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Cosmic Ordering Techniques

Posted on: December 7th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Get What You Want

Do you know how to ask for what you want? If what you’re trying isn’t getting you results, try these cosmic ordering techniques. There are also 3 cosmic ordering videos on this page to help you get what you want.

  1. Write down exactly what you want to become or to receive, on a blank piece of white paper. Use clear, simple words, with great detail – size, colors, shape, etc., to help you visualize this goal later … precisely!
  2. Next write down, “I make myself ready, open and positive in expecting to receive this ____ . I will be eternally thankful and grateful to The Universe.”
  3.  Place your sheet of white paper near your bed. This is so you can access it quickly and easily. Scan it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, before sleeping. (Let your subconscious mind be imprinted with this detailed desire, as frequently as possible!)
  4. Picture it happening and coming about. Feel it, hear it, sense it, smell it … feel the benefits. Get a sense of experiencing it happening exactly how you want it. Repeat.




Cosmic ordering techniques

There are many more subtle cosmic ordering secrets that can help you get what you want. One of the simplest is a technique called ‘switching.’

We know that positive thinking ‘works’ – But, even the newspapers are rife with so much negative
news, so much negative energy, that they actually started shaping how I saw the world!

And what I saw in The World was just downright depressing.

One day, I was complaining to my wife about this,
and all she said was “If you don’t like what
you’re watching, just switch the channel.”

As unbelievable as this might sound, I was

I mean, wow! What a brilliant idea!

I actually forgot that I could do that.

You see folks, my wife’s brilliance can be applied
even in our lives. Switching your EXPERIENCE.


2 Cosmic Ordering Technique Videos




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Quick-start to cosmic ordering techniques!

Thank you for requesting ‘Limitless Abundance.’ I’m actually
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Because in the next couple of emails you’ll find …

>>> How to intentionally attract all the things you want in
life, no matter how unrealistic they may seem at the

>>> I’ll also show you the ‘key’ techniques to having the
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And with that said, I want to make sure you’re able to read
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Now, please let me know if there’s any way I can improve these
cosmic ordering techniques for more value.

In the meantime, I’ll be following up with you, providing
you with additional insights and a new, fresh way to look at
the single greatest – yet little known secrets to manifesting.

You’re in for something special.

Geoff Dodd, Editor

P.S. These cosmic ordering techniques are exactly what the doctor ordered!

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$2 Money Train Review

Posted on: November 11th, 2015 by Geoff 3 Comments

2 Dollar Small Business Startup?

You may have heard of $2 Money Train Review small business opportunity on The Internet? We purchased it for two dollars, using Paypal, to test out if it’s real and legitimate. What is it? Does it convert well and retain the people who buy it? Does it make money – over and over and over?

First we selected the 2 best review videos of $2 Money Train. Watch these video reviews right through. Then, I’d like you to read my letter about this 2 dollar small Internet business opportunity. Because it’s probably what you’ve been looking for online, for years! The letter explains in full what you’ll be getting for your two dollars. Here’s the #1 Review Video:



$2 Money Train Review Video #2



The above two review videos tell you what the $2 Money Train business has to offer you. What I like about these videos is that both of them take you into the membership area. They show you the simplicity of the system. All the traffic generating ideas and free systems you’ll be given, as soon as you decide to join. And two dollars makes it a very easy decision for you. You cannot lose with this $2 investment. That’s why we’re comfortable to give the $2 Money Train business the go ahead.

Next, you can read my promo letter. It explains much more in detail. It might also give you a template for your own promos. If you still want to go ahead and join the $2 Money Train with me, simply use one of the links I’ve given you in this following sample letter:


The Letter Template You Can Use:


Will You Invest $2 In Yourself?


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Thanks for reading this far. I hope you’ll love the $2 Money Train Internet business as much as I do!

Geoff Dodd,

Focus On Success Editor

11 November, 2015 New Zealand Daylight Time

Free Marketing Funnels Automation

Posted on: October 19th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Killer Marketing Software Breakthrough!

Breaking news for marketers! You don’t need to buy templates for your marketing funnels — or to set up your own, tricky server-side software. Why? Bryan Winters is giving you his latest, hi-tech, free marketing funnels automation SYSTEM – outright!

Bryan calls it HFS or Hardcore Funnel System. You just sign up free and start promoting your fully automatic funnel system – it’s that quick and easy to get started. Right now.

Take advantage of both hard-won marketing expertise, and top web-savvy php programmers! Seize your free HFS Hardcore  Funnel System. It gives you a massive, leveraged advantage. Bryan Winters has designed this system so that we ALL get secure income at the same time as building our email marketing lists, like crazy!

Bryan Explains free marketing funnels automation:



Isn’t that video just amazing? The possibilities with Bryan Winters’ free marketing funnels automation system – HFS – are endless! Build 5FigureDay proven monetization into your funnel. It’s automatic. That’s unprecedented in Internet marketing.

High Converting Funnels

What is the secret to having a high converting, digital marketing funnel? Give away something of HIGH VALUE at the wide, front end. In this case, of course, we’re giving away the whole Hardcore Funnel System – with powerful money making built in!

The free funnel users will feed leads and Clickbank commissions right through to YOU – 5 levels deep! That’s a system far superior to any typical multi level marketing system. Bryan consistently creates and gives away the most powerful and effective marketing tools on The Internet today. And this HFS is simply another example of the Bryan Winters genius marketing mind at work.

You will benefit two ways:

  • Rapid list building when you also join the Millionaire Level Group
  • Residual, monthly commissions from the associated Clickbank com affiliate products.

So please do NOT hesitate on this one. Discover for yourself the proven power of free marketing funnels automation. Give away gifts, tools and systems having a high perceived value – at the front end of your marketing funnel. Bring thousands in to your own Internet business. Convert them over again and again in the back end email marketing. That’s how the professional marketers do it. The new breed of Internet millionaires. So listen to me today. Become an Internet millionaire success story tomorrow – within six months.

Talk soon 😉

  • Geoff Dodd

P.S. There’s no charge. This is free today. An assured online future.

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Investing In Gold & Silver

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Free Webinar Explains

The World’s stock markets are dangerously volatile. Corrections strike suddenly, amidst renewed global currency wars. Right now, investing in gold and silver is your only safe haven. Why? Because precious metals are the only real money! Safe from created derivative crashes on Wall Street. These are risky times for you, the investor – intent on growing your wealth …

Questions remain: Is it better to invest in gold, or silver? Should I start now? Where can I obtain the best expert information about investing in gold?

The Only Solution ..

More information on investing in gold and silver precious metals as a hedge against inflation

Gold and Silver investing

Let me help you. I’d love to invite you to a special, free webinar on this very subject. You’ll get expert information from our Wealth Manager, Minesh Bhindi, who is widely recognized across 27 countries. Minesh understands the current U.S. dollar risk. He knows the perils of inflation. You’ll get a wealth of investing knowledge just by attending the webinar, at a time convenient to you.

Thanks for reading this far. I will be returning here to add fresh new content. New angles on investing in gold and silver, securely. Answers to all your urgent questions, like how do I start investing, should I invest in gold or silver? What about platinum? Should I be avoiding the stock market at the moment? (Yes.) I look forward to chatting with you in the very near future.

Hey – don’t forget the free webinar, about is it better to invest in gold or silver? Where should I store it? Safely at home? Or, more securely in the safety deposit boxes of a major bank? Should I buy gold bullion or coins? Which country’s gold coins? The questions remain …

Find Out More About Investing In Gold Here


Thank you,

Geoff Dodd


Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers. We provide you with a quality information service. We infer, state or imply no warrants or warranties. No specific or precise income level or ROI is guaranteed. We may earn a commission if you take action to purchase a training course or guide. We do suggest that you take the free webinar opportunity for a full explanation of the many benefits to you. You might be surprised.

Our Online GOALS – Investment Information Dissemination:

We work exclusively with Strategies Of The Wealthy to bring you on-demand webinars on the topic of Investing in Gold and Silver – for you to get the best possible information, to make wealth happen for you!

See you on the inside!




Relaxing Music Free Download mp3

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Reduce Stress. Focus, Concentrate & Remember.

You can now enjoy relaxing music free download mp3 ‘s from our esteemed partner, Super Mind Music. We have joined with Jeffrey Gignac – probably the World’s foremost brain-training sound engineer – to give you sound bytes and mp3 samples of the stuff we use daily, to relax, improve memory, focus and concentrate better. It is truly amazing to immerse yourself in this brain wave training audio mp3 material – and to FEEL whole and alive again!



Here’s a 3 hour playlist for stress relief, study or work enhancement, to show you the powerful effects of music. Your work productivity will go through the roof. But that’s not the real Super Mind Music. See below for free mp3 samples of Jeff Gignac’s groundbreaking work:


Get relaxing music free download mp3 to try including Schumann Resonance frequency. Test digital music samples at Amazon.


Relaxing Music Free Download mp3 Gifts

The full GIFT pack of audios features the utmost beauty of the best relaxing music in downloadable mp3 audio format. Powered by binaural beats, this wondrous mind-body healing music will surround you and heal you in 20 to 30 minutes … use it daily and transform yourself. Discover a deeper, newer you: Download these free mp3s now ..

World's best relaxing music free download mp3 samples of Super Mind Music by Jeffrey Gignac of Canada. Digital music at Amazon. Brainwave entrainment


What Is Super Mind Music?

The Canadian sound engineer, Jeffrey Gignac, is also a psychologist. Just like his father. He understands the effects of sound vibrations on the brain. Jeff Gignac became the Number One World authority in brain wave entrainment.

You need to experience top class brain wave entrainment to understand it. And to believe it. It transcends your normal daily psychological experiences. It transforms you, unifies you, healing and integrating your mind-body physiological processes. It balances the autonomic nervous system. There is less adrenaline firing. Less fight or flight response. Just a perfect, serene and harmonious calm.

For a skeptical, untrusting, doubtful person, what can you do to improve your life? Take a leap of faith. Experience this relaxing music free download mp3 gift I humbly offer you. Why listen to me? I’ve been using this binaural audio healing method since January of 2006. It is a great therapy for my mind, heart, feelings and spiritual being.

This beautifully relaxing music free download mp3 will change the way you perceive the World. Negativity will melt away, slowly, to be replaced by constant harmony, unity and a renewed positivity in all your perceptions.

The general psychological effects of the relaxation response are almost identical to the effects of meditation. Mindfulness is enhanced. It is wise to focus and concentrate on your breathing. Such mindfulness of breathing is a central tenet of all the schools of Buddhist meditation. It just makes sense, if you want to reduce stress.

So do try our mp3 download samples. Use stereo headphones, to get the best audio effect. Then, my friend, my fellow human, you will begin to understand the joy that I’m living. I will show you how to get relaxing music free download mp3 to heal, harmonize, unify and improve yourself. It happens quickly now. Trust in this method and believe in your inner divine greatness!

I got you these samples of relaxing music free download mp3 audio files for your therapy.


Thanks for your trust in me. I love you. Be healthy.

Geoff Dodd, New Zealand, Oceania

Loving Energy – The Energy Of Love

Posted on: July 6th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

beautiful thoughts of love ..

Increase your loving energy, or positive charge, with beautiful thoughts of love, as love creates beauty! Such ways of thinking and experiencing can be quickly induced and activated in you, simply by listening to heavenly love music, here:

Love Vibrations World Energy


Click above to listen to free samples first. Download this mp3 love music track to help you start manifesting your desires with world healing energy. This track does this within the context of increasing heart energy while tuning the energy system to an expanded range of the Schumann Resonance ..

“To really create the life you want to live, we believe it is important to resonate with world healing and heart energy so that you are in an increased state of peace and harmony with the world.” Then, The Energy Of Love can really start to work for you …


How to increase your Loving Energy - The Energy Of Love with mp3 music downloads


Loving Energy – The Energy Of Love

So I highly recommend you start to increase your loving energies. How? The connection between your heart, feelings, and your mind is quickly enhanced by listening to our loving energy music. It is specially designed to make these neural and emotional connections, using brain wave entrainment. And it works, as if heaven has intervened. It’s pure magic. You need to feel and experience this …

Listen to the free mp3 samples …


How to increase loving energy - the energy of Love in someone. Let Heaven's music dance between you. MP3 downloads for 2015


How To Create Attraction Now

You see it’s kind of mysterious how it all works, with LOVE. It involves The Whole .. gravity, law of attraction, The Universe, heart and brain all at once. Lust, biochemicals, hormones and DNA. The Whole of Mother Nature. You can easily increase your loving energy with practice, if you simply Double Your Dating activities. Don’t think too much about it. Never analyze. You want to get your power of subconscious DESIRE working .. you want to get the energy of Love increasing in a circle. Expressing its full beauty .. and here’s how: Create Attraction

increase loving energy Double Your Dating to get the energy of Love

Thanks for visiting our Focus On Success web site today! I truly hope we delivered the desired goods. On your beautiful subject of increasing loving energy by letting heaven’s music dance for you.

Geoff Dodd, Editor: How To Get What You Want

Start Your Own Business Free Online

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Starting Internet Business

You’ve seen the light! Owning your own small business online is a lot of fun! You have many questions: How do I start a website? How can I startup my online small business for free? We have many answers and solutions. We’ve been helping Internet marketing startups since 1997. How to start your own business free online? Read every word of our best tips for starting your own business on The Internet. We’ll show you how to make multiplying online commissions. Using a unique 2-Tier System. No charge… for the intro:


How to start your own business free online. Best tips for starting your own business on The Internet.


Advantages Of 2-Tier Multiplying Commissions!

This is a totally unique innovation. Make a decision now to start your own business free online. With us. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s why:

  • This Is A $500+ /day system. 100% proven to work!  (see Video proof.. )
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  • Your own affiliate program!
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Start Your Own Business Free Online

Do you see what just happened? A WHOLE, successful business was just handed to you on a silver platter. You can see the proof in a video. You’ll get your own Website free. All the testing and tweaking has been carried out. Fully tested and working. Ready to flow self-multiplying commissions into your business account. This is a unique business opportunity: Commission Miner Co-op!

Starting a business website has been made a lot easier for you. You get a startup affiliate business all done, with no risk at all. The first whole month of operation is completely free to you. Then, there’s a minimal investment of just $29. It is worth it, because you can start earning hundreds in multiplying commissions, well before you pay anything out. You get big momentum working for you, leveraged by the unique, 2-tier system! Just watch the video to see how well it works!


How to start your own business free online. Working from home on The Internet.


So You Don’t Have To:

  • Worry about selecting and registering Web domain names
  • Hire out expensive Web servers or hosting space on The Internet
  • Operate any tedious customer support services
  • Handle any stock or inventory at all
  • Handle refunds or any payment processing systems

See the benefits? Huge! Bryan Winters will teach you exactly how he made millions online, using the FREE system. Free offers. Experts will be on hand to answer any questions you have, in the Commission Miner Co-op Forum.

It’s going to be a big Win-Win-Win all around, for you, for me, and for our happy customers! The level of combined, co-operative marketing skill available in this system will astound you. So are you in?

Don’t think too long. The psychological window of opportunity is closing fast. If you seriously want to start your own business free online – THIS is it!

Don’t miss out.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success info. Chief Visualizer.


Start your own business free online. Run your biz with fast SSD hosting for just $5 a month at TinyHosty..


Note: take advantage of our special offer above. Start your own business free online with Commission COOP. If you need any Web hosting – get a $5 fast pack, above ..

Free Guided Meditation Relaxation

Posted on: June 16th, 2015 by Geoff No Comments

Relaxing MP3 Downloads Free

You want mp3 audio files, scripts, downloads of free guided meditation relaxation tracks? We have samples for you. Lovingly prepared by experts in music healing through deep brainwave meditation. Here’s a first sampling of 20 guided meditation for relaxation music tracks:


Download free guided meditation relaxation music mp3s to relax. Try these digital music samples at Amazon.


Theta brainwave meditation

If you want and deeply desire to take music healing into deeper realms, faster, then you really need to think about trying theta brainwave meditation. We have a perfect video to give you this wonderfully relaxing experience … deeper than gamma, beta and even alpha wave frequencies. This deep level of free guided meditation relaxation music will start healing you instantly, as well as bringing out the creative side of your personality. Go ahead and get some stereo headphones ready .. and listen to this free theta brainwave meditation video:



Using This Material

Notes on using the mp3 audios and this video brainwave entrainment material. This free healing music is the very best form of guided meditation for relaxation. Why is that? Because you don’t have to do anything! The active mind can now be told to “relax and let go!” You don’t need guiding words. You can stop any busy or obsessive thoughts….because the very frequencies embedded in the music, guide your brain naturally into more pleasurable, better-connected ways and habits. It all runs on automatic. Just sit quietly, close your eyes, let go and drift away!


Free Guided Meditation Relaxation MP3s

More and more mp3 music meditation files will be made available to download, as they are created, produced and released. Some meditators prefer their free guided meditation relaxation tracks to play at night. You can enjoy beneficial subconscious programming with this music, even while you sleep! Your brain is listening. It picks up and is attracted to higher, healthier sound vibrations. It begins to reorganize itself, so as to be more efficient at problem-solving. Releasing phobias and erroneous beliefs, as fear and anxiety begin to dissolve. This is an excellent solution for depression. Why? Because brainwave training induces positivity and a cheery, optimistic outlook of blissful positive expectancy.

More Benefits Of Meditation

The mind becomes much clearer. This naturally improves your memory – both long term and short term memory — and your mental focus, thought processes, and ability to concentrate, all improve rapidly. That’s why BWE or binaural brain wave entrainment is practiced by top business CEO’s, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and musicians, who want to constantly deliver a high level performance – every moment of every day.

Here is another offer of relaxing guided meditation music for healing you. Remember, it’s completely automatic. The deep and slow alpha, theta and delta frequencies, will guide your brain into deep rest, healing and bodily repair:  (You’ll even feel the endorphins and dopamine cut in, as a very pleasant sensation. )  Melatonin, which regulates your natural sleep and wake cycles, from the pineal gland, will function better. Your immune system will simply work better, too. Test this mp3 sample and see how you feel after ten or twenty minutes ..


Try this free guided meditation relaxation while you sleep. Digital music at Amazon


I am so happy you’re discovering the benefits of meditation. It has been with us for at least 5,000 years, from Krishna and Buddha in recorded history. Fine tuning the human brain, I call it. The free healing music of The Universe, guiding, relaxing and tuning in our human intuition. Om mani padme hum.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success Mindset info.

Zen Meditation Music MP3

Posted on: June 3rd, 2015 by Geoff No Comments

Improve Intuition Like A Buddha

Enjoy your Zen Mind now … this beautiful Zen Meditation Music MP3 gets you clear, just like a Buddhist monk. You will experience sub-delta waves, and alpha (8-10 Hz) to gamma (30 Hz). Gamma waves are believed to increase and enhance Compassion, Empathy, Decision making under stress — all the higher brain functioning and processes of your higher self

Read further information about these downloads, and experience refreshing Zen music here: (Simply enter the zone using the blue link below each image …



Zen Meditation Music MP3 Benefits

The benefits of true Buddha experience are amazing. Brain wave entrainment is fast and direct. It induces very deep, accelerated meditation. You’ll get the same result as if you were a Zen Buddhist monk in a temple in Japan, practicing meditation for ten or twenty years.

This is scientifically documented, using a polygraph of EEG, EKG, brain waves measurement and heart rate, blood pressure and electrical skin resistance measures. Hard empirical science indicates your heart rate will slow down, while you will enjoy a lowering of blood pressure. Pleasurable sensations will appear, due to the production of good brain chemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine, with a marked lowering of cortisol, the stress hormone. The autonomic nervous system comes into balance, with less fight-or-flight firings of adrenaline.

The Zen Zone (1) Enchanting Cello will have a strong impact on your feelings of empathy and compassion for others; i.e., developing social consciousness and a solid sense of right and wrong. You’ll also experience enhanced self-awareness and insight. Gamma frequencies, at 30 Hz, are found naturally in higher amounts in long term practitioners of various forms of meditation.


Video Of The Zen Zone (1)



The Zen Zone (2) DEEP Theta is a “Profound Theta Session stepping – to bring you from a wakeful, conscious state down to 4.5Hz Theta waves, through a gentle yet powerful, gradual stepping process designed to balance and cleanse your body, mind and spirit.”

The audio engineer and inventor, Jeff Gignac in Canada, says that, “there is also a steady 0.25 Hz binaural beat designed to engage the wisdom that can only be found in the sub-delta range Elements of 3D spatial movement. Jeff Gignac maintains that it will also encourage strong cross-hemispheric communication between the right and left sides of the brain. The benefits of these increased right and left side neural connections include helping to rejuvenate and restore whole brain functioning.”
~ Jeff Gignac.


Video Of The Deep Zen Zone


This incredibly transcendental, second and deeper Zen Zone video, will increase and improve your access to creativity and intuition, encourage emotional freedom and melt away stress – while promoting a deep Zen Like state. You truly must experience this zen mind clarity:



References: Jeffrey Gignac, Brainwave Frequencies Reference Chart


Thank you for visiting this information page about Zen Meditation Music MP3 file downloads. Please visit my source, via the little blue, (1) and (2) square images of The Zen Zone, near the top of this Web page. This is my mission, bringing you World Class brain wave entrainment experiences. So you, too, can find deep satisfaction and contentment in your life.

Joy and bliss to you, eternally!

Geoff Dodd, Editor, Focus On Success info meditations


Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download

Posted on: June 1st, 2015 by Geoff 1 Comment

Earth and Ionosphere Layer Breathing

What exactly is the Schumann Resonance frequency mp3 download, which I’m about to give you as a gift? It’s all about the Earth breathing! Here is a more scientific explanation:

  1. The specific frequency is close to alpha rhythm, at 9-10 Hz. Schumann resonance is 7.83 Hz.
  2. “During a lesson about ball condensers he asked them to calculate the frequency between the inner and outer ball, meaning the earth and ionosphere layer. They came up with a calculation of 10Hz. This was confirmed in 1954 when measurements by Schumann and König detected resonances at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz.” Reference: www.earthbreathing.co.uk

Get a Schumann resonance frequency mp3 download. 7.83 Hz. Also see the range of digital music at Amazon. Brainwave entrainment samples for you to test.


Videos About Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download

First step: Please click above to download your samples of free mp3 meditation music. You’ll find this method is a beautiful way to start programming the subconscious mind. Effortlessly. It is amazing how quickly your brain will adapt. Feel the improvements inside you. You’ll become extremely peaceful and more creative. Try a little brain training, using stereo headphones, every day! You will feel the difference in your life! You’ll even grow smarter, as your left brain and right brain make more neural connections! The logical, left side of your brain will become highly inspired by the intuitive, imaginative, artistic right side of your brain …

These videos are to provide direct experience and to explain brain wave entrainment, just a little more.


The Work Of James Russell – Resonance: Beings Of Frequency



Earth’s Vibration, binaural beat – 7.83 Hz

I want you to experience this pure vibration. Test it with stereo headphones, for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, too, to accept your downloadable audio gift at the top of the page. It is beautiful meditation music, the Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download.



432 Hz Healing Meditation Music VII

This video track includes the Schumann Resonance Frequency at 7.83 Hz with additional sounds of a blue whale call. The Blue Whale call is naturally at 108Hz, which is exactly 2 octaves below middle A at 432 Hz. See the patterns of Nature? This one feels extremely therapeutic and healing.



Activate Your Higher Mind, Higher Self

Final video here in this curation. This one includes all 9 Solfeggio frequencies. Very natural healing effects, with bird calls and flowing water.



Thank you so much for your visit to our blog, today! I am very grateful to you. Please note that some video content is curated, meaning it is shared from Youtube.com, and Vimeo.com, to whom we are also grateful. Above you will find your free gift of the Schumann Resonance Frequency mp3 download. Experience it with stereo headphones, for full beneficial effect. Share it with anyone who needs a dramatic boost in their mind-body spiritual health. Brain wave entrainment delivers the results you dream of, yearn for and urgently need for improved health.


Geoff Dodd, Editor: Focus On Success info higher self meditations

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