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How To Build Keyword Optimized Websites

7 Best Tips For Website Optimization

Every new online affiliate marketer must eventually learn: how to build keyword optimized websites, in order to attract free Web traffic from Google. There are essential steps; and we show you authority sources as well as two proven systems that will help you out a lot in this ‘holy grail’ quest! The 7 essential steps have a flow order, and are:

1. Keyword and key phrase research, with regard to supply and demand: the competition factor

2. Writing quality articles, word content and adding audio visual media: videos, podcasts, pictures

3. On-page SEO with keyword distribution and key phrase density as a percentage of total words.

4. Linking out to good, high quality authority sites

5. Earning natural links in (inbound links) from more good, high quality authoritative Web sites like Wikipedia or established universities.

6. Finding quality products and services to sell and to represent to your Web visitors.

7. Ongoing work as a tireless Super promoter. (Web site promotion.)

These 7 essential steps for how to build keyword optimized websites that earn you tens of thousands in affiliate commissions, will now be expanded and elaborated on, as follows:


Keyword and Key Phrase Research

The Internet is a highly competitive marketplace. You’ll need to research your focus keywords very well. Each web page you build will be tightly focused around a key phrase that does not have a supply factor in the millions. That’s found when you search for a term and see how many relevant Web results Google found. You’ll notice ‘search suggestions’ automatically supplied by Google instant; you will also see related topics at the bottom of each search engine results page. (SERP). These are your possible search terms for building each unique page around. Ideally, in a keyword research tool, you want to see a demand factor of about 10,000 to 80,000 searches for a term each month in Google, and only a supply factor counted in the thousands of existing Web site results, upon doing a search, rather than in the tens or hundreds of millions.

This way, we minimize competition and go for the low hanging fruit, as they say. Already, we are well on the way to understanding how to build keyword optimized websites. This critical step of key phrase research MUST come first.


Quality Article Word Content & Media

Generally, the more words you have written on your optimized Web page, the better! 400 words is a bare minimum and 1,000 to 1,500 words is preferable. Design a clear page with some white space. Write short sentences. Like this. Add relevant videos where your keywords appear in the video’s title and/or description. Add at least one quality image that attracts people. Put your focus keyword in the Alt (alternative text) Tag of the Web image. Make your article very easy to read, with a vertical flow of sub-headers and bold text. The human eye will follow these bold words or headers down the page and encourage a visitor to stay on your page. This factor is called ‘stickability.’ Videos are excellent for this.. How to build keyword optimized websites is getting a lot clearer to you now, isn’t it?


On-page SEO

The all-important factor of on-page SEO is very specialized. Here is an infographic that explains this subject to you, much better than I, the writer, can:


Click Image to Enlarge
On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page
Source: On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page – Infographic


The Keyword Density of your main, focus key phrase, needs to be between 1% and 2.2% of all (total) words on your optimized Web page. Do not stuff in too many keywords. Google will penalize you for that. 1-2% of the total number of words is best. If you are using WordPress as a CMS or Content Management System, do make sure to add the Yoast SEO plugin. It will measure the keyword density for you. Plus a lot more.. as you build optimization into each key phrase focused Web page.

Wordpress will create a Header 1 tag automatically out of your topmost headline. It will also make the words appear in the URL page file name. Do not retain the default setting which looks like ?p=1  as words in the URL are read by Googlebot and the first 3-5 words are used as ranking factors.


Linking To Authority Sites

The sites that your page links out to, can help or hinder your SEO and search ranking. A good rule of thumb is to link out to Websites that already appear on the first page of Google. They’re very safe to link to, because Google already approves highly of them. They need to have a good reputation, tight relevance and authority on your specific topic or subject.


Earning Natural Inbound Links

Tread very carefully when obtaining incoming links. It is better to do nothing. The reputation and authority of all inbound links is critically important. You can easily get penalized for unnatural linking. Web 2.0 sites and large social media sites are typically safe, as well as established Wiki sites and university and college links. This has become a very touchy subject, after Google’s notorious Penguin algorithm updates. Do not purchase or rent links. Do use social media buttons to get naturally occurring inbound links from Linked In, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Scribd and Twitter. Let these links grow slowly in numbers. Naturally. Remember – don’t rush it.


How To Find Quality Products and Services To Sell Online

Your specific market niche is defined by each Web page’s focus keyword. Read that again. It is better to go narrow and specialized. Much better. You will find some very large companies serving both product vendors and affiliate marketers. These are known as affiliate aggregators.  That means, they collect both marketing affiliates eager to earn commissions, and products to sell, online. Search in Google for affiliate programs.

Other experts have researched this question of, how do I select a market niche? Where can I find good quality products and services to sell? What is the best affiliate program? How can I get trained as an affiliate marketer? What is the best training course for online affiliates? I recommend you watch George Brown’s video right here, as he addresses all these questions:




How To Build Keyword Optimized Websites

Training For Success

The second resource training site showing us how to build keyword optimized websites is operated by Dr Ken Evoy. It is known as Site Build It. SBI has survived a lot of Google changes and it comes highly recommended by this author. Here is the quick access link to Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt! system of easy optimised Web Site building … These 2 SBI Videos will show you a lot more:


More on Ken Evoy’s SBI – Site Build It Software

Another Video Of SBI by Dr Ken Evoy


Plus Earn Big Commissions

By the way, in a final note: Both these two, high quality affiliate training courses come with generous affiliate programs. Join them and take advantage of commission earning, at rates of 25% and up to 75% commissions!


Promote Relentlessly ..

Now you know. I have spilled the beans on exactly how to build keyword optimized websites that can rake in tens of thousands of dollars monthly for you. Persist with this task. Apply all your joy, gratitude and desire. Use your brains and your imagination. No income level is guaranteed. But by the same token, there are unlimited rewards waiting for you on The Internet. Test out George Brown and Dr Ken Evoy. Step forward boldly …


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