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How To Increase Intelligence

Posted on: November 30th, 2016 by Geoff No Comments

#1 Rated All Natural Smart Pill?

Yes, now you’ll finally discover How to Increase Intelligence with Adderin –  the safe, all-natural supplement. Plus, we recommend you combine this with direct brain training…more on that later!


Give yourself an edge with Adderin smart pill. Learn how to increase intelligence naturally and increase your IQ level


Give yourself an edge. Find out how to increase intelligence dramatically and start solving problems quickly and easily!

How to raise your IQ is an extremely valuable life-skill. So far, I’ve been using tried and tested brainwave entrainment. But now there’s an all-natural smart pill available. Even the top cosmologist and physicist,  Stephen Hawking, states that “this pill will change humanity.” A Harvard study proves it can practically ‘double your IQ.’  That’s amazing!

Stephen Hawking was instrumental in explaining black holes in space and their gravitational effects. Collapsing stars and the big bang theory.

How To Increase Intelligence Naturally

The secret to how to raise your IQ is the Adderin Natural Smart Pill. Get yours now by clicking on this picture, just below:


Test out the all new Adderin smart pill. Learn how to increase intelligence naturally and increase your IQ level


Finally – how to improve iq is a question that we can now answer … with Adderin, plus some Super Mind Music. Do make sure that you also visit our MP3 page to download some free BWE mp3 samples. I am certain you will be extremely happy that you did!

Why? Because BWE is the second factor we recommend in mastering how to improve concentration and raise your IQ. Taken together, these two factors will make you unbeatable!

Increase intelligence almost immediately. Enhance and improve your memory and concentration. Follow the two easy steps for increasing your brainpower and impress your spouse, family, and boss with almost overnight improvements!

Some people do crossword puzzles and other mental exercises to keep the brain stimulated. Others go for a long walk near the sea or in a forest. Meditation, mindfulness and memorization techniques all play a vital part towards your primary goal.

That goal, of course, is acquiring new behavioral habits and learning how to increase intelligence for immediate life benefits. Start now on your exciting journey. Download our mp3 samples and order your first bottle of Adderin Natural Smart Pills. You just might be amazed!

Before finishing up, here’s something new for improving your I.Q. (intelligence quotient) – as measured.


Roadmap To Genius™ shows you how to increase intelligence and improve your IQ test results significantly



The Editor, Psychology of Focus On A Success Mindset.


Anxiety Treatment

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by Geoff No Comments

End Social Worries

Do you suffer stress? Panic attacks? Test our natural anxiety treatment to be rid of your social anxiety worries, completely free! Simply run our audio mp3 with headphones. It works like magic! And so as to be certain, you can test out free sample downloads right here:



Get natural audio anxiety treatment using our free sample mp3 download files. Reduce your social anxiety and panic attacks with this simple, natural method. Feel a high mood all the time. It's simply awesome!


Natural Anxiety Treatment

Any anxiety attacks or persisting symptoms of anxiety might have an underlying cause. These intrapsychic causes might include social or work conflicts, or continuing problems in your family relationships. Often, there is some unfinished business that you may need to give more attention to.

The writer has enjoyed 10 years of blissful, happy life after discovering the new brainwave training that you will get in these free mp3 download files! Just visit us online by clicking through the images, above.

Yes, I used to suffer from social anxiety and phobias, too. I made it my life’s task to understand human psychology very well. I discovered brainwave entrainment in 2006. It is definitely a powerful anxiety treatment that works to curb both free floating anxiety and panic attacks. It delivers you into a very calm, balanced mental state in about ten minutes. Listen to the music every day for twenty to thirty minutes, using some high-quality stereo headphones. The method requires both ears to be active. We call this ‘binaural.’

Your anxiety symptoms: a feeling of panic, fear, worry, and sweating, with stomach upset, will be greatly reduced or removed, using this binaural anxiety treatment. Social situations will appear a lot more attractive to you.

Anxiety Treatment Videos

1. Hypnotherapy – “There are many components to treating panic attacks naturally.”

2. Reduce anxiety naturally. BWE with Alpha Rhythm and low Beta Frequencies:

Please, take your time to listen to these wonderful videos that work directly on your brainwave frequencies. This is the incredible stuff that I’m talking about. If problems persist for you, or if you are still overwhelmed by anxiety symptoms, then consult a registered medical practitioner. You might require a pharmacological form of anxiety treatment. Test out these natural methods first. They’re holistic and after all, it is YOUR mind and body that you are attempting to master and control. Good wishes. These anxiety solutions are totally natural, vibrational forms of Nature’s own

Note: These anxiety solutions are totally natural, vibrational forms of Nature’s own anxiety treatment. I’ve been testing these mind-body relaxing methods since 2006. They definitely work for me. They may become ‘mainstream’ remedies for anxiety and depression in the foreseeable future. Thanks.

Geoff Dodd
The Editor, Focus On A Success Mindset.

Alternative Depression Treatment

Posted on: November 20th, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

Download Free MP3 Gift

Do you suffer from the signs and symptoms of depression? Feeling sad, lethargic, a sense of hopelessness? Day after day? Our holistic, alternative depression treatment works like magic. If you’re willing to download a free MP3 file and listen closely, through stereo headphones, you’ll be transformed. Just as I was. But you must make a committed decision and believe in the positive outcome. It’s a case of, the power is in your hands … so test our solution here:


Music can provide a holistic alternative depression treatment using brainwave entrainment with alpha rhythm. Test this sample mp3 download


How Holistic Alternative Depression Treatment Works:


The Journey into StellarDrone Schumann Resonance frequencies is quite a remarkable experience. It will help relieve your symptoms of depression by training your brain into specific brainwave frequencies known as alpha rhythm. Now although I cannot claim this is a therapeutic product or service – I did complete a degree in psychology and I’ve tested brainwave entrainment rigorously since 2006. I have a strong testimony that it works magnificently. I have a personal commitment and a passion for helping you recover from your psychological depression. I understand what’s going on!

Your subconscious mind has most likely been playing tricks on your waking conscious mind. Now it’s time to focus on a solution. Make a personal commitment to retraining your subconscious mind, so that you can get what you want in life. Listen to our free MP3 downloads. For a good 30 minutes, using stereo headphones. Observe how you feel during and after each session. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It will relieve your sadness. It will restore a healthy balance and harmony to your mind. I promise. You will feel charged with new positivity and mind power. A “just do it” attitude and mindset will take seed in you.

Testing this holistic, alternative depression treatment will be simply life changing for you. The center of treatment is in your own mid-brain, or hypothalamus. This holistic method works by bringing increased equilibrium to your autonomic nervous system. Now many doctors and psychiatrists ought to understand this from a theoretical perspective. However, it is unlikely that they have experienced this joy and bliss for themselves. Therefore, it is highly understandable that Western-trained doctors might be skeptical of such a holistic set of alternative treatments for depression.

Warning: See your registered medical practitioner first. If your GP recommends a major depressive disorder treatment, you might require referral to a registered psychiatrist. You may need hospitalization.  It depends on the severity of your symptoms of depression. And also on the acute (short term) or chronic depressive syndrome, you are suffering from.

Brainwave entrainment is useful for normal adults over the age of 18 years. It provides an alternative depression treatment. It also brings many positive and beneficial physiological changes. The stress hormone, cortisol, as well as adrenal functions, are brought under control and into improved balance. Concentration and memory are improved, together with your mental sharpness, clarity, and a sense of harmony, unity, and well-being.

All in all, you will be extremely happy with this modern, audio form of alternative depression treatment. I know this with the same certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow. Relieve yourself of ugly, depressive feelings from this moment on …


A Note On Methods: BWE works directly on the brain, like TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). TMS has improvement in 70% of cases with 35% having remission of depressive symptoms, according to this video:

Thanks for visiting me today!

Geoff Dodd

The Editor, Focus On Success Mindset

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