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More Targeted Leads Attraction

Posted on: November 21st, 2013 by Geoff 2 Comments

Fast List Building Ideas For More Leads Faster

Let’s be super smart today and use the Law Of Attraction for fast list building and for how to get more leads fast. The LOA states that what you focus on, is what you get. Let’s, then, constantly focus on our quicker list building methods and online  efforts…

We have a powerful online System for multiplying – literally – your leads acquisition.

Get Incredible Life Training in LOA
This training above will get your mindset right for participating in the next, blue banner opportunity, which is the awesome hi tech 5FigureDay.com list building and monthly recurring, residual income commission earning SYSTEM. I stand by this and heartily recommend it. Why? Because I’ve started this business journey and I possess the magnificent obsession that is required to see it through..  Here it is, our top recommendation to you, fresh out of Minnesota, USA:

Get Thousands of Automatic Leads

More Targeted Leads Attraction

Get thousands of automated leads using this marketing system. It works great for the home based business, Internet Marketing and making money online niches. Because it amplifies your own efforts, exerting leverage on your list building methods and efforts for your business on The Internet. We only recommend what we DO personally and what we find WORKS seriously very WELL – to get you the Internet results you seek today and this year. No messing around, no fluff or BS. We serve up the very best programs, or nothing at all.

Please follow through right now and subscribe immediately below to my hot newsletter and training, called Focus On Success, right here. I will sock it to you with tips that work today, free inspiration and educational sources and the very best e-Books ever made available for the success of entrepreneurs ever – including the famous Napoleon Hill classic, Think And Grow Rich, 1937. It’s my personal favorite. So sign up, and join me now right below these words. Thank you. Enjoy your rapid list building and your hi tech, focused email marketing instruction, here:


Geoff Dodd, list building rep with 5FigureDay.com for your More Targeted Leads Attraction methodologies ..

How to get a business working harder

Posted on: November 17th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

How To Make a Business Much More Profitable For You!

how to get a business working harder

How to make a business more profitable by automation


This groundbreaking support will help you address the problem of profitability that you might be experiencing right now. It’s not always your fault. You might have got stuck with working in your current work processes and procedures, needing some external ideas, help, advice and mentoring. We are here, always to help you. See the free email Mini Course, below ..

How to get a business working harder

Increase your productivity and raise your vision and conscious awareness first by reading Geoff Dodd’s Success Formula here, then return to think about how you target, reach and message your target group of ideal customers. Are you following up with them? Are you sending them news items, special offers, discount coupons, etc.? Reward their loyalty and stickability. It will pay you great dividends in future!


Customer Loyalty

This raving fan mentality is what you’ll seek to generate and create in your regular customers. You get it by extreme differentiation of your business from other, similar supplier businesses. You will be very different in your special offers, discounts, in the way you look after your “bread and butter” regular customers. Extreme differentiation. They will love you back for your generosity! Guaranteed. It’s a reciprocal law of Life.

How to make a business more profitable, depends on the unique way you project your image as a problem solver… a supplier of customer satisfactions. You require a Unique Selling Proposition. A USP. The question actually becomes how to get a business working harder for you, in the psychological sphere… So, business owner, do you have a powerful USP that comes across to potential customers in the market you target – as really being the only viable solution to a problem they have that your company alone expressed, projected as an image or verbalized for them.. or an opportunity you alone identified?

Do you get this idea, this “difference” concept of extreme differentiation in how you are perceived? You’ll be seen as the only reasonable, sensible, viable place to go to for your product or service category.  This gets the psychological side of the community’s life working better for you, with word of mouth referrals happening at zero cost to you. You might spend on gifts and on discounts and specials but your advertising budget will reduce to zero, because you have earned tremendous word of mouth free advertising. That, in a nutshell, is how to get a business working harder for you and much more profitable at the same time. Differentiated from your less visible competition. Thanks for visiting my blog today and reading my ramblings…


Geoff Dodd, Success Strategist,  in New Zealand. Join me for more information, immediately below:






LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander

Posted on: November 5th, 2013 by Geoff 1 Comment

SmartRebrander.com Replaces LoyaltePays.com


This awesome supplier of web CONTENT is featured a lot in my Ezine: Focus On Success. The owner is Ms Heide Holtz, a smart business woman and super affiliate in her own right, based in Queenstown, Central Otago province, in New Zealand. Heide has renamed Loyaltepays.com as Smartrebrander.com so you can imagine finding GREAT CONTENT there; videos, e-Books, images, etc., famous and classic material – then rebranding it before SHARING it out, carrying your affiliate links!

Here’s a great example of high quality video content from Sir Richard Branson. This is a helpful, entrepreneur’s lesson:

What VIDEO ADVICE issues from Sir Richard Branson today?  <<


More Content: Brendon Burchard, speaking on Love

Before SmartRebrander, bloggers needed to write a new article every day, for about a year, before they could expect to see any real income.

The biggest obstacle most bloggers face is attracting enough readers. In order to get readers you need content. And producing good content takes time… or a big chunk of money if you plan to hire a copywriter.

SmartRebrander gives you an entire Library of rebrandable content: eBooks, Images and Videos. You can simply rebrand with (insert) your affiliate IDs and add to your Blog.

  • People are more likely to purchase a product or service through a useful video, eBook or image rather than an advert.
  • People visiting your blog will send other people to your blog to get their own copy of an ebook or image or to watch a video. This equals even more readers which ultimately means more commission.
  • They will email friends and family about your blog, they’ll share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and once the material goes viral you’ll be earning commissions from people you would not have reached otherwise.

SmartRebrander successfully combines:

  1. Blogging – with content that attracts audiences and sells for you.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – one of the most popular methods to earn money from your blog.
  3. Sustainable Business Model – that pays you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate products, not just one.

It is a pretty fair system:

  • Product owners pay you a percentage of each sale that is generated from a reader of your blog.
  • You get paid a commission every time someone makes a purchase via a link in a video, image or eBook posted on your blog. If your blog readers spend a lot, you get paid a lot.

That is all there is to it!

LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebrander


There are about 2,000 pieces of Quality Web CONTENT in there.. and many, many ways  of monetizing your SHARING activity

Take action (daily) and the results will follow


Geoff Dodd, Editor and webmaster in New Zealand, offers you a 5-Day email Mini Course, totally free:




CommissionMiner Bryan Winters – 5FigureDay Review Videos

Posted on: November 1st, 2013 by Geoff 4 Comments

Bryan Winters Commission Miner Review Video


=> Join Bryan Winters Co-op Free Here! <=


Proof That CommissionMiner.com Works – High CTR & EPC


CommissionMiner.com is instantly proving itself to be a massive win-win-win for everyone involved! Just watch the above video for proof. The EPC is going through the roof. That impacts your bottom line PROFIT. More money online faster for you.

Thanks for reading this far. You’ll love the membership area. You’ll get heaps of support and training by Internet marketing experts. A chat FORUM, too, where you can personally meet the master marketer Bryan Winters, and more trainers and coaches, more helpers and advisers, etc. To lift your RESULTS.


Any Objections To CMC By Bryan Winters?

  1. You might be thinking that CMC – Commission Miner Coop is another ‘make money fast online’ scam. The Truth is that CMC was designed to last for the long term. Structured to bring in 2-Tier commissions for at least a decade – it is evergreen. Growing and expanding. The EPC’s (earnings per click) are already very high. The uptake is in the tens of thousands of business-minded entrepreneurs…
  2. You’re thinking CMC might only work for the gurus with big mailing lists? In the forum and the training videos you will get the millionaire secrets. You’ll be given tools to quickly build your own large mailing list. Bryan is finally spilling the beans and sharing his guru marketer knowledge with you. Even, in your first free month of CMC Membership!
  3. You think it is too hard for the beginner to get started strongly? Bryan has leveled the playing field. He wants the beginner marketer to succeed. To accumulate wealth. To stay with us in the CMC system. Everything is provided here: Millionaire’s Formula, Funnels, landing pages, 2-Tier affiliate programs, instant pay and lots of pre-written marketing materials. Forum support. Free training in Internet marketing at a very high level … so:


Join Our CMC Co-op Here! One MONTH Free




Earlier Programs: 5FigureDay.com Review Videos


You might have seen 5 Figure Day By Bryan Winters, the U.S. Internet marketer from Minnesota, who amazed the World with his original lead Siphon System known as 5iphon.com because of its rare ability to multiply the rate of your list building x 5. Well here I have collected some relevant and useful – 5FigureDay Review Videos. Let’s start with the official release video:

Here, above, in this first video, you see a lot of Bryan Winters and hear a little of his personal life. Bryan experienced a painful divorce and had to build his life up again. That is not easy, as you know… But he’s coming back at a fast pace — much stronger with this new, further developed technology of server side list building software, built-in to each Unleashed (paid) site. You also have a free web site option. Four (4) sites are given to you, with one further web site, as they’re brought out monthly.

Next video is an honest review of 5FigureDay.com and what it is… and does! It can be clearly seen already that it is exceptional. Fast list building is its major strength! At five times the normal list building rate. The marketing leverage obtained from this new server side technology is quite extraordinary. Every Internet marketer needs this now for ultimate success.

This review video is labeled The Official Video because it contains the Bryan Winters story, once again. Watch it all the way through for extra, highly valuable information about the list building technology used in the 5 Figure Day com System.

Get started as fast as you possibly can. This is a new system with enormous residual income potential and millionaires will be made here, and you can be one – if you get in 5FigureDay com early enough, in the rapid growth phase!

Please use this banner, below, to JOIN UP NOW

Bryan Winters 5figureday Review Videos



Commission Miner Com Bryan Winters

Launched on June 16, 2015, and Commission Miner Com Coop by Bryan Winters, is expected to be a big commission earner! Why? Because it has a very smart focus on Viral Commissions: See this new Bryan Winters creation. Testament to his marketing genius with automated funnels:


Commission Miner Com by Bryan Winters

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Bryan Winters Video: Commission Miner Coop



Join Our Co-op Here!


We’d love to have you on board. The first month is totally FREE. That’s more than enough time to learn Bryan’s million dollar SECRET. Do you agree? In addition to his Bryan Winters 5figureday Review Videos, catch the newer Commission Miner Coop Review, too! Here’s a brand spanking new video, about what’s happening inside the CommissionMiner.com Co-op Member Area: (amazing success!)




Go Viral from June 16… Commission Miner Co-op



What’s up Fellow Super Affiliate??!


Hey Bryan Winters’ new launch looks pretty

amazing!   I thought you’d want to check it out…


=> RARE Personal Invitation From Bryan Winters




Two tier monthly commissions on ALL members

referred – $10 per month x 2…


Plus $32 x $32 commissions on the OTO…


PLUS, get this…


Commissions on every sale made by the JV

partners and affiliates you refer straight

to his JV page!


(You get a main affiliate link, plus a special

sub-affiliate link for your JV Members only.)


So essentially you can turn this thing

into something much like your OWN launch

with zero effort…


START Your OWN BIG Launch here


I’ve heard some SERIOUS monthly residuals

will happen with this one! 😉


See you over there!


– Geoff Dodd


P.S. You’ll get paid 33% monthly commissions on all direct



But you’ll ALSO make a 33% monthly commission on all

sales made BY your own referrals…for life!


Imagine hundreds of people sending you CMC commissions

every day, like clockwork! Thank you, Bryan Winters!


New! My Funnel Empire Business

Then on 24 May, 2016, Bryan Winters added to his portfolio of smart, list-building businesses! My Funnel Empire was launched. You can be a paid up Founder Member (like me) or test out the free marketing funnels version of My Funnel Empire. It’s a logical development from 5iphon.com and 5FigureDay.com through HFS or Hardcore Funnel System. It can carry your opt-in lead capture box, plus five of your Clickbank affiliate ID coded links, out across The Internet. You just simply give away free marketing funnels to others. Opinion? It is the best to date of the Bryan Winters web based, PHP driven, list building systems! By far … Enter MyFunnelEmpire com here, and test it out for yourself!

Comment by Online Business Editor:

Be a persistent, relentless affiliate marketer online and an opportunity like THIS one will come along to amaze you. A real, viral commissions generating, cooperative wealth builder. Above, you can join the Minnesota  marketing gurus in this business co-op.

Geoff Dodd

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