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Work From Home Online Jobs

Posted on: November 21st, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Easy Internet-Based Work

We’ve found a solid working platform for you to start working on The Internet – as soon as today! It’s a new company with hundreds of online positions for work from home Online Jobs! I strongly recommend you check this out while you’re online right now. The job sheet suggests a $25 to $35 per hour pay rate. Some experience posting on social media would be helpful to increase your hourly rate.

Privacy: your personal info is always safe with us. We hate spam with a passion. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please whitelist: geoff.now @ gmail. com, and check your email folders. Thanks!

The Internet Lifestyle will soon be yours! Whether you’re living in the USA or Canada, the U.K. or in India. Or in Australia or S.E. Asia! We work remotely now, from a laptop or a tablet computer, or even from a smartphone. This enables us to travel the World on a whim. Make sure to put in a few hours of work in the early morning. Then you can play hard in the afternoon!


Low Investment Work From Home Online Jobs

Many of you search the Web for no investment online jobs. You want to work on The Internet. Initially, it’s a good idea to invest a bit in yourself. Any job that pays well requires a small amount of training. So you can be a skilled specialist in your work. I suggest you shift your thinking towards low investment work from home Online Jobs. Invest in yourself at the start and your levels of commitment and stickability will be sky high! Test this out and confirm it for yourself.


New company shows you how to make money on facebook in 2017 to 2018 and well beyond. Best low investment Work From Home Online Jobs available in 2017.

Get Paid $25 to $35 per hour posting to Social Media. Prove it to yourself how hot these online jobs are! (Start living The Internet Lifestyle.)


There is more information available to you about specifically how to make money on Facebook. We prepared this earlier. But do realize that your online advertising skills are also (and equally) required for work on Instagram. This is a major selling platform on The Internet, too. Also: posting videos on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest, and posting offers on Twitter. All the social media sites are where your prospects and buyers hang out, sharing social information about their life experiences!


 My Personal Story

I started working on The Internet way back in 1997. That feels like a whole Century ago! I put up an animated banner on a Web page and wham! I scored my very first $10 commission. I was hooked. I tried work from home online jobs of a very wide variety for twenty years. Most of it was what we call affiliate marketing. In fact I earned about $140,000 USD doing that, using my success formula. I learned that my mindset was the most important factor. And that as The Internet constantly changes and evolves, you have to keep learning to keep up. Always, you’re discovering ‘what works now!’


Content Marketing Social Media Jobs

This is precisely the area that you will be working in. It is also ‘what works now.’ You will be working posting digital content on various social media sites. Social media jobs arose because many, mostly American Internet marketing companies want to get their digital content spread out widely across The World Wide Web. You will be sharing out free content like YouTube videos, free PDF e-Books, special reports, and more. These free items help the marketing companies to generate leads, opt-in subscribers, and to get more sales, by providing information. Here you can check out some of the better social media jobs online.


Work From Home Jobs: Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys is an altogether different form of work from home online jobs. With paid surveys, you get paid an amount like $3 or $5, up to $500 for each online survey that you complete. Some people prefer to do this highly structured work online. It can be highly rewarding, as the video shows. I, personally, prefer the social media work: Posting e-Books, videos and reports crammed with valuable digital information.

There you have a few good starting points. If you are interested in work from home online jobs, then please visit the Web sites, above. It helps to have had some experience with social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Most people are spending up to a few hours on these sites daily. Is that you? You may as well get paid for your time online.

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Work From Home Job Opportunities.

Focus On A Success Mindset




How To Make Money On Facebook

Posted on: November 9th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Remote Internet Work Opportunity

Do you use Facebook a lot? Here are hot ideas for how to make money on facebook! You see, a brand new company is actively hiring experienced facebook users. You can get paid great money doing this, too. Join me. Get my free report on social media jobs:

Privacy: your personal info is always safe with us. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please whitelist: geoff.now @ gmail. com (Also – check your email spam folder first). Thanks.

You will be working remotely, from home. It’s even better if you work on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube as well. Just go here to take a good look: (It’s a highly reputable company.)

New company shows you how to make money on facebook in 2017 to 2018 and beyond


How Can I Make Money On Facebook?

When you’re wondering how to make money on facebook, take a good look at the new Social Sales Rep offer. You had better hurry. They’re currently recruiting new social media sales reps. You will be working on the brand new SocialSaleRep.com web platform. That means working remotely. Yes, from your own home. As long as you can put in a few hours, every week. The site suggests you could earn at a solid rate of $25 to $35 per hour.

What Internet Work Would I Be Doing?

The social media work will simply be posting free reports, videos, and PDF e-Books on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. This is highly flexible work, from home. The people who make the most money at this work have the most social media accounts. I must add that your Internet experience counts a lot. You can get started today working online. The company is keen to teach you and to help you to succeed at this. Here’s your sneak peek entry:


how to make money on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Get Social Media Sales Rep for 2018.


Best Ways How To Make Money On Facebook

I was surprised when I discovered you can get paid good money to use Facebook. This works equally well for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram users, too. You see, client companies, or advertisers, want their free content distributed as widely as possible across The Internet. They are very willing to pay you for posting their videos on YouTube and on Facebook. Free reports and PDF e-Books can be posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so as to generate sales leads for these companies.

You are truly in the right place at the right time. As The Internet becomes mainstream media. Workers just like you will be increasingly needed to get the word out. You will be paid well.


Who Is This Social Media Work For?

Students, stay at home moms and dads, 65+ retired folk – everyone!

Anyone desiring to know how to make money on facebook! Everyone with social media accounts at Instagram (sharing pictures and short videos), Twitter (sharing 280 char text plus a link), YouTube (sharing videos), and of course at Facebook, where you can share what your dog had for breakfast! – anything!

So do investigate this ‘get paid to use Facebook’ opportunity. You’ll be very happy that you gave it a go. Start before Christmas 2017 by entering the job center via a picture, above.


Geoff Dodd, Social Media Jobs Editor.


Glutathione Antioxidant

Posted on: November 2nd, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Discount On Glutathione Antioxidant

Here’s a chance to buy Glutathione Antioxidant, chemical formula: C10H17N3O6S to prevent Cell Damage in your body. This helps with healthy anti-aging. Glutathione can even protect cell walls to help prevent serious diseases such as cancer. (It is important to consult your doctor first if you are experiencing symptoms.) Now you’re invited to watch our fascinating video:

Buy glutathione antioxidant at a discount to support antiaging in the elderly, by protecting the integrity of cells in the human body.

New Solution Supports Your Health And Wellness Throughout Life


How To Support Good Health And Wellness

How important is glutathione antioxidant and how can you make your body produce more glutathione? These are great questions! We will start to answer these and similar questions. Please remember to watch the video above that explains all.

Inside each tiny cell of your body is a biological clock. You are speeding towards death. What’s causing this? Free radicals are raging away, oxidizing your healthy cells! You need to get curious and discover the absolute best and most effective antioxidants. Does that now make a lot of sense to you? It does to me!

There’s a new health discovery, widely covered by the U.S. media, found on the World’s healthiest island – Iceland. The people in Iceland have the longest life span in the World. They also have the lowest rates of disease in any modernized country. That’s a fact. But why?

This wellness is caused by the most powerful disease-fighting nutrient available on The Planet. You can even literally turn your body’s disease switch OFF.

First, I was convinced it was all about magnesium deficiency. That is certainly part of the picture.  Because it is needed as a co-factor with calcium. Just as vitamin D3 is needed.

Follow me and you’ll retain the health, vitality and energy that you need and want. Regardless of where you are at, right now. We just need to understand a little more about the people in Iceland.

Have you ever seen those photos or videos of them soaking in a large, communal pool? They’re infusing their skin and cells with certain natural minerals. Sulfur and selenium, for instance. Meanwhile, back in the West, our healthy blood cells are getting silently corrupted. See the all-telling video. I implore you. Protect yourself from the ravages of damaging free radicals. Heavy metals. Pesticides. Herbicides like glyphosate.

Fantastic health is not only about being a vegetarian, eating more fiber, more fish, and getting more of the right type of exercise. Those things are important. But, taking a very high quality Glutathione antioxidant supplement will make a World of difference. The very same benefit that those Icelandic citizens are enjoying!


Ingest high quality glutathione antioxidant to avoid a nursing home for the aged. Protect your healthy cells and your bloodstream with this product, starting today.

Visit us to watch this video for more information. It might change your life!


Do you really want to spend your last years living in a nursing home? (I think you’d prefer the independence that vital health and wellness can provide you with.)

Think about these health facts: Not only does Iceland have the longest life expectancy
on the planet, they also have one of the world’s lowest numbers of nursing homes per head of population.

Why is Iceland such a healthy country to live in? Remember, it’s because the people benefit from this natural, nutritional health secret that is keeping them healthier, looking much younger, and yes – disease free.

Do yourself an incredible favor today and buy Glutathione antioxidant by clicking on one of our pictures. Watch the educational video. Isn’t it amazing? I love learning from these videos. I’ve just found out how to live longer. How to prevent too much cell damage from dangerous free radicals in my bloodstream. Oxidation. I want the best for my health. I now want the top quality Glutathione antioxidant product. That’s why I’m confident I will meet my personal health goal. I want to live to a hundred.

Geoff Dodd

Health Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset

P.S. Notes on The Production Of Glutathione:

“Glutathione is manufactured inside your cells from the 3 amino acid precursors: L-glutamate, L-cysteine, L-glycine. The ability of your cells to produce glutathione is determined by the supply of these three raw materials. Most important is the amino acid, cysteine.”  For more information. Source: www.balancedconcepts.net Glutathione Master Antioxidant. PDF document for comprehensive information.


Chemical structure of the Glutathione antioxidant molecule that is produced in almost every cell from 3 specific amino acids. Most important is L-cysteine.

Visit us by clicking upon this image to obtain glutathione antioxidant supplement. Thanks for your interest. GD.






How to get rid of excess body fat

Posted on: September 16th, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

New Omega 7 Burn

If you want to learn how to get rid of excess body fat fast, you need to see our latest video.  In it I’ll reveal a weight loss discovery so important, that Harvard Medical School is scrambling to obtain a patent on it.

This discovery (of the effects of Omega 7) is the answer to breaking through any weightloss plateau! Any area of stubborn, hard-to-remove fat can be beaten with this method! Watch the video and you’ll also discover how to lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol and reverse the risk of type 2 diabetes.  You can improve digestion (a bonus!) and get rid of excess body fat at the same time!

Hard to remove body fat can finally be mobilized with Ultra Omega Burn. Yes, you can finally attain your ideal weight and keep excess fat off for the rest of your life! I’ll also be showing you the recently discovered cause of body fat and excess weight that you think you cannot lose. Fat that will not respond to eating less carbohydrate and exercising more and more.


How to get rid of excess body fat

You must avoid the mistake that I’m about to share with you at all costs. It is not what you think. Even top trainers and doctors don’t know this. It is fresh out of new research at Harvard Medical School. And NOT knowing this can ruin your chances of a complete body change—in how your cells actually use, process and burn fat.

I don’t know how long this video will be online, for you to watch!  If you put it off till tomorrow, this incredible weight loss video may no longer be here.  So watch this video right now, while you still can. Remember, I’m about to reveal, in this fat-loss presentation, how to melt off any stubborn fat at all, using Omega 7. And for others, this Omega 7 product will speed up the fat loss safely and naturally. It’s been proven by rigorous scientific testing. And it happens without any side-effects!

The people who have benefited from Omega 7 methods of fat burning, will share their stories with you in the same video! Be sure to watch it right through.

This may sound impossible right now. Watch this video presentation. Do what it suggests you do. What happens to your body fat next will challenge everything you’ve ever heard before about weight loss!

Thousands of deeply grateful people have experienced the benefits of Omega 7 before you. Your friends and family will be shocked at the staggering changes and transformation your body goes through. Almost overnight. How suddenly, your hips and thigh fat – some of the hardest to lose – will shrink before your eyes!

Knowing how to get rid of excess body fat, you’ll be able to show off that attractive waistline again. Notice how stubborn belly fat suddenly seems to shrink. Even without any sagging skin. And seems to stay flat. You won’t have to do a single sit-up.

I’m going to show you the secret, in the video, in just a second. I first need to explain the BIG weight loss lie. You need to know the truth about the threat of weight-related disease, too. The horrors of advanced T2D or type 2 diabetes, for example.

You need this information. You can have the figure and lean looks you desire and yearn for. This information can mean the difference between life and death for someone you love.

So I want you to try to keep an open mind. Stay with me as the video teaches you how to get rid of excess body fat – in the advanced, nutritional science way – using Omega 7.

You don’t need the horrible, extreme diets. You can stop the crazy workouts and excessive visits to the gym. Not necessary with Omega 7.

Yes – the big lie is that losing excess weight is about eating less and exercising more. That’s wrong. And about counting calories? Nuh. Cutting back on calories, wheat, gluten, carbs, may have only worked for a little while. You get stuck in this damn circle. Stuck in a plateau that won’t change. And you begin to lose your mind. That old method doesn’t work.

The Truth is it isn’t calories. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not some technical workout. It’s about your fat cells. They have to open up and let go of what’s inside them.

Scientists used to think that fat cells were merely cells full of fat. No. Research now shows that fat cells communicate. They ‘tell’ each other when to release fat. Fat cells are complicated and they have receptors on the surface that receive messages. They can both send and receive signals. When they receive a signal to release fat (Omega 7) they let go of it from the inside. They also send signals to muscles and the liver and other organs, forcing them to use the fat to release energy.

So use our Omega 7. The fat cells will get the signals from inside to release fat and to tell the muscles to burn it up. That’s the new scientific knowledge you need on how to get rid of excess body fat.  Do it now. You might amaze yourself.


Geoff Dodd,

Health Writer and Adviser. Focus On A Success Mindset.


How Can I Earn Bitcoin?

Posted on: September 11th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Bitcoin Q & A

You might have many questions about Bitcoin, at this early stage. Questions like, how can I earn bitcoin? How much is a bitcoin worth in 2017? Should I invest in it? How to buy bitcoin with a credit card? How to sign up for bitcoin? Do I need a bitcoin wallet?

Best answer to the question: how can I earn bitcoin on The Internet. Which business will pay me in bitcoin? In USA, Canada, UK and in Australia and New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia, India and global business

How can I earn bitcoin online in an Internet Business? Simply click the Bitcoin picture.



How Can I Earn Bitcoin On The Internet?

This is a great question. People are quickly realizing that bitcoin is rising in value very fast now in 2017. The value has been to $4,600 USD or more. At the time of writing it is at about $4,200. Naturally, people are wanting to find a company that pays you online in bitcoin. It makes a lot of sense. We strongly recommend that you take a good look at Mindset24Global.com – via this link, or by clicking the big BTC picture, above.


How much is a bitcoin worth?

On September 11, 2017 in the USA, Coindesk.com reports that 1 Bitcoin is worth: $4,200.01 USD. The page shows a chart of the bitcoin price. Select ‘ALL’ to see the exponential rise from about a tenth of a cent, in 2009, to the current level of $4,200. USD.


How much bitcoin is in circulation?

At the same date in 2017, Coindesk.com shows you that total Supply of Bitcoin is 16,557,600 BTC. The system has a programmed limit of only 21,000,000 BTC. This is the limit that bitcoin mining can reach. It accounts for the high market price: derived from high demand for bitcoin with a very limited supply. In comparison, the U.S. dollar has 3.5 trillion dollars in circulation. The ‘M1.’ It suffers from rapid depreciation. This is experienced as inflation of prices. Bitcoin’s Market Cap is $68.36Billion, to 70B. This is volatile at present. (As China decides and communicates its policy towards bitcoin versus the yuan. Chinese currency traders were betting strongly on the BTC.)


How to sign up for bitcoin?

You signup by creating your free bitcoin wallet. The easiest place to start with Bitcoin is here: Blockchain.info They have access by both computer, and by their really simple mobile app. You can ‘pair’ or link your two devices. The Blockchain wallet has a unique ID and it can generate addresses for you to use when you either request or send bitcoin. It also uses digital QR codes. It’s a simple and very secure process at Blockchain.info.


Do I need a bitcoin wallet?

Yes, you must have a unique Bitcoin wallet address, to send or request bitcoin. We do recommend that you apply for your wallet at Blockchain.info/wallet as it’s probably the most popular site for this.


How to buy bitcoin with credit card?

There are several merchant Web sites where you can purchase your bitcoin. Some sites take bank transfers only. Other sites will accept a credit card. We recommend you try at Coinmama.com as their system is very clear and simple to work. You’ll need to do a form of account verification. I found that the easiest way is to upload front and back photos in .jpg format of your driving license, or a passport. The minimum order of BTC, is $60 USD equivalent. The first level of verification allows you to buy $10,000 worth of BTC.


Should I invest in bitcoin 2017?

The value of 1 bitcoin is literally skyrocketing. It is worth much more than an ounce of gold. You decide for yourself. Will war break out with North Korea? Will millions of people rush to safe havens like gold, silver and bitcoin? Hedging against failure of the greenback? Some analysts are expecting a 75,000 to a one million dollar value per bitcoin, within ten years. We cannot guarantee it. We do feel it will rise substantially, although it is still very volatile at the moment. 12 September, 2017.


Do I have to buy a whole bitcoin?

No, you do not have to buy a whole bitcoin! Remember, it’s currently valued at $4,200 USD. My initial purchase was just for $60.03 to activate the BTC wallet. I did that at Blockchain.info because I love their system. With a distributed ledger working in the bitcoin blockchain, the algorithm is quite happy to send and request your tiny micro-payments. Heck, you might be buying a cup of coffee or a transport ticket. A meal or some takeaways. Any tiny decimal fraction of a bitcoin is OK to work with. It very rarely is transacted in perfectly whole bitcoin amounts. Don’t worry. Just get started. My first order was for 0.0122329 btc.


Thanks for reading our blog article about How Can I Earn Bitcoin | Questions & Answers. We sincerely hope that we’ve been able to help get you started earning bitcoin on The Internet. Isn’t it all magical?


Geoff Dodd

Financial Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset.


NLP Training By Coach Jay Sargeant

Posted on: September 4th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Enhance Your Sales & Marketing Skills

Coach Jay Sargeant will train you in more effective communications and strategies. How? By using proven NLP Training techniques that helped Jay build a marketing team of 550,000 people in a prior business.

What is NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming gives you the communication tools to boost your sales figures. Increase your signups. Enlarge your mlm network, matrix and downline. Impact your residual income. Wikipedia describes NLP as “an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.”


Master NLP Training Inside Mindset24Global

Yes, you can avail yourself of a Master NLP Trainer inside our program! Coach Jay Sargeant has created brand new programs that will teach you the powerful NLP Expert Model, stunning rapport building strategies, master level reframing, and techniques to create the most profound states of mind.

How do you get involved?

Join us at no charge to you in the acclaimed online program Mindset 24 Global with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank TV fame. Master NLP Training by Coach Jay Sargeant

Get Master NLP Training right here at Mindset24Global. Click image above now



Jay Sargeant’s Profile:

View Jay Sargeant’s professional profile on LinkedIn. Here is what Dan Balestrero said about Coach Jay Sargeant, at Linked-In: “Jay is a wonderful intuitive coach. I’ve worked closely with him on several projects and always found him to be insightful and effective in structuring communications.”


More Information On Coach Jay:

As a member of Mindset 24 Global, you will also get the Mindset 24 Global Getting to Greatness program by world famous author and Master NLP trainer, Jay Sargeant. Mr. Sargeant or Coach Jay, as he is known, will offer you the most powerful and proven communication and persuasion techniques and strategies. Truly World Class NLP training and coaching.

“When I saw what Bandler and Grinder had created for clinicians, I knew I could translate their brilliant NLP model into a series of trainings that would dramatically improve the lives and performance of any salesforce”.

Mr. Sargeant took his courses to the largest insurance, financial services, technology and real estate companies in the world. Wherever his trainers taught the NLP model, sales efficiency grew by 300%! And by the way, big companies paid over 11 million dollars for Coach Jay’s training!

Coach Jay then took his programs to the world of Networking Marketing and created a company in his backyard that grew to 550,000 distributors, did 500 million dollars of revenue worldwide, 305 million domestically AND paid out over 156 million in commissions!

So for some World Class NLP Training for a sales and marketing skills boost, you definitely need to join up in Mindset24Global. Do it now. You’ll be paid instantly in Bitcoin. Every time you sell one of the Series 1-4 training packages!

Thanks for your visit to Focus On A Success Mindset, today!

Geoff Dodd


Mindset 24 Global With Kevin Harrington

Posted on: August 18th, 2017 by Geoff 1 Comment

Shark Tank Original Spills Wisdom

Internet affiliates’ heaven? They’re flocking in! Prelaunch is always an inspiring and exciting time. Especially when Mindset 24 Global With Kevin Harrington is just about to launch! I did a quantum leap into this one. The credentials are SO good! (And the back office is superb …

Access is free at the moment so jump in quickly and join me here. You’ll soon realize that Mindset 24 Global With Kevin Harrington is one of the best business opportunities that you’ve ever seen! Kevin was an original entrepreneur coach in the acclaimed American TV series, Shark Tank. A deep immersion training for new business entrepreneurs.


Mindset 24 Global Pays You By Bitcoin

You read that right. You’ll get a Bitcoin Wallet right in your back office. The increasing, ever-growing value of Bitcoin will be like a secondary reward to you. The Mindset 24 Global Compensation Plan pays out a generous 70% commission overall to the affiliates. You get a matching bonus on your personal referrals, too. Here you can download a PDF copy of the M24G compensation plan dated as of July 23, 2017.

You will see the Special 4 Series of Leadership, Business, and Personal Development Training Packages. Current pricing is, Series 1: $100, Series 2: $400, Series 3: $1,000, Series 4: $2,000. The beauty of the Mindset 24 Global Compensation Plan is that to qualify for the different levels, for the coded bonus, you need to have either purchased or sold a product at that level. So for an experienced affiliate marketer, it is not compulsory to purchase a series. There is no ‘auto-ship’ requirement as with many multi-level marketing programs. You can become active at any Series Level by selling an item at that level. Affiliates will be very happy to see this.

There are also Profit Sharing Pools, Fast Start Rank Advancement Bonus, and Super Star Bonus. Also, a Founders’ Bonus. You’ll need to download the PDF file: M24G Compensation Plan and read it very carefully. It is about 5MB file size.

Overall, the compensation plan is extremely generous. The CEO and company at Mindset 24 Global are to be applauded and congratulated. With 70% commission going to the hard working affiliates.



More Information On Mindset 24 Global

By now I hope you’ve had a chance to take a look at what we’ve got at Mindset 24 Global.  The feedback from leaders and average builders alike has been universally positive and the excitement is off the charts. Maybe it’s because of:

1. A completely novel compensation plan that gives you coded bonuses throughout the company’s affiliate network TO INFINITY.

2. Instant payment in BITCOIN and the ability to withdraw immediately! You’ll never be stuck again with earnings that you can’t withdraw.

3. Multiple Revenue Sharing Pools that give even the average Joe a handle on COMPANY PROFITS. Especially if you sign-up today as a Founding Member. (You’ll qualify for the Founders’ Pool.)

4. A Killer digital training product that everybody needs to succeed. These were prepared by World famous “shark” Kevin Harrington and “goals guru” Gary Ryan Blair. (With much more to come!)

Mindset24 Global is the year’s biggest launch for at least 3 reasons: 1. Solid management, 2. a state of the art software platform, and 3. a worldwide reach with affiliates already in 30 countries. (As of this writing it’s only been four full days…) News Update: Official Launch date is September 12, 2017. At 12:01am EST, USA.

So with your free position you can sample the back office, test the comp plan in action and see for yourself what everyone else is all crazy about.  Just share your link with a few people and see what happens.

Mark my words… You’ll be hooked. Enter through this image:


Join us at no charge to you in the acclaimed online program Mindset 24 Global with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank TV fame


Mindset 24 Global Master NLP Trainer

Coach Jay Sargeant is a new addition to the M24 Global team. Coach Jay has been an expert in the field of personal development for over 40 years. He is recognized all over the world for his amazing work and will be our Chief Visionary Officer (CVO). He has developed a life-changing course called “Getting2Greatness” that will be offered exclusively through Mindset 24 Global. Coach Jay will also be leading training calls, developing new marketing material and providing live personal coaching. Just for you and the development of your business mindset. So crucial to your success as an entrepreneur!

What a magic combination with Marketing Partner Kevin Harrington, the original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank. I was amazed as Kevin opened up about his failures, and shared how he adjusted his mindset to succeed.


Mindset 24 Global Recorded Sizzle Call:



This is a recording of the telephone sizzle call. It is not totally clear. However, the meaning comes through loudly. It is highly valuable in itself. It is a training in the importance of having the right mindset for business. Kevin Harrington was the original shark in the TV series, Shark Tank. Join us in his next training venture:


Join Us Free at Mindset 24Global


Thanks for reading this far … now get involved. How? Build your Marketing Team before Mindset24Global launches on September 12, 2017, at 12:01am EST, USA. So build hard and fast. Be rewarded. Here’s the latest update to the Mindset 24 Global compensation plan. It’s a valuable pdf document to download and save to your desktop:


08-17-17 Update to The Mindset 24 Global Compensation Plan

You can download the PDF doc here


Enjoy. Please join our highly inspired and motivated Team. I’ve been listening to Coach Jay Sargeant’s live video streams on YouTube. He’s a mightily impressive trainer! Even Coach Jay’s free coaching sessions are of very HIGH Value.


Honest Review And Objections:

After reading an online review of Mindset 24 Global, after official launch on September 12, 2017:

I must say that I agree with you about Mindset24Global. I was preparing a lot of SEO pages to support and market this startup company. However, ‘signs’ began appearing. Intuition was awakening.
1. Poor or arrogant or zero response to support queries. Bad sign. Would this continue?
2. Showing hypothetical earnings in the back office is extremely misleading. Still shows large amounts in the bonus ‘pools,’ after launch on Sept. 12., 2017 Again, misleading to persuade?
3. A total reliance on bitcoin payments ONLY is a massive point of resistance for a lot of new people.
4. Suddenly, at a late stage, announcing monthly recurring billing fees of $19.99 and annual fees of $50 for the ‘affiliates.’ Affiliates typically NEVER have fees levied on them. Affiliates work hard to generate and pay for Web traffic. This is simply greed.

Very disappointing after the big hype build-up. Thanks, guys, for listening!


More On Mindset

Inc.com article suggests 7 mindsets that are critical to success. See Inc.com

Geoff Dodd, Affiliate Trainer.

Focus On A Success Mindset



White Label Product Software

Posted on: August 16th, 2017 by Geoff No Comments

Fortunes Made Rebranding Marketing Software

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire! It just might be making profits selling White Label Product marketing software. Have you thought of it yet? Rebranding software is a fairly easy road to take. And, highly lucrative! You just need to listen to Patric Chan. –Isn’t that amazing?!

First, what exactly is a white label product? The online encyclopedia Wikipedia explains that “A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. … Many software companies offer white label software to agencies or other customers, including the possibility to resell the software.” ~ Wikipedia


Course of training: How to select and sell White Label Product Marketing Software. Guided by Patric Chan, expert in marketing software with PLR and reseller options.

Visit Patric Chan here to create a Profit Windfall



Here’s a hint! Don’t be put off by Patric’s use of English. He’s a brilliant man. Based in Malaysia. Patric’s already made millions of dollars online as a Clickbank super affiliate. He has produced several White Label Product Marketing Software programs already. He really knows the ropes in this game. Let him show you the source and how to rebrand software – and how to profit wildly!


White Label Product Marketing Softwares

Some customers look for marketing software with reseller rights. Others want full private label rights. In addition to selling and marketing-oriented software apps, you could try rebranding white label antivirus software, firewall, and PC cleaner programs. We tend to serve the Internet marketing niche. This is possibly due to the extraordinary levels of tech leverage that is available with a well-planned marketing software program. You’ll need some expert guidance in how to select the best apps to rebrand. Patric can help you with that. He has the insider knowledge you need on white label product sources, selection, and re-labelling methods. Plus the marketing instinct and know-how:


Best PLR source for software. Sourcing and reselling White Label Product Marketing Software. Patric Chan's Profit Windfall online training course is here. Try this methodology.

Generate a large income with White Label Products. Watch Video first. Get involved.



Final Thoughts And Summary On White Label

Some beginning marketers on The Internet search for free white label software to sell. They don’t realize that value works best in this reseller market niche. You get what you pay for. Any free white label software program will contain annoying advertising that will simply distract the end users. In fact, they’ll just stop using the software and experience a lot of frustration. That’s why you will need to pay for the software app that you eventually decide to rebrand. I notice in the video that Patric paid $599 for the rights to a software program that he went on to sell successfully. The marketer who beat Patric to market made over two hundred thousand dollars reselling the exact same software program!

Speed to market is a critical factor for success in the Internet marketing niche. The Digital World changes and evolves so quickly now. So do take Patric Chan up on his offer to teach you the best marketing strategies and tactics for rebranding and reselling software. It’s the smart way. Copy a marketer who has already done it successfully. Join us here today to discover how to select and sell White Label Product Marketing Software. You will be so happy that you did. Your financial future will feel just that little bit more certain and secure.


Geoff Dodd, Marketing Technology Editor.

The 2 Week Diet Best Weight Loss

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Why The 2 Week Diet?

Are you seeking a fast and easy way to lose weight?

Listen: I’ve found something that will actually help you slim down and improve your overall health.
Plus, you will also have access to the best support in the weight loss industry!

With The 2 Week Diet, You Can:

Learn all the “insider secrets” behind effective 2 week weight loss.. the scientific facts that weight-loss gurus and fitness stars have been hiding from you in order to sell their mysterious solutions…You get the effective fat-burning tricks you need!

Understand the process behind gaining fat in the first place so you can prevent its return. (There’s a lot more to it than most people think, and we’re going to reveal everything you need to know.)


Try The 2 Week Diet plan for faster fat burning


Here’s A Before And After Video Testimonial


The 2 Week Diet First 14 Days

In Only 14 Days:

8-16 pounds (4 to 8 kgs) of body fat vanished by using some of the quickest and most effective fat-burning techniques ever created.

2-3 dress sizes dropped in just 2 weeks… even if you’ve tried every other weight loss system out there!

2-4 inches removed from your waistline. Finally, you can start wearing clothes you really want to wear!

Increased muscle leaving women toned and men sculpted. Achieve what usually takes months at unbelievable speeds.

Decreased cellulite so you not only lose weight but get tighter, more beautiful skin. And do it all without any painful surgery or injections at all.

Gain increased energy so you wake up refreshed, instead of feeling exhausted as with other weightloss programs.

Enjoy improved cholesterol levels that keep you and your doctor happy. If you worry about your heart, this is absolutely key!

Healthier, youthful hair & skin that look better than ever. Thanks to simple scientific techniques in this system, you can lose weight and look amazing all at once. That is what sold me.

Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Learn how to have lightning fast metabolism that ignites your fat all day long, so you keep burning fat even while you sleep!

Plus a long list of general health benefits that will blow away your know-it-all doctor. He might even ask for your advice!

Yes! YOU can have it all with Health, Good-looks, and Wellbeing. Visit this picture now:

The 2 Week Diet


Men and women alike can benefit rapidly from The 2 Week Diet Plan. It’s all about following the scientific advice. Universities in the USA have studied these things carefully. It’s new knowledge about which foods are best for you. Exactly what effects they have on your body!


The 2 Week Diet


Thanks for watching our review videos of The 2 Week Diet. This meal plan is becoming so successful now that we want to share the dietary information out further to millions more people. We will be releasing videos, reviews and food information in Spanish very soon!


The 2 Week Diet helps with shredding and getting 6-pack abs for men


Thanks for visiting our Health Category today. We love you and want you to enjoy a flatter stomach. A slim, trim figure. All the energy you WANT. Increased resistance to viruses and bacteria. An improved immune system.

Legal Disclaimer: (Required).

This product does not diagnose or ‘cure’ or heal any specific medical condition. Please remember to consult a registered medical practitioner in your local area. Especially if medical symptoms persist. Thank you very much.

The Health Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset

TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted

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Needed In NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, USA

You’re needed. TV producers and Blockbuster Movie-makers are screaming out for people! Staff, extras, personnel. TV and movie extras NYC US wanted is the call I hear every day now. Imagine scoring a part in a major movie and seeing yourself there on the giant screen. It could easily happen to you! Visit this image below immediately and fill in the brief form:

Personnel wanted tv and movie extras nyc us wanted urgently by movie makers in the U.S.

Click image now if resident in the USA


No experience needed. You can easily work as a movie extra. You can take part in a TV series, too. You simply apply online. Click the picture. Fill in the brief form. Wait for the contact. Can you follow simple, verbal instructions? You qualify.



TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted – All States

Fill in our online form to find positions of actors wanted for movies, both in Hollywood and in other locations in the USA. You’ll soon discover that actors are wanted with no experience necessary!

Why is that? Because large TV and movie productions require hundreds of extras. People to sit in restaurants. Folks to be seen in crowds. Often in the streets and lanes of the movie set.

What about television? TV series producers advertise that actors needed for satellite and cable channels, too. Hundreds. Even thousands of positions are available at any one point in time.

The Los Angeles Cal area has many more acting auditions opportunities if you have had acting training. These are for males and females. Companies like Universal Studios and Twentieth Century Fox. So refer directly to those Hollywood companies.

Some people search for actors wanted near me. This is OK if you currently reside in the U.S. Extras are needed everywhere. In all 50 states.

Hollywood acting auditions are only in the Los Angeles area, California. We urge you to apply online through our partner forms in instances of extras actors wanted in New York City and other locations across the United States.


Actors wanted no experience necessary. US only. Actors needed for movies. TV extras wanted in NYC US for good daily pay rates. Apply here and fill in the very brief form online. Thanks.

Strictly USA only. Click & Fill in the online form.


Extras actors usually earn about $100 to $120 per day. Positions are not all the same. Some extras work in a stunt man role. Naturally, they would earn money at a higher daily rate. Stars make a small fortune once they have established their name, reputation, and relationships with casting directors. Celebrity is a highly prized and sought after value in the television and cinematic acting profession. As you know.

So please do have a go! Extras are needed today. TV and Movie Extras NYC US Wanted continuously. Get positive and believe in yourself. You don’t need experience. You don’t need to be beautiful or handsome. You just have to be you. Click above and enter the World of acting. Fill in the brief online form. Wait. Listen to the instructions.


Human Resources Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset.


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