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Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free To You

Posted on: March 28th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Qoinpro.Com Gives Daily Free Bitcoins Away..

Yes! You’re not dreaming … it’s a reality. You can find success already – it’s a mindset – and receive totally free bitcoins online at the innovative, very overloaded and popular raging web site, Qoinpro com where I recently, in fact, sent over 14,000 people. I investigated QOINPRO.com at Alexa and Amazon states it’s the number 12,344 site for traffic (visitors) at the moment, with 4 pages seen per unique visitor and their average daily time on the site is 4:36 minutes. There are server issues with simply too many Americans and Russians visiting Qoinpro during the late afternoon and evening. I advise you to wait until the U.S.A. and Europe is asleep ūüôā¬† ha ha

This Bitcoin thing is an energized, easy success route for affiliates and entrepreneurs on The Internet. Why? Because all transactions may soon be done in Bitcoins. It’s new, innovative, exciting and very empowering! Listen to my exact letter spiel:


Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free

The Power Of Compound Interest (accumulating….

Did you guys know that digital BitCoins have risen
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U.S. Debt makes people NOT trust any paper currency.

I found a place that gives them away, incrementally…
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You can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multipliers
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You’ll be asking me: Geoff, WHAT EXACTLY DO I GET?

* you receive free daily coins

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Bonuses are permanent and range from 0.1% to 1250%

* if you’ve invited 11 friends, your daily bonus is +15%,
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Listen .. this is important

YOU CAN SIT STILL as a skeptic, saying “Blaah. Phoooey,
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OR jump up spontaneously at a chance to ACCUMULATE and earn compound interest.
at zero risk, zero charge to you. I THINK this is The Future currency.
You only get this free money chance once.

Give it a GO Today. Upgrade your personal transactions online.

Geoff Dodd
New Zealand & Australia
“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.”

P.S. This private invitation link gets SO busy that frankly you may NOT
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adapt to living in a digital era

Grab Qoinpro Bitcoin Coins Free

Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar through inflation will accelerate

Financial security is possibly enhanced by accepting this cryptocurrency gift of Qoinpro Bitcoin coins free to you. Disclaimer: We are not financial advisers or currency experts. We are marketing affiliates only and may receive a monetary commission, following your decision to receive free bitcoins from Qoinpro.com.

Affiliates Gain Quick With Affiliate Quick Tools

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Affiliate Opportunities With Free Website

Affiliates Gain Quick with Affiliate Quick Tools free

Affiliate Marketers have a 5 Figure Day com


Possibly the easiest affiliate marketing solution online is ClickBank.com where affiliates can choose vendor programs with quick tools and fast-to-implement tactics…

Search the ClickBank Marketplace carefully for high performing products and programs with a high GRAVITY score. This means the number of affiliates who have successfully made a product sale over the past 30 days. Look for success in high earnings per affiliate and for products with recurring billing – to bring you your much needed residual income, fortnightly, from the Boise, Idaho based ClickBank.com aggregator.

One such top performer in Internet Marketing is called 5-FigureDay.com and it has both a high gravity score at Clickbank, and recurring billing with many options or price points for entry. Furthermore, there is a brilliant $1 trial that tens of thousands of people are taking, to test the waters of the FULL system operating. Building email lists rapidly in the ‘make money online’ market niche. (Highly competitive..)

This program, 5-FigureDay.com has pre-prepared text ads, solo ads, banner images and much more, waiting for you. It also features a free Web site, monthly reloaded website gifts and a Facebook based, elite Insiders’ Training Group. I am one of the moderators and trainers in the facebook training group. Affiliate Quick Tools abound and affiliates gain knowledge fast with us…. as they create real Wealth by building a large mailing list. The money sure IS in the list.

Another feature of 5 Figure Day com is its Traffic Coop which is run by well known U.S. guru Internet marketer, Reed Floren. Leads arrive from the usage of high quality solo ads. These ad clicks are purchased wholesale by Reed Floren. You get a good click through rate when you take part in the 5FigureDay.com Traffic Coop.

So, budding Internet entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer, this is our top recommendation at ClickBank.com where affiliates gain quickly when they tune in to all the available quick tools, the marketing traffic co-operative, the elite email marketing ads, all prepared for you, the affiliate, by top U.S. marketers Bryan Winters and Reed Floren.


Affiliates Gain Quick With Affiliate Quick Tools

Imagine becoming a super affiliate. Like Ewen Chia. Ewen won many marketing competitions worldwide and he’s now a multi millionaire. Well – he used ClickBank. He built mailing lists, just as you’ll be doing inside 5FigureDay.com with our training, support, help and guidance. We are all super promoters. Even this very blog post about how to become an expert ClickBank affiliate marketer, in the digital space, is a prime example of a super promoter at work. Daily work, that I have become very proud of performing from my aging HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop which has paid for itself twenty times over, through yes – ClickBank affiliate marketing.

So there are numerous affiliate opportunities with free website and the best opportunity is delivered to you here… As a video training course, for building many small, tightly targeted, WordPress blog mini sites! These bring you consistent monthly, affiliate commissions. Please see Google Sniper image on the right hand side of this blog page. It really works! Do enjoy our endless supply of Affiliates Gain Quick with Affiliate Quick Tools! ¬†See banner for 5 free web sites … above the one for George Brown’s Google Sniper on the (RHS) of blog.

Geoff Dodd, Blog Editor 18 February, 2015 New Zealand

P.S. Check out the Affiliates’ Quick Tools Advantage shown below with Google Sniper 3.0 It’s the easiest set of videos to follow. And PDF’s.. For your success online!



Find Success With SEO – What is SEO?

Posted on: March 23rd, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Easy SEO Affiliate Marketing Blog

The question of what is search engine optimization is very clearly answered here today. It also begs the question of How to optimize a web page? How do I make my web site perform better in Google’s search engine results pages? How can I get a web page to rank higher in the SERPS?

How To Optimize A Web Page

Here Is A Complete View….

What is SEO? It is search engine optimization. Getting listed higher in search results pages. How do you optimize a page for Google? What do I have to do?

1) Choose your keywords wisely. Research what people WANT. What they desire. Use their tribal language.
2) Put up a lot of content that is relevant to those keywords – text pages, with images and videos
3) Get a lot of links from trusted, authority pages that are semantically related to your pages – maybe you no longer need the exact keyword phrase in the inbound link. Definitely true is that one..
4) Sprinkle the magic keyword dust throughout your title, H1 and H2 headers, bold text, strong, em, italic, body text with a keyword density of up to 2%. Always put your focus keyword at the beginning of your page Title. For more specific detail about precisely what is SEO, please view our latest instructions in How To Build Keyword Optimized Websites. Thank you. You’ll like it. Please leave a comment.
5) Engage strongly on your topic in Google+ and Twitter and Pinterest, Linked-In, Blogger and WordPress related blogs and send data into Google Analytics. The more data nodes you add site information to, the better.
6) Create a specific topic related Author page in Google+ that links to your web site
7)  Doing reverse engineering as much as possible and coming up with mechanisms to feed in lots and lots of web  pages!

What is SEO?

CONTENT Marketing¬† according to Stone Temple Consulting for Web Search Optimization, is a way to consistently get your BRAND seen and broadcast out there. Follow up with responsive support services: 1. in-house, 2. in Twitter, 3. on Facebook, 4. at Google Plus, and your brand reputation will improve no end… remember that high quality Web content is your most productive approach to SEO these days!

Making smart use of our in-house approach to real easy, SEO Affiliate Marketing Blog support services right here, with..

Geoff Dodd

Focus On Success at SEO to get a higher ranking of your web site in the Google, particularly, search engine results pages or SERPS. We have just answered your question: What is SEO?



Sony Xperia Z C6603 Espanol

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Sony Mobile Flagship Xperia Z C6603 Review En Espa√Īol


De todos os equipamentos que tive S.E e SONY este √© sem duvida o “ultimate” ecra excelente, design lindo com perfeita constru√ß√£o e ergonomia extremamente fino mas nao √© dificil de manusear, camera suberba tal como o som da coluna, a rentabilidade da bateria √© que poderia ser melhor no entanto o modo stamina ajuda a aumentar em muito a autonomia, Smartphone perfeito tanto para momentos de diversao e saidas a noite como para Trabalho…Nao arrependo em nenhum aspecto de ter comprado pelo contrario surpreendeu em varios aspectos, A resistencia a agua/p√≥ sao outros extras presentes neste magnifico equipamento sem duvida o melhor a nivel de design/constru√ß√£o/beleza no mercado.

Muchas gracias Sony por Xperia Z C6603 mobile phone fantastico! – en Espa√Īol



Sony Xperia Z C6603 Espanol

“I bought exactly the same mobile phone, a Sony Xperia Z C6603 in May 2013. It is a brilliant, perfect piece of mobile technology. The 13.1 Megapixel camera is absolutely superb for both still pictures and for HD videos! Awesome colors. Now running on Android 4.3 operating system and the best phone I’ve ever purchased. For sure.”

Geoff Dodd
Mobile Technology Reviewer

How To Create Mobile Games Apps

Posted on: March 8th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To BUILD Android Mobile Apps Quickly and Profitably!


Making Apps for Smartphones is¬†a …



Fellow Mobile App Maker,

“Phenomenal… when I saw what this new Course¬†

can accomplish, it took my breath away…”


“No wonder this is flying off the shelves…”

“I am very impressed with the training provided¬†

in the Mobile Games Empire course. I have had 

a blast learning and building games as I go 

through the course. I would recommend this system 

to anyone who wants to know how to PROFIT wildly

from the current app craze…It’s wide open!”


How To Create Mobile Games Apps

Listen –

You’ll want to get your hands on this course.. 

It has enabled me to create a consistent income, 

each and every month giving me the lifestyle 

I’ve only dreamed about and Рyou can too!


The training steps you through creating cool games, 

and in the process teaches you how to easily create

multiple, PROFITABLE games.


Without having to write a SINGLE line of code


“Thanks a lot for this wonderful course about¬†

creating mobile game apps. It is created in an easy, 

step-by-step format from A to Z and your provided 

templates are very helpful for understanding this 

concept as well.”

– Dirk W, Germany


Let’s talk about the profits. 


You already know that mobile games are a multi-BILLION 

dollar industry!

Let Me Show You How Much Money You Can Earn From Mobile Games


It’s a JAW DROPPING potential – unlimited


Your game may hit the jackpot and you would make 

thousands of dollars EVERY single day.


=> Start Making EASY Game APPS


If you follow this course, you can easily do it –

make a game within a week.


If you are serious, you can easily make 15 games in 3 months.

Many simple games that you make can easily earn at least 

$20 per day and often, much more.


You can earn at least $300 every day from just 15 games.

You can make $9,000 extra every single month

What could you do with an extra $9,000 a month?

Could you…


*   Quit your job?

*   Travel overseas at will?

*   Live in luxury hotels?

*   Meet amazing People?

*   ALL of the above?

*   And more?

*   While helping your family 


This is the BIG Break you’ve been waiting for –


I urge you to Test it, trial it, PROVE

To Yourself what THIS can do for YOU

Go here:



Let’s work together

Geoff Dodd

P.S. Hint: later you can pickup your special link

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a TEAM effort. OK?

You do NOT have to be a programmer or coder and there

are tons of resources to help you create your games


App Dev: How To Create Mobile Games Apps

“I was pretty incredulous that good quality games¬†

could be made without programming but I suspended 

my skepticism long enough to check it out. 

It was one of the BEST decisions that I have ever made.”

– Krishna P.


FIRST you access here


“It over delivers and is WELL worth it,

at ANY price. Just get it.. So you can

work on your OWN terms as your own boss”


“With this, you’ll create your own

Games App Industry! As you know –

that is worth BILLIONS due to the

mass uptake of smartphones…”

How to Create Mobile Games Apps – These are both iPhone apps and Android apps, making games for iPhones and for all Android mobile operating systems found on current smartphones. Create a games application Empire. A training course that is firmly recommended by Geoff Dodd, Web developer.

Disclaimer: We can not, obviously, guarantee any specific level of income derived, or THAT you will generate any income, because factors involved include your learning ability and your application of ideas and methods provided in this training course. Thank you for visiting our Focus On Success web site today. I sincerely trust you did learn how to create mobile games apps. Please return often. You’ll discover a lot more here …



Reading RSS Feed …




√Čxito Estrat√©gico F√≥rmula De Geoff Dodd

Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by Geoff 2 Comments

Success en Espanol – √Čxito Estrat√©gico F√≥rmulae De Geoff Dodd


El crecimiento r√°pido del tr√°fico apuntado Web

√Čxito Estrat√©gico F√≥rmula – El crecimiento r√°pido del tr√°fico apuntado Web

Los empresarios exitosos siempre funcionan a partir de un plan, con un prop√≥sito y una meta clara y visualizado en mente … as√≠ que si usted todav√≠a no ha encontrado el √©xito si est√° definido, entonces por qu√© no adoptar un nuevo enfoque estrat√©gico? Aqu√≠ por su mayor grado de reflexi√≥n y puesta en pr√°ctica es probada f√≥rmula del √©xito estrat√©gico de Geoff Dodd:
√ČXITO = Mindset + Mentores Marketing System + + Web Expertos Tr√°fico

Cada punto será aclarado y ampliado más adelante, para que pueda empezar a trabajar en su camino a la verdad, el éxito del negocio de Internet lucrativo. HAY gente (y las conozco bien) Рpersonas reales que están ahí fuera y están haciendo literalmente millones.

Así que tenemos una fórmula probada para el éxito en la comercialización del Internet. Vamos a decirlo por el otro lado, y comienzan a analizar y aclarar las partes de esta fórmula.


Mentalidad + + Los mentores de Marketing System + Web Expertos Tr√°fico = √Čxito Monetario

Mindset psicol√≥gica es qu√© pensamientos precisos que tienes en tu mente mientras se inicia el d√≠a y mantener su motivaci√≥n de trabajo en todo el d√≠a ! Como comienzo mi d√≠a , me digo a m√≠ mismo : “Yo quiero que te relajes . As√≠ que rel√°jate, sonrisa, ser real, ser t√ļ mismo y traiga sus energ√≠as juntas ! Sonr√≠o y crear al instante, para una mejor respuesta en Google ! La alegr√≠a se expande! “As√≠ que el quid de mentalidad es usar la autosugesti√≥n para crear el tipo de mente empresarial altamente productiva que desee .. S√≠, tienes que crear activamente. La repetici√≥n de las sugerencias es la clave absoluta del √©xito aqu√≠ . La gu√≠a de maestro en esto, (y se puede descargar su regalo e-Book … ) es Napole√≥n Hill con su 1937 libro cl√°sico, Piense y h√°gase rico , a pesar de los recientes avances en las ciencias de la mente, la hipnosis , etc , han dado lugar a la utilizaci√≥n m√°s eficaz afirmaciones de positivos , especialmente cuando se combinan con las afirmaciones binaural arrastre de las ondas cerebrales , la meditaci√≥n o acelerado .

√Čxito Estrat√©gico F√≥rmula De Geoff Dodd

Los mentores y entrenadores . No puedo hablar mejor de la tutor√≠a de buena calidad y el entrenamiento ! Estas buenas personas no est√°n involucrados emocionalmente en lo que usted est√° luchando con el d√≠a a d√≠a a nivel empresarial . Su indiferencia les permite presentar una perspectiva PANORAMA para usted, siempre respondiendo con la forma en que ven su actitud actual , el progreso, set de herramientas , la auto- definici√≥n, enfoque de los medios de comunicaci√≥n social y las redes , etc Realmente es muy valiosa para usted para conseguir un mentor para turistas que participan en sus actividades de negocios en l√≠nea. Las personas m√°s exitosas tienen decenas de mentores – expertos en diversos campos espec√≠ficos. Henry Ford hizo esto. Todos los presidentes de Estados Unidos han tenido sus asesores espec√≠ficos. Asociado con las personas que est√°n haciendo lo que quieren hacer. Si su presupuesto es limitado, puede empezar a ponerse en contacto con estos entrenadores y mentores y asociarse con ellos en las redes sociales como Facebook y Google Plus. Comenzar a establecer su perfil de autor Google . Asociar con expertos G+ que le pueden ense√Īar un uso m√°s eficaz de G+ y Google Hangouts .
Sistema de comercializaci√≥n necesita una repetici√≥n firme de la palabra: System . Una vez m√°s , se requieren expertos . Las personas con una s√≥lida trayectoria en el desarrollo y funcionamiento de los sistemas de comercializaci√≥n innovadoras, pero altamente probados y comprobados . El criterio fundamental debe centrarse en la hora de seleccionar un sistema de comercializaci√≥n para trabajar con es la siguiente: La tasa de conversi√≥n de visitantes de la web a largo plazo ( lifetime. . ) El pago de los clientes . Los productos, bienes y servicios que se le proporciona deben ser de alta calidad, con facturaci√≥n recurrente , como en una membres√≠a, por ejemplo. Observe c√≥mo ambos membres√≠as en gimnasios , suplementos nutricionales y de consumo se han vendido sobre una base de facturaci√≥n o suscripci√≥n recurrentes? Para crear un ingreso residual. Consumibles de calidad crean millonarios. Es as√≠ de simple. As√≠ que los dos requisitos de un sistema de comercializaci√≥n son: 1 . una alta tasa de conversi√≥n ; 2 . un producto de consumo de calidad. Este escritor no se involucrar√≠a en un sistema de comercializaci√≥n que no cumpl√≠a con estos dos criterios de desempe√Īo.
Web Expertos de tr√°fico . El tema se repite , de la contrataci√≥n de la experiencia ! En los primeros d√≠as de la Internet , podr√≠a generar tr√°fico web abundante simplemente creando suficientes p√°ginas web por palabra clave. Ya no m√°s. Google , en su infinita sabidur√≠a todav√≠a infame , cambi√≥ las reglas algor√≠tmicas de los resultados de b√ļsqueda org√°nicos o naturales. Tr√°fico web espec√≠fica que se puede comprar , para cualquiera que desee a gran escala , informatizado y automatizado resultados. Usted puede trabajar a trav√©s de los medios sociales para las empresas como el coaching , que s√≥lo requiere un pu√Īado de encuestados apasionados. La ampliaci√≥n de ahora requiere que usted compra a sus clientes potenciales y los visitantes de la web , a partir de fuentes de Internet de alta calidad. Para ello , me he convertido en un miembro de dos cooperativas de tr√°fico accesibles dentro de la p√°gina de formaci√≥n privilegiada del grupo de negocios de 5 FigureDay en Facebook . (s√≥lo ) . Gur√ļs de expertos con una dilatada y exitosa trayectoria en la fabricaci√≥n del dinero con los m√©todos de marketing en Internet , se est√°n ejecutando estas cooperativas de tr√°fico y seguimiento de c√≥digos nos permiten medir la efectividad exacta en t√©rminos monetarios , de lo que est√°n haciendo ! Estoy feliz de recibir cientos de marketing dirigido conduce a trav√©s de las actividades inteligentes de estos , nivel de gur√ļ , expertos de tr√°fico web demostrado y probado . As√≠ que la f√≥rmula es completa y es funcional.

Toma de Decisiones

Una √ļltima palabra sobre nuestra f√≥rmula de √©xito probado . Te puedo dar el aceite real de la informaci√≥n sobre el √©xito monetario negocio en Internet. Puedo entregar el preciado Santo Grial . Lo que hagas con esta informaci√≥n muy valiosa es su decisi√≥n. Muchas personas dejan que el miedo y la ansiedad gobiernan sus vidas. Otros visualizar e imaginar grandes √©xitos y se mueven hacia ellos, atra√≠dos por las fuerzas legales que son invisibles a simple vista. Para descubrir m√°s sobre lo que va a construir su mentalidad positiva y atraer hacia la c√°lida satisfacci√≥n del √©xito personal masivo , como lo he experimentado , ingrese su nombre de pila y el mejor email debajo y te lanzo algo realmente valioso para usted de inmediato: (y s√≥lo en la medida que usted elija ..)





Muchas gracias, Geoff Dodd

en espa√Īol 1 centavo por clic tr√°fico web

Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

Hola en espa√Īol 1 centavo de d√≥lar por clic tr√°fico web..

El crecimiento r√°pido del tr√°fico apuntado Web

El crecimiento r√°pido del tr√°fico apuntado Web

Su √©xito f√≥rmula de negocio de Internet de Geoff Dodd, incluye el factor de calidad del tr√°fico, seg√ļn lo previsto, por ejemplo, mediante anuncios en solitario de alta calidad obtenida de los vendedores de buena reputaci√≥n. Consulte nuestro servicio de Tr√°fico Coop, en 5FigureDay.

¬ŅQu√© pasa si este tr√°fico eran PPC hace clic en 1 centavo por clic? ¬ŅEs humanamente posible en Internet en el mundo de hoy? La respuesta podr√≠a sorprenderle. Es un rotundo SI grande.

OK Рusted sabe que usted necesita el tráfico de bajo costo para una rápida creación de la lista. Corrija? Y usted puede sentir que en solitario clics en los anuncios se ven un poco caro para usted. Ellos pueden ir de $ 0,45 a $ 1,15 por la calidad del anuncio a solas clic. Aquí hay una solución que es menos costoso, sin embargo, puede ser ajustado para entregar específicas, de alta conversión de los resultados. ¡ES pago por clic, con una empresa de gran reputación.



A ver qué te parece este servicio de PPC . He corrido una prueba y gastado alrededor de $ 75 con un costo promedio por clic de 0,01 dólares después de que la página de destino optimizado para lograr una variedad de niveles de calidad, de 2 de los 10 a un increíble, 10 de los 10 el nivel de calidad muy sorprendente.


En Espa√Īol 1 centavo por clic tr√°fico web

Es entonces un verdadero 1 centavo por el servicio ppc clic que usted no puede conseguir en el gran gorila , G corporaci√≥n. Sin embargo, esto tambi√©n es una gran corporaci√≥n multinacional , tambi√©n. Dicho lo suficiente . ¬ŅEs necesario un pago por clic fuente de tr√°fico que las puntuaciones de ustedes el feliz resultado de un penique por suscriptor de correo electr√≥nico? El prop√≥sito de este blog Centr√°ndose √©xito es conseguir que la construcci√≥n de su lista de correo electr√≥nico r√°pido y aqu√≠ es algo hacia esa meta. Lograr un nivel de formaci√≥n de ampollas de crecimiento de la lista de marketing y expansi√≥n en s√≠ .. 1 centavo por correo electr√≥nico de suscriptores.

Ganancias Disclaimer : No puedo garantizar que va a lograr exactamente los mismos resultados que yo. El Sistema de PPC es vale la pena probarlo . Depende un poco de su propia comprensión de las páginas de destino optimizadas. Te ofrezco un ejemplo en ese enlace. Yo , ciertamente, el resultado reivindicado por el escritor de 1 centavo por clic pago por el tráfico Web clic. La conversión es un tema para otro artículo . La privacidad está asegurada si se opta en el que la página de destino en particular. Gracias.

Aquí para el éxito de su empresa en Internet . Laser Manténgase enfocado . Uno de los temas a la vez.

Geoff Dodd est√° haciendo Internet escritura de marketing en Nueva Zelanda. Dice , por favor, disfrute de su bajo costo , el tr√°fico web de destino . Geoff espera sinceramente que esta p√°gina del idioma espa√Īol ser√° de beneficio para usted .


1 Penny Per Click Traffic

Posted on: March 5th, 2014 by Geoff 1 Comment

1 CENT Per Click PPC Traffic

Your Internet business success formula of Geoff Dodd, includes the factor of quality traffic, as provided, for example, by high quality solo ads gained from marketers of high reputation. Want true 1 penny per click traffic? Visit this website right here:

If you want true 1 penny per click traffic visit ClixSense PTC site

ClixSense 1 Penny Per Click Traffic

See our Coop Traffic service, at 5FigureDay. It is managed by the expert Web marketer, Reed Floren.

What if this traffic were PPC clicks at 1 penny per click? Is it humanly possible on The Internet in today’s World? The answer might surprise you. It’s a resounding, big YES to one cent SEM.

OK – you know that you need low cost traffic for fast list building. Correct? And you might feel that solo ad clicks look a little expensive to you. They can range from $0.45 to $1.15 per quality solo ad click. Here is a solution that is less expensive, yet it can be tweaked to deliver targeted, high converting results. It IS pay per click, with a highly reputable company.


See what you think of this PPC service. I have run a test and spent about $75 with an average cost per click of $0.01 after I optimized the landing page to achieve a variety of quality scores from 2 out of 10 to an amazing, very surprising 10 out of 10 quality score. That is when SEM works gangbusters!


Get 1 Penny Per Click Traffic

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