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Increase Web Site Traffic With Instagram

Posted on: April 26th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Instagram Methods: Increasing Website Traffic

Social media is rocking The Internet BIG time now, so I feel the need to provide you with a co-operative form of social media traffic generation. Getting web site traffic from your Instagram Profile link … increasing your raving fan visitors!

This Instagram Traffic Method is rarely talked about in Internet marketing circles. I’ve received a silence or long stares for even suggesting that such a thing exists! People are sometimes very slow to adapt and to change their old ways of thinking in the IM niche. They follow the gurus like sheep, losing money in that elongated process, as you know. You need to learn something entirely different about traffic generation. Here it is …

Increase Web site traffic with Instagram

How to create an infographic for use in Instagram


Co-operative Social Media Traffic Method

Let’s work together a bit more closely on this…

When you setup your Instagram Profile don’t use an excessive number of words. Visit mine and see how clean it is with plenty of white space. Add your most wanted website link in there, under your user name. That website needs to have squeeze page ability to capture the name and email address of your future business prospect. You draw casual web surfers or in this case, Instagrammers in, by incentivizing your most desired action or most wanted response. See the red image and what it’s offering to anyone who comes to click upon my web page link, inside my Instagram Profile.

Incentivizing Marketing Action

You simply must give people a reason why they should click your profile link. In the above infographic, for use in Instagram, I offered four rewards for clicking:

  1. My complete Success Formula, by Geoff Dodd (a branded name.. )
  2. Your free, high converting website from Bryan Winters of 5FigureDay.com (a branded business)
  3. Your free training that is also provided within Bryan Winters’ Membership Site.
  4. A facebook based, Insider group for interaction with experts, gurus, for further training in IM.


These values need to be perceived as something worth clicking for. You need, in other words, to create an irresistible offer. Why should anyone click your profile link if you haven’t incentivized them with an irresistible offer? They require a motivating reason to click.

There is a lot more to learn about how to promote your web links and Internet business on Instagram. I have recently written an eBook which explodes with excitement about all the things I recently discovered about promoting your web properties on social media sites; specifically on the addictive platform Instagram. Facebook recently paid billions to acquire it. So if you would just love to find out more about how to gain increases in web traffic via your Instagram Profile, then please just CLICK HERE


Increase Web Site Traffic With Instagram

Thanks a ton for trusting me as your social media traffic expert and adviser. The times are evolving rather rapidly now in accelerated mode. We are well advised to experiment in 2015- on with Instagram Methods designed carefully, with 15 second videos and infographics, to scientifically increase Web site traffic with Instagram. People love sharing these videos, pictures, and even your URL after being impressed with your Instagram Profile.

Geoff Dodd, Focus On Success dot com Co-operative sharing approaches to the learning of Success Methods, testing what works today and how to spontaneously jump up and do it.. just doing what you do, to glean more visitors daily and monthly to your blog or to your website. Then you convert visitors into subscribers or into sales of your product or service.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Guide

Posted on: April 12th, 2014 by Geoff 3 Comments

Ideas For Improving Affiliates Performance Incentive Program

Best Commission Paying Online Marketing opportunities

Suggested Guidelines for selecting a Top Associate marketing program online:

The best affiliate marketing programs will all have these qualities and attributes:

  • Good reputation and authority in the IM Space. A well known marketer or brand, like Bryan Winters.
  • High quality Web products and services that deliver satisfying results for end users and all customers.
  • High commission percentage payout and a strong infrastructure for regular as clockwork pay checks. Commissions in the region of 45% to 75% payout are the norm for affiliates at ClickBank.com in USA.
  • Recurring payments for true residual income. A passive income component to allow holiday breaks.
  • Marketing materials supplied. These would include solo ads, banner ads, copy and paste emails, training resources and a Rolodex of where to place your paid ads, where to buy quality solo ad clicks and more.
  • An interactive training forum and meeting place for diverse affiliates working to support one another.
  • A responsive affiliate support desk where individual support is provided to resolve problems quickly.
  • Updates and upgrades to ensure the affiliate marketing program evolves and survives in the marketplace.


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Clearly, the best affiliate marketing programs require very good conceptual organization, site layout and attention to detail. The products or services you are representing must be of top notch quality.  They must lead to further lifetime customer sales of more back end products and services. Not all
affiliate marketing programs are created equal. There are user experience factors that are critical to pay attention to when designing a superior affiliate marketing program.
Affiliates on The Internet can be some of the most intelligent people, because they’ve adapted themselves, got training and self selected for what can be a lot of work in a competitive marketplace. They’ve often chosen to do
multi-tier affiliate marketing, such as 2 Tier programs, in order to get paid for training others such as might be named sub affiliates, although a 5 figure day member, if fully unleashed, is always Tier 1 and scores double squeeze leads from free 5 figure day members that he or she has sponsored or referred into the system.
The biggest attraction for some 5 figure day affiliates is the monthly reload of new landing pages. These reloaded web sites are superbly good at converting visitors to buyers, often with a 45% conversion rate at capturing the lead. Bryan Winters’ affiliate program, then, offers the webmaster a true super affiliate edge because the list building is multiplied for the affiliate because of this ‘double squeeze’ ability of the marketing funnel to attach a new lead to two marketers operating within this high technology, server side software driven affiliate program.
The funnel of the Bryan Winters 5 Figure Day affiliate marketing system is highly optimized for certain ClickBank products for the online making of money, such as Russell Brunson’s  DotCom X affiliate marketing opportunity. Another one is George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 course which I can also strongly recommend to you. Various, authoritative affiliate program reviews have demonstrated that this style of expert-driven Internet based affiliate marketing opportunity is worthy of your consideration and involvement, due to the sheer amount of experience that’s integrated into the training side of the Internet operation.
Facebook based, Insider training is available for all 5figureday members, whether they are free members, paid or even Elite Members. There are generous free websites for affiliate marketing lead capture into either one of GetResponse.com or Aweber.com autoresponder and email marketing services. The vexing question of how to make money with Clickbank is answered by Bryan Winters in his GOLD series of professionally written email sales letters. Brief, but highly effective, these promotional emails reveal how to make money with Clickbank, YouTube and more and which affiliate marketing scams to avoid like the plague. That’s tested and proverbial.

We do firmly believe that 5figureday.com is clearly a winner, the very best e affiliate marketing program with its high 50% affiliate program commissions across the board of all its products. You can easily become an affiliate
in this great online marketing opportunity today! These best associate marketing opportunities don’t arise every day, my friend. You’re in the right place at the right time! I trust you thoroughly enjoyed this blog post, a guide to the very best online affiliate program structure. These marketing networks I associate myself with are always solid and proven to me first, even for someone living in the U.K., Europe or in Australia, as well. Although Bryan Winters is in Minnesota, in the United States of America, as is Reed Floren, Traffic Co-op manager.

Here is a final word for all affiliates, it is that you should ADD VALUE to stand out from the herd, differentiating yourself, with your own bonuses in your offer. Give unexpected high value to all your online customers and you will retain them for life. Just as George Brown does.

I trust that you enjoyed reading these brief guidelines for improving affiliate marketing performances for both beginners and for experienced professionals. Awesome. You did.

Geoff Dodd, Program Support Coordinator


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