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How To Improve Conversion Rate

Posted on: March 23rd, 2016 by Geoff No Comments

Very easy to use ..

You can easily track web visitors to help you improve conversion rate with our latest website heat map tool. It’s called Spy Visit and it’s a breeze to use. The following video shows you a user setting up a new project. You simply paste some javascript code into the head tag of your website:-



The whole set up of a project in ‘Spy Visit’ takes about 2 minutes. I’ve just setup 2 projects before writing this article. It is a joy to use. You can quickly see where your web visitors are moving the cursor, scrolling and clicking, on each page of your Web site. You can then make changes to the site. Put action steps into the first fold. Then test again. Actions like click, join, subscribe, fill in our brief form. These can be moved and tested. Perhaps one at top center of the page, or top right.

You’ll improve conversion rate to sales and make more money with ‘Spy Visit.’ You can test it out right here at this image:

Spy Visit helps you improve conversion rate on all your web sites, quickly!
This tool increases your Web conversions!

Improve Conversion Rate, CTR and more ..

Clickthrough rates or CTR can be improved, as well as CR. This makes the website heat map tool perfect for PPC or pay per click advertising. It’s a mathematical numbers game in CPC as you well know!

You run the web-based system for a few days, or weeks, then study the eye tracking heat maps. Red shows the most intense activity points. Orange to yellow is lesser density. It’s a simple process. You can answer questions, such as “what does the human eye look at first on a page?” “Where does a visitor scroll to?” Then you can place your clickable links, buttons and calls to action in more strategic places on the web page.

You can visualize visitors’ behavior. Increase conversion rate by making changes. Spy Visit is excellent for UX testing. User experience. It is most affordable. Very easy to use, online.


Additional Technical Notes on Spy Visit Tracking Tools:

  1. The average distance between cursor and eye gaze is 90 pixels. Other studies show 140-210 pixels.
  2. When people say ‘heat map’, they generally mean, ‘hover map.’ The colorful map produced shows you areas that people have hovered over with their mouse cursor. Red is representative of a higher ‘density’ or level of total mousing activity.
  3. Conversion rate optimization is best thought of, as a manual testing process. Run the eye tracking and click tracking, the scrolling, etc. The software does this all for you. Then place your buttons, web links and a clear call to action where red on the heat map indicates the most user activity.
  4. Test again. You will improve conversion rate and increase CTR responses. Persevere, with all Web pages. ROI will increase.

The Technical Web Editor, GPD.




Investing In Gold And Silver

Posted on: March 21st, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

URGENT: The year is 2017. Start investing in Gold and Silver. Currency devaluation will soon decimate paper money and bank deposits. Our Free Webinar explains this, and shows you how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum ..


Privacy policy: your information is safe and secure with us. We hate spam too. The precious metals information will be sent to the email you’ve provided, above. You can unsubscribe at any time. One click will do it. Check all your email folders.


Investing in Gold and Silver

We’ll show you exactly how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum! This is a new strategy of the ultra-wealthy. Methods borrowed from smart institutional investors. These strategies will bring you a consistent income while leveraging your investment. Create wealth from compounding and building up faster and more effectively.

Your money is not safe as either paper money, or as bank deposits. FDIC insurance covers less than 1% of the trillions of deposits held by America’s banks – and globally.

Paper money is ruined by inflation and the coming, massive currency devaluation. This is planned by central banks, as the only solution to the global problem of approximately 200 trillion dollars in World debt. The system is changing fast now. Watch economic changes in 2017 to 2018…  Here’s a brilliant video:

Video Of Minesh Bhindi With David Morgan

Here two expert gold investors discuss the best investments, even if you only have $5,000 to $10,000. Don’t discount your own investment in leveraging your entrepreneurial spirit. At this level, you might like the option of starting your own business. Here’s the video of Minesh Bhindi talking with David Morgan. It contains real life lessons: (Gems.)




Free Webinar

In this free Webinar, you’ll meet Minesh Bhindi. Minesh is a World Class expert on investing in Gold and Silver. With outstanding financial clarity, he will explain to you, exactly how to cash-flow gold & silver at up to 26.4% per annum return. This will generate a consistent, regular income for you.

These methods of investing in gold and silver were developed by professional hedge fund managers, and adopted by various institutional investors. These precise Gold and Silver investment strategies were modeled from the ultra-wealthy. Do you agree that it’s probably a good plan to study these methods of investing?

How can you get involved? When is the right time to start investing in gold and silver? 2016-2018 is actually a perfect time. Gold is undervalued. The spot price of gold has been down around $1,068 per troy ounce (2016) and has only recently risen to $1,250+ per ounce. Agora Financial’s Jim Rickards, amongst others, has stated that this moment is a perfect entry point for gold. And as gold rises, silver follows it up, every time …

Take the free webinar. You can select a date and time that suits you. You’ll enjoy Minesh’s fresh and direct approach to the lucrative subject of investing in Gold and Silver. Let’s compound this stuff.


Start investing in Gold and Silver. It's a good idea in 2017 and 2018 to start buying and compounding your gold bullion.

Invest in Gold & Silver in 2017. Click gold bar.


Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos

Posted on: March 7th, 2016 by Geoff 1 Comment

Free Video Training Course For Affiliates

This high quality, step by step Internet training course in affiliate marketing is NOT to be missed! In this Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos gift course, Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain (of the famed High Traffic Academy), have outdone themselves! Vick and Jason have lifted the bar and extended the free line. You’ll receive a professional level of affiliate training — heck, it’s all exactly what they do, and using the exact same marketing tools! Hear the full story in a video from Vick Strizheus, here:

Now click this image to start your 14-days free video-guided training at Project Breakthrough:

Download free Project Breakthrough videos by Vick Strizheus of High Traffic Academy. Step by step training course for affiliates


Project Breakthrough Marketing Videos Signup

Whether you’re a total beginner at online affiliate marketing, or an experienced, professional Internet marketer or seasoned entrepreneur, you will honestly be shocked at the VALUE in this step-by-step training course.

It helps you understand exactly how to make commissions on The Internet. How to repeat that process, scale it up much bigger and become independent as an Internet operator.

Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain both independently make millions of dollars every year on The Internet. Now they’ve teamed up, at High Traffic Academy, to show that you can do it too. For them, it is easy. They’re repeating proven steps and processes. Tasks such as Marketing Funnel creation, lead capture, advertising, traffic and conversion. Traffic generation is of course, their absolute specialty. I’ve never seen this level of expertise anywhere online, since 1996. They’re very strong on conversion tracking tools. Yet the 14 videos make it clear and super easy to follow along every step of the way!

I want you to now join my team with Project Breakthrough. It is 100% FREE and you’ll discover how to earn commissions, repeat and scale the process, and become independent.

Please read my promise and sign up below. Enter your best email because that’s where I’ll be sending all your Project Breakthrough info to. And your personal details are safe with me. Please let me help you succeed now, as a member of my elite marketing team. We can do this.

Thank you for letting me serve you. Let’s go for it. NO LIMITS.

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success


Here’s My Affiliate Story – Video

You might be interested in watching my 2 mins. video, just below. It details My Affiliate Story, from 1997 to 2016. I went through a roller-coaster experience, with highs of earning over a hundred thousand dollars in a few years, to painful lows of SEO shocks in Google. That was when search engines were changing their ranking rules daily, to improve the quality of their search results.

Now I’ve joined High Traffic Academy and started the Project Breakthrough video training course, I’ll never look back. My financial future is secure and assured. Take a quick peek at this video. It’s My Affiliate Story in a nutshell:-

Geoff Dodd, helping business professionals take advantage of Project Breakthrough, for short term and long term gain. Ensuring you’re at the cutting edge of digital marketing on The Internet. And staying competitive.


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