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Cosmic Ordering Techniques

Posted on: December 7th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Get What You Want

Do you know how to ask for what you want? If what you’re trying isn’t getting you results, try these cosmic ordering techniques. There are also 3 cosmic ordering videos on this page to help you get what you want.

  1. Write down exactly what you want to become or to receive, on a blank piece of white paper. Use clear, simple words, with great detail – size, colors, shape, etc., to help you visualize this goal later … precisely!
  2. Next write down, “I make myself ready, open and positive in expecting to receive this ____ . I will be eternally thankful and grateful to The Universe.”
  3.  Place your sheet of white paper near your bed. This is so you can access it quickly and easily. Scan it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, before sleeping. (Let your subconscious mind be imprinted with this detailed desire, as frequently as possible!)
  4. Picture it happening and coming about. Feel it, hear it, sense it, smell it … feel the benefits. Get a sense of experiencing it happening exactly how you want it. Repeat.




Cosmic ordering techniques

There are many more subtle cosmic ordering secrets that can help you get what you want. One of the simplest is a technique called ‘switching.’

We know that positive thinking ‘works’ – But, even the newspapers are rife with so much negative
news, so much negative energy, that they actually started shaping how I saw the world!

And what I saw in The World was just downright depressing.

One day, I was complaining to my wife about this,
and all she said was “If you don’t like what
you’re watching, just switch the channel.”

As unbelievable as this might sound, I was

I mean, wow! What a brilliant idea!

I actually forgot that I could do that.

You see folks, my wife’s brilliance can be applied
even in our lives. Switching your EXPERIENCE.


2 Cosmic Ordering Technique Videos




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P.S. These cosmic ordering techniques are exactly what the doctor ordered!

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