re so proud of Ultra Omega Burn. We have already seen it disappearing fast off the shelves. Everyone who learns about it, wants it. Instead of an old fashioned burn fat diet.

Imagine now the ultimate fat loss diet plan for female comes in the form of a bottle of Omega 7 capsules! That’s what high level science can do for us!

You can now lose weight at will and burn fat faster than with any dietary plan. You see, fat cells need to respond to a signal to release fat. We have just found the ‘signal.’ It is Omega 7 fatty acid. Related to Omega 3. (Originating in marine triglycerides, or fish oil, if you like.) No one really expected that. Omega 7 is obtained from a shrub. Sea Buckthorn is the shrub, found in Asia and Europe. (Please see the first comment, below on this page.)

Our researcher friend Derek revealed what’s behind stubborn, unrelenting fat storage. There’s only one way you can lose weight if this is the case. Apologies to your dietitian and her out-of-date burn fat diet. All of her fat burning secret foods are nought compared to this discovery at Harvard University.

As I mentioned above, earlier, Harvard has even applied for a patent on this electrifyingly new method of releasing fat storage. Grab a bottle of Ultra Omega Burn right now and prove to yourself how it will start burning fat better than any other dietary plan or system. Why? Because it signals directly to the cell receptors. Try it and see for yourself. (It’ll completely starve fat out of your fat cells. Test it now.. )

To your weight loss success!

Health Editor, Geoff Dodd


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  1. Geoff says:

    What is Omega 7 and what plant or source is it obtained from?

    Palmitoleic Acid (Omega-7):

    Palmitoleic acid is a conditional fatty acid that is commonly found attached to glycerides in fat tissue and although it is found in all tissues, the liver generally contains higher levels. Conditional means that while this fatty acid is normally made by your body, under stress your body may not be able to make enough and may require an outside source.

    Omega 7 is obtained from a shrub.

    Sea Buckthorn is a shrub found in Asia and Europe which has small orange berries that are a rich source of Omega-7 (palmitoleic acid). It also contains linoleic acid (omega-6) and Oleic acid (omega-9) as well as antioxidants, vitamins and phytosterols.

    The Editor

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