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Ewen Chia Book pdf Free Download

Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by Geoff 2 Comments

You Get 8 PDF Marketing e-Books Free

Ewen Chia of Singapore is affectionately known as the super affiliate’s Super Affiliate. Why? This is because Ewen won so many American, affiliate marketing competitions! Ewen Chia has gone on to release dozens of his own digital, affiliate training products in the ‘make money online’ market niche. I started with his Secret Affiliate Weapon – a huge seller. Below you will find eight (8) special free reports to download, in Adobe pdf format. Please take advantage today. Grab your Ewen Chia book pdf free download gifts now and get a head start with Ewen’s proven marketing strategies!


Ewen Chia book pdf free download

Download free pdf e-Books by Ewen Chia Super Affiliate



Affiliates! Ewen Chia book pdf free download

This Ewen Chia Internet marketer series of free special reports is an absolute steal. You’ll get the exact same marketing strategies that the master marketer used to earn millions of dollars with. Special reports on: Marketing Formula methods, tactics and expert strategies… Remember to Right Click: save link as, or save file as…  Then save the pdf to your computer desktop for easy reference. Read every word carefully.

List Building

Ewen Chia is strong on market segmentation. He uses multiple mailing lists and shows you how to do the same in his report, List Building Accelerator. This pdf e-Book will take you a long way with email marketing. You can promote affiliate products to your email lists. This ensures traffic and is a highly profitable online marketing strategy!

Email Follow up ..

They say the fortune is in the follow up. Email Follow Up Profits is the subject of this next downloadable pdf e-Book. Often, a prospect has to see something seven times, at least, before he or she becomes your customer. Keep following up with your online prospect. You will eventually ‘get the sale’ if the interest is there, from Day 1.

Free Report Profits

All the top guru marketers do exactly this: They give away a special Free Report as a bait, or lead generator. This works extremely well to this day. Use a pdf format e-Book for your free report marketing strategy. It is quick and easy for you to produce in an Office Suite like OpenOffice org.

Preselling Secrets

Warm up your future customer gradually with careful Preselling methods. This is important. A cold call approach is hard. Warm them up. Another Internet expert who advocates this approach is Dr Ken Evoy of SiteSell fame. Ken recommends you first do pre-selling of your products and services.

Super Affiliate Bonuses

Ewen Chia differentiated himself from all other, run of the mill affiliates, by offering higher Super Affiliate Bonuses to potential customers, online. Maybe this is why he won all those affiliate marketer competitions? If your bonus has a very high perceived value, like say $1,500.00, then you will win the sale over other, less creative affiliates online, selling the exact same product. It stands to reason, doesn’t it?

Content Cash Profits

The value created and given away in Ewen Chia’s free pdf book downloads is the value of quality Content. Ewen explains to you why content is cash. Right click on the blue link. Select ‘save link as’ if you are using the Chrome browser from Google. Or select ‘save file as’ then download the file to your PC desktop for easy reference later.

Mega Traffic Stampede

Finally, we arrive at the lifeblood of your online affiliate marketing business: Web Traffic and together with your conversion rate (of visitors to sales), it’s a critical metric for your success! Ewen uses his mailing lists to ensure he always has a reliable, measurable amount of free Web traffic.


Ewen Chia e-Book pdf free downloads

Thanks for visiting me here at Focus On Success info, today! Did you check that you got all 8 free book downloads? I tell you – don’t miss a beat. Every one contains a secret part of the whole marketing jig saw puzzle. That’s not hype. It’s a fact. It has taken me about 17 years to realize this. I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur and affiliate since 1997. Across many niche-markets. Ewen realized what the effective methods were quicker and went on to make millions of dollars as a true super affiliate. Now, armed with these incredible e-Book gifts, you can too!


Geoff Dodd, Author, Focus On Success Strategies




Google Sniper 3.0 español

Posted on: January 28th, 2015 by Geoff 2 Comments

¿Qué es Google Sniper 3 ?

Se trata de un curso de formación de vídeo para Internet . Se puede mostrar cómo hacer hasta $ 4,500 cada mes, desde su casa . Es muy fácil de aprender .

¿Cómo funciona Google Sniper ?

Este curso de formación de video tiene varios módulos. Le enseña cómo seleccionar pequeños nichos de mercado que sean rentables para usted. A continuación, aprenderá cómo construir pequeños sitios web que se centran en sus nichos de mercado elegido . El entrenador es el Sr. George Brown, un joven que se convirtió en un millonario de Internet a la edad de aproximadamente 19. George es una introducción a Clickbank donde podrá encontrar productos y servicios para vender , por un buen nivel de servicio. Es muy fácil de hacer. Usted sólo tiene que seguir el paso a paso el aprendizaje . Usted mira breves vídeos en cada paso del camino .

Cómo funciona Google francotirador en 2015 ?


Como ustedes saben , Google quiere que todos los sitios de Internet para tener un buen contenido de calidad. Desde alrededor de 2011 , Google ha estado ajustando sus normas para indexar los sitios web . George Brown entiende las reglas de clasificación en Google . En su última versión 3.0 de Google Sniper , George ha añadido un nuevo módulo para el curso de formación . Se llama El módulo de prueba de balas . Leer este nuevo documento pdf y usted puede estar seguro de que su sitio web tenga un buen rendimiento en el año 2015 , y más allá! Simplemente siguiendo las reglas de los motores de búsqueda.

También hay un nuevo nivel Sniper X y un cajero automático para que pueda obtener resultados rápidos .

Empieza rápido con Google Sniper 3

Si usted realmente necesita para obtener los Google Sniper 3 videos y las instrucciones pdf del curso en español , entonces aquí es una sugerencia : Encontrar un buen amigo que es fluido en Inglés . Comprar el curso aquí y ahora , a continuación, pedir a su amigo para que le traduzca . Recuerde, es paso a paso. Él no tiene que traducir todo en el curso de formación a la vez. Sólo pide ayuda para traducir cada paso a medida que lo necesite. Además, utilizar el servicio de traducción libre al translate.google.com , de Inglés a Español . Adelante ahora y prepárate . Esta es una manera simple de aprender . Se puede tener enormes recompensas para usted. Se va a cambiar tu vida .. así que bienvenido al club .




Google Sniper 3.0 español


Gracias por leer hasta aquí acerca de Google Sniper 3.0 español – que comenzará a vivir el estilo de vida de Internet , disfrutar de mayor libertad, y pasar más tiempo con sus seres queridos . Cómo? Simplemente siguiendo las instrucciones de Sniper 3 vídeos de George Brown. Gracias desde mi corazón .


Video Google Sniper 2 Review En Español


GoogleSniper 3.0 Review En Espanol #1 Google Position

Google Sniper 3 0 Espanol Como Posicionarse 1 en Google by GoogleSniper3-0


¿Te gustó el video en español ? Así que ahora , ¿lo entiendes completamente Google Sniper 3.0 español ? ¡Genial! Tengo una ventaja increíble para usted. Usted obtiene un valioso conjunto de regalos de marketing en Internet , si usted compra Google Sniper 3 de mí. Usted recibirá un e-libro más un sitio web libre más valioso software mensaje emisora ​​- por un valor total de US $ 500. Simplemente a mi lista de suscriptores . Rellene el breve formulario. Sus regalos llegarán por correo electrónico. Gracias.


Buy Google Sniper 3.0 español


Geoff Dodd , Autor 2015 si buena 2017

www Clickbank com Top Product

Posted on: January 24th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

What Is www Clickbank com Best Product?

First, Clickbank.com was founded in 1998 and is located in Boise, Idaho, USA. It is, according to Wikipedia’s definition, “a privately-held online marketplace for digital information products. It aims to serve as a connection between digital content creators and affiliate marketers, who then promote them to consumers.” Wikipedia reference.

What does the Better Business Bureau or BBB think of www Clickbank com? Here’s BBB’s Business Review For ClickBank that includes background information, consumer experience and a lot more. I cannot quote the full review, but accreditation standards have been met. CB makes the cut.

The higher performing, Internet affiliate marketer immediately asks, “what is www Clickbank com Top Product?” The answer, of course, depends on which market or niche you work in. If you help people to earn extra income online, then you’re in the make money online niche. This is a popular area to work in, and there is a lot of competition in this niche, on the Web. However, there is a digital product known as The Record Breaker and the Number One Converter: This winner is George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 video training course for Clickbank Affiliates. That page contains 3 videos you really need to watch – to get your answer …

What is www Clickbank com Top Product?

How does Google Sniper work? It is a collection of recently updated modules, in pdf and video format, that clearly show you how to build small sniper Web sites in WordPress. These blogs or websites are all tailored to carefully selected market niches. The keywords are matched to relevant Clickbank com digital products.

How many monthly payments for Google Sniper? Hint: uncheck the box about a trial of Sniper X. Then you get everything for one, relatively small maintenance payment. The Member Area will be yours to browse around in, at will. All the PDF documents and George Brown’s training videos. Ready to start? Please visit the Members area here:



How To Pick A Top Performing Digital Product

To get an answer to my question, what is www Clickbank com Top Product? – I expect certain conditions to be met. First, the Gravity Score in Clickbank.com must be really high, like, say above 100 gravity score and preferably about 200-350. The CB gravity score is quite simply the number of affiliates who successfully sold that product in the previous 8 weeks, weighted. It doesn’t matter how many units they sold. Here’s a video that explains it in exact detail. (Augmenting our popular training on www Clickbank com Top Product selection criteria .. ) Also see below:


Video On Clickbank Gravity Score


Secondly, I want to see some expert Web copy writing. I need top rate marketing materials to work with. Things like emails, blog articles, Twitter ads and text based graphical banner images. Just like the one shown above. So the marketer – let’s say it’s George Brown – actually known as a product vendor at Clickbank.com, must provide you with a complete JV or joint venture page of resources for affiliates.

So, it’s actual proven performance and popularity in CB, as measured by the gravity score. Simple. How many CB affiliates are finding monetary success with this product? George Brown has in fact paid out over five million dollars to his Clickbank affiliates, since 2009 when he introduced the Google Sniper training program. Then, it’s the quality of marketing materials, creatives, images and email ads, tweets, etc. Of course, the two go hand in hand. Marketing expertise, including good copy, leads to a higher Clickbank gravity score. That is proof of affiliate success. Thank you for reading this brief article about www Clickbank com Top Product selection criteria for CB affiliates.

Please join me here today to receive my best Clickbank affiliate training: (critical) ..


Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success Info Editor


How Does Google Sniper Work

Posted on: January 17th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

2015: How Does Google Sniper Work?

Does it work in 2015? Did it work in 2014 … questions always arise when a program is as successful as George Brown’s Google Sniper. It first came out in 2009, I believe, when George submitted a document to The Warrior Forum. The method suggested by George was taken up. People were soon making $4,000 each and every month. It sure works. But, affiliates ask, how does Google Sniper work?

Okay, there are several critical steps by which Google Sniper 2 and 3 0 work. Here are the exact steps you must follow:

Keyword Research

The secret: Using a free keyword research tool. There are many of these. Do a Google search for “free keyword research tool.” If the tool shows you the numbers of searches for your product keywords, that’s great! Look for key phrases with, say, about 10,000 to 90,000 monthly searches for your item. Then, you want a low supply of competitor Web sites, like up to 200,000  sites competing for that search term. These numbers are not fixed and rigid. Be flexible, open to suggestions, and you will find a good 3-5 word phrase with good demand, but relatively little competition from other suppliers of the same product or service. Related keywords can be found at the bottom of any and every Google search results page. Sprinkle these related search terms around your Web page. Or, better still, create a new Web page for each search term. Just as I have done with this term, how does Google Sniper work?

Profitable Niche Selection

When thinking about the question, how does Google Sniper Work.. this part is important. The market niche you select to sell in, must be profitable. Demand must be proven to be insatiable. People must be willing to fork out enough money to more than cover your advertising expenses. The competition must not be too fierce.

Product Or Service Gravity Selection

You will see in the Clickbank.com Marketplace that each digital product has a ‘gravity’ rating. Higher is better. It is like attraction. It actually means the number of Clickbank affiliates who successfully sold the product in the last 30 days. A higher ‘gravity’ rating proves that there is a considerable market for the product. Also, that the affiliate marketing creatives and copy, do work to convert Web visitors and inquirers, into buyers. Conversion to sales is important.

Free Web Site Traffic

How does Google Sniper work? Finally, Sniper works by attracting the spider bots of the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask.com. The optimized Web pages in the mini sites, made in WordPress blog format, always perform well in these biggest, most popular search engines. That is, so long as you’ve been following instructions in the Google Sniper course.

How Does Google Sniper Work:  2 Videos



Affiliate marketing commission earner.. I trust I have answered your question, how does Google Sniper work? Get started now with the latest, 2015 version. Start by clicking on the image above. Sniper will quickly return your small investment to you. And more. There is no risk to you, because there is a full 60 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I am sure you’ll be able to make many times your investment back, once you fully understand how Google Sniper 3 works. It is the easiest training system for making optimized blog sites, that sell, in highly profitable niches.

Geoff Dodd, Editor

P.S. Yes, it still does work. Especially with the latest, Google Sniper 3.0 updates. Including The Bulletproof Module.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Posted on: January 8th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Questions And Answers

2 questions arise: What is Affiliate Marketing? How does it work? Then, naturally, we come to How to do affiliate marketing, with a large measure of success. These vexing questions will now be answered by a longstanding Internet Super Affiliate. Videos and PDF docs will be offered up in an Affiliate Training Course. You’ll watch 3 review videos of what we now consider to be the best, easiest-to-follow, affiliate training course, for success at Search Engine Marketing in Google.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How you need to be shown the best methods, tactics and strategies

Answer: Affiliate marketing is when you represent someone else’s product or service. You are the advertiser or promoter. Then you get paid a percentage commission, upon every sale. There are no retainers in this selling. Your pay level depends on your performance as an Internet based promoter. So it is worth learning a great deal about Web promotion methods. Wouldn’t you agree? Because the top marketing affiliates on the Internet, known as Super Affiliates, readily make tens of thousands of U.S. dollars every month. And millions of dollars per year.

You don’t have to worry about any delivery (product fulfillment), payment processing, refunds or customer complaints and general customer service. Not at all. The product vendor takes care of all of that tedious, repetitive stuff. You DO have to learn a bit about writing, advertising, marketing psychology and how The Internet works. But don’t get daunted and give up because the rewards are very HIGH for those who persevere!


How Does It Work?

Now that you’re clear about the question of What is Affiliate Marketing … let me tell you a few things about, how does it work? Well, on this Internet of ours there are some big companies known as affiliate aggregators. Examples include Commission Junction, at cj.com, Linkshare, Peerfly.com and Neverblue.com. My personal favourite is www.ClickBank.com because they offer you tons of training. Also, because Clickbank.com has created over one thousand affiliate millionaires. Fact. I know several of them, from joint ventures in the past. I currently work for many of them, and you can too.

These affiliate aggregator companies are in the business of connecting individual marketing affiliates, like you, with product vendors. The vendors are visionary, creative people. Like true entrepreneurs. They hire brilliant graphic designers and Web developers, so that they can bring you the very best marketing materials imaginable. These are the affiliate links, banners, tweets, ads, articles and emails that you will be sharing out across The Internet. It costs nothing to you to get involved in these affiliate programs, except for your time. You do it like a joint venture. You get paid a generous commission of up to 75% of the selling price. Sometimes, as a promotion, you’ll get 100% of the sale! No risk. You get paid for what you sell. From your own efforts.

Payment options. Sometimes, a smaller affiliate program is only designed to pay out into your Paypal.com account. Other, larger companies, such as Clickbank, will give you a choice. You can have a check posted out to your address, or a direct deposit into your international checking or savings bank account. I always choose the direct bank deposit option, if it is available in my country.


How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Okay. Thanks for reading this far. So now you understand what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work? We come to the question of, how to do affiliate marketing! How to best approach this task, of becoming a web promotion expert. A super promoter. There are others who have figured out the best methods, years ago. And I promised you some PDF documents to download and some training videos to watch. Okay. Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel here. It is better to COPY what the Super Affiliates already do to make their millions annually. Wouldn’t you agree? OK, at that, above PDF documents link, you will get 8 free PDF e-Books to download, all written by Super Affiliate trainer, Ewen Chia, of Singapore. Ewen will provide you, free, with 8 pdfs in which he reveals his time-tested strategies and tactics. Ewen made millions by building targeted lists of buyers and prospects, using clear segmentation, into customer groups. Who is interested in what? Capture their names and emails. Follow up with affiliate offers. Use the links that you are given at the affiliate companies, such as Clickbank.com or Peerfly.com, CJ.com, or in another, in-house affiliate program. One of Ewen’s best training courses is quite simple. It is called Secret Affiliate Weapon, or SAW. You can find it inside the 8 free pdf eBooks, above. Download them now. Enjoy!

Build Keyword Focused Mini Sites

This is another, excellent method and approach to what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work? How to DO it effectively and efficiently! By building key phrase optimized Web pages, you will attract searchers, direct from Google and the other, big search engines. This method is detailed more in my page entitled, How To Build Keyword Optimized Websites. There are two excellent systems and training courses for doing this affiliate task:

1. Dr Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt! web site builder, using blocks of content. I successfully run two websites using this builder system. There are constant tips and guidelines only a click away as you build, link and optimize your Web site’s pages. A great system for affiliate marketers. They really look after you and have a responsive support system and a large forum.  10/10

2. George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 Course for the construction of optimized mini sites, using WordPress. Please watch 3 Videos here on my Review Page. This is a highly successful training course and I’d recommend that you leap into the affiliate program, too. George has provided awesome ads, emails in HTML, banners, videos – as you’ll see on my review page. There are unprecedented opportunities available to you right now, online, as an affiliate marketer. Jump in, get started. Become a super promoter. It is one of the most exciting occupations to be in. You live a dream life, known as The Internet Lifestyle. Travel Worldwide, carrying your laptop computer and your suitcase!

Video – How To Start Affiliate Marketing



All affiliates can get off to a flying start here. First, we suggest that you join Clickbank.com exactly as the above video shows you. Then find my 5-day email Mini Course, right below. Sign up. Your privacy is completely safe with me:

Thanks for reading this article about how to do affiliate marketing, what it is and how it works, gangbusters – to put thousands into your bank account. Your online income depends on your level of training and your knowledge of how The Internet works!


What Is Affiliate Marketing?
Start here


To your online success. I trust I have helped you to answer the question, what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Where can I get started? What should I do first?

Geoff Dodd

Author, Focus On Success Info



Manila Philippines Internet Marketing Training

Posted on: January 4th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Online Marketing Training Course For Filipinos

Imagine: you are sitting in an office in Legaspi Village, Makati City and you’re at your computer, searching for Manila Philippines Internet marketing training course. You are not searching in Tagalog or in a local dialect, but in English because you know that’s the global language. You know that for marketing training, the Americans have got a wild, free imagination and tons of innovative ideas. Experience with marketing strategy and tactics. Let’s face it. It’s all about making a lot of money online. Getting paid in U.S. Dollars, or greenbacks, is a huge advantage for Filipinos, compared with a pay in local pisos. (PHP).

This Internet marketing training course is also relevant and suitable for Filipinos on Luzon Island, in Cebu –  the Eastern and Western Visayas, Iloilo,  and for people in Mindanao, especially Davao City. OFW workers could benefit also, by downloading the PDF training document and studying marketing videos in your spare time in the evenings – wherever you are, Worldwide.

Manila Philippines Internet marketing training has lifetime value to you. Conquer these skills. Discover how to create highly targeted Web sites, also known as mini sites, using the WordPress CMS. Find your market niche. Your passionate interest. Learn how to research keywords easily and optimize a website for higher ranking in Google. Get right up to date with how they are doing these things in the USA – right now, today!


Choice! Manila Philippines Internet Marketing Training


After searching The Internet during all of 2014 and into 2015 we have selected the optimal, absolute best Internet marketing training course for you. Here it is …   operated by the handsome young Englishman, George Brown. Check out, test and trial Google Sniper 3.0 Review. The page includes three review videos you can watch to help you decide if this is the direction you want to move in. The first video introduces George Brown to you. George can describe and explain his Google Sniper Internet marketing training course to you much better than I can. The next two videos are unbiased, independent reviews of the course.

The Adobe PDF documents in the course include a new module, downloadable from the Member Area, named the Bulletproof Module. ‘Bulletproof’ refers to the Sniper Sites, (targeted to precise market niches) you’ll be creating, being durable and long lasting – whatever changes Google might decide to make to its ranking rules. You see, to put it simply, Google has tightened up on Web site quality control. All linking must be done with high quality sites. The Bulletproof Module will help you to keep safe with Google, so as to maintain your listing and rank position in the search engines.

Youtube.com has become a valuable marketplace for many Manila, Philippines based Internet marketing training experts. Did you know that Youtube is now the second most popular search engine, in terms of the number of daily, and monthly searches? Video creation and the VSL or video sales letter are creative skills you also need in your toolbox for successful Internet marketing campaigns in 2015 and beyond.

Thank you to all pinoy and pinai (pinay) who have been patient enough to read this far through my article. Whether you’re in Cebu City, Davao, Makati City, or Manila. Whether you’re an OFW in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong or Dubai, Jordan or Kuwait or wherever – this highly recommended Manila Philippines Internet marketing training course, the Google Sniper 3.0 – is for you! Maraming salamat po! Be healthy, wealthy and extremely prosperous all throughout 2015 and beyond! Happiest New Year!
manila philippines internet marketing training course

Geoff Dodd

Author, Focus On Success information.

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